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Fasting intermediting fasting is good for diabetic

most of the Doctors not advise to Diabetes person to make fasting even in religious day

i am also in so much start one discussion but the difference opinion is too much

Myself some ayurvedic gudelines and naturopathy I framed how to make fast healthy and i get good I am not a great researcher and also expert in studing medical guidelines and network search specialist and i am not given any link to refer This is my own script interest persons may adjust this according to their diet pan if suit may try

For diabetes person may do this with testing Bs level with glucometer


Fasting is good for for health benefits of a person In alopathy Doctors cannot recomonded for fasting for DM persons but Ayurvedic method they prefer to all persons

Fasting has

1 full day fasting with water only this done by Hindu brahmin community ( Mostly Vishnavas group )they maydrink water with tulasi every EKADSHI fifteen days one .

the main secret of this is our body will tried for 15 days all parts works hence to gove the rest of the body this process is made by our old generation by the name of religous concept.

As we service our two bikes and cars But we may not follow up of our body this is the gre Vehical than all other vehical. All vehical made by humans This is made by nature the God Gift

1 Medical type of Fasting 1 Drinking lemon water and Liquid fruit (Junice maybe prefered by home made only not included ice or any other chemicals and sugar also.

2 this is good at least 2 or 3 day course But it is difficult for persons so one day must be done it is good for all

For Dm with glucometer u may try when weakness tiredness noticed stopped If u used flenty of lemon juices tiredness may not noticed vitmin C and minerals workout your body

this process helps the entire toxin comes out your body . Generally in old generatio n peoples does not drink cofee or tea etc that is why Ayurvedic system prohbited use of tea or cofee and alcohols also.

But now geneation changes and modren civilization cofeeand tea must be first bit after wake up so use limited cofee without sugar not more than 150 ml may be utilised . Some hot barley powder water may be used for this day ( this is DM persons only )


Fasting is difficult to maintain most of the persons including DM persons also

Fasting to be good for both diabetic and non diabetic persons by modifing some life style .

1 Fasting means not any thing consuming the food But heavy loaded carb protein and fat items may be avoided completely for 3 days term

2 Eat only liquid foods like lemon water orange juice ( Instead of arrange juice orange itself is good. Water melon is very good for maintaining fast for 3 days course.

3 green vegetables either raw or slightly fried is good These itms goves body minerals and vitamins If Amalaka aviilabale it may be used otherise some Amlaka juice may be used

These foods also consumed between 4 or 5 hours gap only Totaly only 3 times consuming isgood . U are not upset because time to time food tobe consuming yourself

For example 1 st consuming food may be 9 Am 2 nd consuming is 2 Pm 3 rd consuming is 8 or 9 Pm In between u may used lemon water or green tea orcofee or some barley powder with water boiled and then cooled ( u may drink some hot as desired by your body Caffine may be some advese problems for fastingtime so limited quantity maybe used

I think this may not difficult to maintain 3 days U may enjoy this system by using maximum of fruits also for hot u may take coffee or green tea .

4 Thereare different opinion in Alopathic Doctors . Allopathic Doctors do not advise to do performing Fast for DM persons There main intention is Bs raises if the body isfasting .

It may be some of the persons but ganeraly When the body was empty insulin produced from the body (liver glycogen ) will increases for some time also But further no food supplied then it may gradually decreases This method there is no raising chances of BS. Because the Sugarspikeing items is very less This is not sufficient even the body routine work The toxin of the body will completely vanishes and our mind became free with worries

Similarly by doing excercises or yoga or walking after this up to 40 minutes of BS spikes but after more than 1 hour it decreases gradually and became

normal value < , 100

This is my experience and I am doing this 8 months or yearly once any time when my mind give me the guidance.

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The first day is called Pradhama and the 11th day is called Ekadashi after that comes dwadasi,thriodasy and either Amavasi or Powrnami. So from one ekadashi to the next Ekadashi the time period is 15 days.

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Please refer calendar or Pan hanga

This iscalled Chandramana panchanga


agrhar is correct. You are wrong. There is gap of 15 days between two ekadashis.



Yes. And the period will be less when there is तिथी क्षय. (14 days)


A diabetic person with regular diet control can land in trouble with fasting. The sugar level can go down drastically leading to total physical and mental disorder and other complications. At least that was my experience.


IMHO the best place to come on education and the benefits of fasting is the site below. Dr. Jason Fung has excellent online lectures on diabetes and obesity that help you to really understand these syndromes.


I have been successfully been treating my diabetes drug free for 15 weeks now. Prior to my ketogenic diet I was shooting insulin up to 6 times a day, plus taking large doses of metformin. I'm totally diabetic drug free now--- and have a 60 day average glucose of 118, which is great compare to the previous 60 day average of 170.

My next step is to move into either intermittent fasting or simply to dive in head first for a long fast. The benefits of fasting are well documented and the longest human trial fast was 383 days...


exacellant tip sir recently i fell ill and took only liquids to my surprise my BS level was between 120-180 even without insulin and tablets


Thank you for useful imformation.


What about the people who has heart problems and BP etc. Since they are taking medicine for these deceases they can fast?


Thanks to all members respond This type of fasting no problems arsise Here body get full rest Heavy carb protein fat not consuming. While consuming fruits green vegetables body get sufficient mineral's and vitamins So u cannot tired For heart and B P persons should not avoid their regular medicine they should consume all vegetable as per Doctors advise


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