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What is diabetes?

Now there seems to be a lot of different interpretations about what causes diabetes. I am left with the uncomfortable suspicion that what we call diabetes is just a symptom resulting from different imbalances. Somebody had commented that Ayurveda recognises over 20 types of diabetes. So the same 'cure' may not work for all.

But LCHF directly puts an end to the symptoms. Can it reverse diabetes?

There are some who say sugar is necessary for diabetes cure.

Some have been cured by Amrut/ chittamruth they say, but except one, I found tgat those who testified only had their BS lowered from very high to high.

From the experience of LWMR users and LCHF practitioners, I think perhaps if BS is kept low long enough, things might get back to normal. Will it?

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That depends what you mean. If you eat a controlled-carb, higher-fat diet then type 2s can normalise blood glucose levels, and reduce insulin-resistance by lowering visceral/liver fat.

Never go back to eating how you did before though, or your diabetes will return, with the risk of complications.

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>when you will google this "diabetes word meaning"; you will get this feedback from google : a disorder of metabolism causing excessive thirst and the production of large amounts of urine.

>isn't it amazing that you don't find the word 'sugar' there !

>but when you will google this "diabetes mellitus word meaning"; you will get this feedback from google : the commonest form of diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin, which results in a failure to metabolize sugars and starch. Sugars accumulate in the blood and urine, and the by-products of alternative fat metabolism disturb the acid–base balance of the blood, causing a risk of convulsions and coma.

>here key word is "results into a failure to metabolise sugars and starch".

>when you keep on concentrating only on sugar levels, there is no point reversing of diabetes.

>diabetes is a disorder of metabolism.

>when it is expressed as diabetes mellitus, it is the disorder of metabolism of sugar and starch.

>diabetic person needs to correct that disorder of metabolism because our whole body, each and every cells lives on metabolism.

>when we have found out the anatomical deformities in the cases of diabetes, we need to correct them. let it be at however minutes levels. micro or nano.

>controlling sugar levels in diabetes is just like controlling temperature in fever. when we know the cause of fever by investigations, we take specific treatment to that fever. why not with diabetes?

>now, how to correct the metabolism of sugars?

>in DM, initially sugar starts accumulating, that means, catabolic process of sugar metabolism is not well. (there is no problem in anabolic process initially, because sugar levels can be controlled with lower intake of sugar containing food i.e. carbohydrates, just like in LCHF)

>when DM gets worse, both processes of metabolism i.e. anabolism and catabolism are not ok, and sugar levels are not just raised, but they start fluctuating.

>whether only catabolism or both, are not happening well, both needs solution.

>metabolism needs energy at 'its level' to function properly. to provide it, we need to provide such medicine, which is also as minute as the level of metabolism.

>we need following characteristics for such medicine.

1. particle size of medicine same as to level of metabolism, so that it can cross cell membrane and go inside the cell

2. molecules need to be energetic and heavy, so that they can provide energy for proper metabolism and don't get away easily from their targets

3. molecules need to be organic because it is to be introduced into the body, but they need to be from inorganic origin, so that the medicine itself don't get digested because of metabolism.

>considering these three characteristics, nanomedicine seems suitable for reversing of diabetes as of now.

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Is there any nano medicine for cure of diabetes?


yes there are.

the most useful observed till date is stanum nanoparticles.

others are also being used. still they will need more R & D for approval from regulatory bodies.


Thanks for your reply!Please,let me to know more about stanum nanoparticles.


Dear Sir,

From your name it seems your diabetics is gone. Congratulations. Great work. I am 62 and diabetic for 25 yrs. With LCHF , Glucomat 500 SR 1 daily and exercise my level is around 110 PP and FBS 120.

Will you please help me to be a normal and no diabetic at all. I will follow your advice for tests & medicines.


Hello Sir,

I am on Lantus and Glucomet SR 500. I also use Indian gooseberry ( last 15 days) and tinospora cordiflora acqueous extract From four days back). The last helped relieve the pain from bursitis as well as probable nephropathy.

My BS had gone out of control during the last 4 months because there was a crisis in the family with my days old grandchild admitted to ICU. She needed attention and the tension and worries affected my BS. I am certain that I was in the fight or flight mode all the time.

I also found that kovakkai/ ivy gourd smoothie helps reduce blood sugar.

My fasting varies between 90-110 and PPBS about 150. But PPBS at bedtime always goes high, 190-230 range.

Perhaps I ought to have another dose of Glucomet at night

Thank you


No Ramdev stores here. I will juice the Karela.

I am taking water in which Amla is soaked once in a day and Tinospora Cordiflora twice. I take 14 units Lantus and Glucomet SR 500 once.


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