My wife C.Indira a type I diapetic patient for the past 5 years .her fasting blood glucose is between 140 and 200 and random bood sugar is between 140 and 200.Her HbA1c is always between 5&6 for the past 5 years.But last week her HbA1c showed as 4%.I rechecked the value and got it as 3.9%.Her fasting blood glucose still showing between 100 and 140.Her haemolobin is 11.8%. can any one suggest reason for this error.she is not anamic.

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  • is the lab where you are getting your sugar level tested fine . there could be error over there.

  • yes thyrocare is a reputed one,I had also rechecked values witah columbia asia hospital bangalore and found the results are same.

  • Her FBS and random varies between 140 and 200,then how hba1c is between 5 and 6?

  • It is unreliable!Is not it?

  • You can check hba1c, fasting & pp in another reliable lab.

  • I rechecked with columbia asia hospital in Bangalore and the results were same

  • Switch Lab.

    Many labs involve in what is known as SINK test and they should never be visited again.

    With fasting between 100 and 140, and RBS between 140-200, even 6 is impossible number.

  • results are rechecked with columbia asia hospital.Bangalore and are found to be same.

  • Diabetic complications arise when your blood sugar exceeds 185 mg/dL. Her hemoglobin should be above 12.1 g/dL.




  • 185 is too high a number.

  • why dont you ask a doctor about these variations in readings. may be he can suggest something about it

  • if you want to take free online consultation from doctor then you can consult on website thelifestylediseases.com

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