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statin tablets is good for diabetes ?

For diabetes persons also having HBP The Doctor prescribed Statin contain tablets and also Ecosperin Av it contain also statin Further Aspiran may be used to clot the blood to avoid heart problems

But so much blogs and google serches pointed out that Statin is dangerous for T2 persons it increases the blood sugar lkevel

Can u please clarify

1 Statin may be used or not ?

2 Whether it increases the BS level ?

For HBP Statin and HBP and also heart problems to prevent Ecosperin may be used ?

4 What purpose Doctor may prescribed these tablets for T2 persons

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Are you taking any of the medicines you just quoted ?


I am consuming before 2 years now I am consuming glimiroyl M 1 1-0-1 only


Statins,debatable,to be used or not to be used, but in lower doses eg.Atorvastatin- 10/20 mg, no harm. Not any appreciable effect on bs.

Ecospirin used to prevent cardiac complication and to reduce mortality and morbidity in case of eg. Heart attack.


As per prevailing medical practice in India,statins and aspirin are routinely prescribed for all diabetics whether or not they had a history of HBP or CVD.Mine is a case in example.We do come across many reports that statins aggravates diabetes.It is a dilemma indeed.


Can u clarify is it raises the b s level and it may be used or not by the T 2 persons


Really, I do not know.My wife takes statins,but she is not a diabetic.I am a long term diabetic and was on statins and aspirin since pretty long.But this month I discontinued,just to see if anything adverse develops.So far,there is no change in my BS levels.I will check my lipid profile at the end of June.You can understand that I have not made up my mind about this issue.


(1) Statins increase insulin levels in blood, which means it will increase insulin resistance

(2) Higher insulin in blood will lead to high blood pressure so you will need blood pressure drugs

(3) Statins damage muscles.

(4) Statins are useless as primary line of treatment for CVD/CHD.

(5) It is good only for people with prior history of CVD/CHD.

Recent study has shown that statin takers have 46% more chances of getting diabetes.


Thanks a lot all the members posted comment Doctors normally above the age of 55 for diabetic persons for prevention they give Ecospirin Av 75 mg which contain satin 75 mg and statin 10 mg Ecospirin prevents the clot of blood and statin to prevent cholestrol.

there is so much of difference opinion about statin for use.

I am not using these tablets now since my lipids and kidney functions were normal in range.


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