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Curing diabetes


“It is impossible for anyone to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows” - Epictetus

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. Its what we know for sure that is just not so.” - Mark Twain.

Those who say something cannot be done should not get in the way of those who are already doing it.

Diabetes is a cry for change, and an opportunity to know yourself better. It is this knowledge that will guide you to control it or cure it - whatever you believe is possible.

Insulin and adrenaline are the are the most precious hormones in your body. Your health and happiness depends on the minimum use of these two. For minimum use of insulin, you have to control the intake of carbohydrates, and for minimum use of adrenaline you have to love yourself first. You have to love every part of your body, it is only then that you will think twice before abusing your body. In fact, loving yourself has to come first, if you have to form loving relationships with your family and friends. Love can heal anything. This is the first condition to cure your diabetes or any other ailment for that matter. If you say diabetes is curable, it is. If you say it is incurable, again, it is. God has created us as creative beings, and we have an amazing brain to prove it. When you say diabetes is curable, immediately your brain starts searching for a cure. If you are ready to take the responsibility, are determined and committed to the outcome, you can cure your diabetes. There is nothing to lose with this belief.

Type 2 diabetes is first and foremost a nutritional disease. Without the correct nutritional intake, supplemented by a good digestive system, the immune system is unable to maintain its proper functions.

Type 2 diabetes is usually a result of many years of abuse of the digestive system (usually leading to obesity), including high intake of junk food, trans fats and artificial preservatives. It is therefore vital here to ensure that the digestive system is in the best condition, possibly free from excess toxins, processed food and inflammation. Food allergies and sensitiveness also lowers insulin and increases autoimmune damage.

Optimum vitamins and minerals are the foundation of good health with high quality protein and essential fatty acids. What most people don’t realise is that the inside of the intestine reflects on the outside of your body. The process of absorption performed by a healthy digestive tract is essential to enhance the nutritive value of the food ug which we eat.

There is no treatment or drug which can overcome or negate the effect of poor diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Stop preaching Philosophy. Mr. Anup is correct in his statement.

Again another THUG propagating stupid things. Admin to take care.

I had same thinking pattern about diabetes , but it was before one month .

Now I have tested my blood sugar and lipid profile .

It is amazingly normal as against above thinking . Dear Friend It is not a false hope . It is experience on myself.

YES < I HAVE CURED MY DIABETES >> ONLY WITH YOG EVERYDAY for 4 months . Please contact me to know How ? i.e if you want to experience on yourself .

Tukaram Savadekar 9819852161

lifeline in reply to tusosa

Please share details on this or send me a mail stating when we can speak over the phone. or sms 9032850457

Dear Anup ,

You ask me to do OGTT , to prove that I am diabetic and My diabetes is not yet cured , Isn't it ? .

But tell me why I should do it ? Just to prove myself and to you that Iam still daibetic patient and to prove your point that Diabetes can never be cured ????

According to you even if i am diabetic what does it matter ?//

You call my health status daibeteic Or whatever OGTT proves it ... As long as I have no problem at all on any system working in my body ,????All the time , Fully energetic , working almost 15 hours actively and getting nice sleep at night for 5 to 6 hours , may be 1 or 1.5 hours during day time at this age of 62 having No BP , No asthma , Ni other illness whatever you may call it that too for last 6 years since I have been doing Yog everyday without fail ... Not having any incidence of having to take any allopathic Medicine .

In fact I tested myself Diabetic may be only as chance , because I had no symptoms of diabets on me even when my blood sugar was tested as 171Fasting and 271 after Lunch .

May be , and i trust it ,....God arranged above incidence on me to declare me as Diabetic and then 4 months later ,after changing little my lifestyle , doing more Yog and More devotedly again Non Diabetic .... May be just to give me real experience , what Diabetes means and what Yog can do about it .

......Thus deepening my trust in YOG for Life .

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks Dear Anupji ,

"Own Experience" is the best way to decide meaning of the words . My doing Yog may be " managing Diabetes " for you , for me it is "Cured" and I will use the same word till I experience again any other symptom on my body .

Any science should be applied for betterment of mankind and not for proving otherwise only for intellectual satisfaction . Modern medical science is not more than 400 years old. As against which Yog and Ayurved Science is thousands of year old proven on many many lives. According to me and many other who not only trust but practice in life this Yog & Ayurved science , trust and experience "diabetes" can be cured But I regret to mention here why so called intellectuals want to spread misconceptions (for their own benefits ?) that it can only be managed and not cured .

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