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Can anyone suggest which medicine to take from Himalayas for diabetes. I was normal with BS level of 110 in the mornings and had no problems. But work related stress lead to my level becoming high at 190 now though I do not face any specific difficulties. Body pain yes I have may be excessive driving I thought. Have never gone for any check up of sorts all these years. But now concerned a bit. There are two medicines with Himalays one is Diabecon DS and the other one Guduchi (in hindi). Which is better.

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Stress is a proven cause of Diabetes and continuous stress may make it further aggravated.So one should try his/her best to lead a stress-free life as much as possible and/or practicable.Stress is no just a simple word.With stress there are a number of biological changes within the body which helsp in getting diabetes condition and also aggravate it.


Take Diabecon DS on regular basis. Also include Meshashringi. These two are very good combination. Use Ganoderma capsule (An effective aurved supplement for complete nutrition for your body) to reduce your stress and also to bring BS level in normal condition. Enjoy !


Don't be silly .FBS 190 means very bad. Don't think you don't have problem.If continue for a week your organs get affected. You will not have symtoms immediately. I don't suggest any medicine. First consult diabetalogist .


Avoid all medicines. Try diet and exercise . Reduce carbohydrates. Inc intake of vegetables. Take a glass of green juice in morning comprised of fresh karela and amla for 3 months at least. Take a morning walk every day. Start with 20-30 mins and progress to one hour daily. Do not take any ayurvedic medicines as they may have heavy metal bhasma which has may land u up in renal failure. Take himalaya ashwagandha to reduce stress. Avoid all other anti diabetics and rely on diet and exercise and botanical juices made at home


anup is not seen on this forum of late. how is he and where is he?


I have tried both for years. At best very very mild reduction in BS. Excerising and diet control work much better. Try drinking 2 tea spoons of apple cider vinegar each morning with water on empty stomach.

As for allopathic medicines INVOKANA is latest. Check with your doctor.


Fenfuro is the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, which manage diabetes naturally, a clinically proven and US patented medicine.


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