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methi powder ( Fenugreek ) cinnomon ( Dalchinni ) and turmeric powder

One of the senior professor of Medical college he is specialist in both diabetes and cardiolgy he advise to the diabetic persons ( 300 gms of fenugreek 100 gms of cinnamon and turmeric 10gms to mix completely and preserve in the closed tight container and everyday 3 times before breakfast lunch and dinner it helps to reduce the BS

As it is daily mostly used in homes also I think it may not to harm a or any side effect may notif consuming this it may not harm and no side effect may be noticed

By studing some Ayurvedic magzines it is found that Turmeric and Amalkai mixture powder may reduce the BS level. In Medical stores this product called avilableNISHAMALAKI TABLETS OR NISHAMALAKA DI CHURNA

Recently one great ayurvedic company also release this medicine by the name of glucose balance but it high constly content in the medicine is only turmeric and also Amalaki

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Search for FENUFIBER on this site.There is plenty of related information.


Ramana 42 I am already seen the fenugreek and cinnamon powder details posted some of the members

This time I am stated one Allopathic .professor and H O D guide to persons about the details mentioned That is why I am shared the message.

Further any member may used please share details

Further Fenufibe I am 5 months back purchasing 2 bottles and use 3 times but I have no progress ?

since MY FBS and PPBS from last one year is constant as 92-96 and 110-135


Your numbers are really good.If I were you,I will just continue with what ever you are doing now and regularly monitor at home.As for the doctor,I do not think he is doing his job as per medical council norms.Stranger things have happened in diabetes treatment,you know.


aks666 and Your comment seen

Fenufiber I am here seen some of members posted about uses and given the link offenufiber . I am purchases 2 bottles of fenufiber for 2 months as they given the norms of 3 times each 1 spoon .

But no reason specialy i am not found O k further I leave it

Your statement is accurate about natural stuffs I am study some of ayurvedic medicines and it found good But main thing is we have not good Doctor Only problem is given product is pure or mixed some unknown things .

As per my study ayurvedic products like u says Turmeric amla powder methi powder triphala and ashwaganda are very good sources But whatever u may consume diet is the main key for diabetics. Further ayurvedic medicines was not side effect eventhough for BS it may not fully control but it prevent the side effect of diabetic complication. complication Thanks for respond


ramana 42 your comment i seen My no. is good from last one year by maintaining strict diet and excercise and walking and Doctor perscribed low drugs. Glimiroyl m1 1-0-0 glyciphase Metoformin) 0-1-1

Offcourse u says about the Doctor But your thinking is wrong

This Doctor is M D degree in both diabetes and cardiaology he is Professor and H O D he has consulting not for money purposes .

his son is also an eye specialist.

he has written so much natural stuffs and usage of Indian herbs He has also 2 degree in ayurveda

he has no medical stores and nursing homes He not prescribed to any lab for testing he has given very limiting medicines In my opinion what he says is believable this is my opinion.

The natural stuffs like tripala ashwaganda turmeric Amla powder was not side effect and all are healthy stuffs most of houses uses all these things

As I am says about Amla powder+turmeric powder mixture he suggested but one Ayurvedic company introduced the same mixture in a capsule form by name Glucose balance it const 30 capsules of 890 Rs.

In my pinion using methi powder cinnamon turmeric powder has not arm the body and also no side effect.

This is my personal opinion thanks for respond

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ask 666 Your opinion is good . There are so many Doctors have their own nursing home which included with medical stores and diagnoise centre In this situation as most of have money minded they given higher dose and also some additional medicines also prescribed to the patients and also unnecessary lab tests prescribed it also excess burden of the money . This reason so much persons may have bad opinion with the Doctors .

I am also not the pan of Doctors I am consult with Doctors only once ina year after checking Blood test packages . Thanks for respond

Now there is no ehics of medical norms no Doctor has not maintained t . Forexample one member of this forum in his discussion says completely that is the Statement of

Sri Dr B M Hegde cordiaolagist


Nataraj pls can u tel if the above powder can be taken if ecospirin is going on.


Meena 27 this is the natural sources of food stuff it has no harm to any person. Ecospirin is the tablet used for preventing blood clot and helps to reduced the B P and heart problems it is safe u may use see one week the result for any side effect may not noticed ?


Thanx Nataraj. I have asked just because somrwhere i have read that cinnamon interferes with blood thinner and more thing to ask can also amla triphala ashwagandha can be mixed alongwith meethi seeds turmeric and cinnamon. Pls.let me know.

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Aswagandha capsules u may take before sleep time. it cannot be mixed further if u consume it morning also u may consume after breakfast. if u consume any allopathic drug capsules or tablets u may take with gap of 35- 40 minutes. Amla powder may not mix with methi seed and cinnamon Amla powder may be mixed with turmeric in equal quantity it is good this is called NISHAMALAKI CHURNA tHIS IS GOOD nOW THE CUREGARDEN COMPANY ALSO PREPARED THIS MIXTURE IN CAPSULE FORM NAMED GLUCO BALANCE its cost 60 capsules 790 / rs. In Ayurvedic shops it may be avilable u may take NISHAMALKI CHURNA OR NISHAMALAKI TABLETS WHICH IS SAME AND COST IS LESS

Further Triphala is nothing but Three fruits such as( Amalaki Tarekayi alalekayi)

do not consume all these u may select anyof one of them and consue Ashwaganda maybe used continiously 3 months 1-0 or 0-0-1 doses


Thanx Nataraj very much. Pls more thing to ask.can jamun powder can be mixed with mix that u have given.My mother is diabetic and has bp from last 20-25 yeras. She takes following medication Sugamet Mcg 2mg 3tab Volibo 0.3 2tab Teleact 20mg 2 tab Sustameto 25mg 2tab Cap A-Z 1 Ceruvin 1 Rosuvas 20 mg 1. Twice she had heart failure. One in April and one in december. Now also her diabetes fbs is 130 aprox and pbs is arounnd 225 to 250 fluctuating. So pls can u suggest something about how all it can be controlled. Her homeopathy medicine is also going on. So pls help and pls also tell if long wheat can cwn be takwn. AND ITS availability in mumbai.


U may be used combine of homeopathy allopathy and ayurveda also This type of consuming medicine may not help it may also possible any other side effect Please forget all U may used Allopahty medicine only first I think the dosage is heavy ?

First u must take care of your mother by doing complete diabetic package

it must contain F B S P P B S H B A1 C Kidney profiles lipid profiles Liver function tests Electrolytes including calcium E C G

what is your mother age Eye test to be done Your mother faced D M more than 25 years it is prolonged diabetes Consult Doctor immediately with new blood report It is better u may change the Doctor and consult with Diabetalogist

Until further u need not used any ayurveda or homeopathy medicines


Can long wheat be taken and can u tell its availability in mumbai.


Mix them into a powder form and take like a spoonful three times a day ?? Please advise thanks


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