Today,I visited a leading Urology hospital that is recognized by National Board for Accreditation of Hospitals and Health services.No doubt it is a great hospital,but what attracted me most was a notice prominently displayed in the reception area.The notice clearly mentions the rights and responsibilities of a patient.In essence,it was made clear that the rights of a patient are directly linked to providing correct and adequate information about the health problems faced by the patient.Also,by accepting to receive the treatment,the patient agrees to abide by the guidelines practiced by the hospital i.e the guidelines prescribed by the Accreditation Board.In this connection,I want to recall the advise given by one of our learned bloggers practicing LCHF diet,advising that if he is on LCHF diet, he may tell his Doctor that as far diet is concerned,he is following the medical advise strictly.In other words,the patient will not be disclosing the full facts to the doctor,and in fact the doctor is being misguided.I have no quarrel with this or any other decision that a diabetic makes for himself,but he should be aware of the consequences of misguiding his doctor.In effect,he will be losing his rights as a patient.Is my feeling relevant?


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  • Oh I told every doctor 100 times that I am on LCHF diet only to be given the same LIE that FAT is bad and when asked to provide documentary evidence they throw the weight of their degrees around and the so called GUIDELINES heavily biased towards the profession and expect that I believe them blindly. Few got upset when asked for proof in return for proof that I showed them to the contrary. Some even cursed the internet and Ramdev. So, if this is the attitude, might as well not talk about diet. LCHF is far safer than HCLF. Diabetics with multiple bypass surgeries and PPI surgery (a Type 1 diabetic) are living that life.

    I think doctors should be more open in telling why they are writing every pill. One of the diabetics who is currently switching to LCHF diet was never told why:

    (1) He is being given Invokana Rs 51/day pill?

    (2) He is being given Januvia Rs 40+/day pill?

    (3) Triglimisave 2 - Close to Rs 15/day pills?

    when he is injecting 3 bolus and 1 basal dose every day. Isn't defensive medicine a 200 billion dollar fraud in the US alone? Were above drugs part of defensive medicine?

    He is already off Invokana (which increases LDL and has evidence of causing heart problems but FDA let it pass without being mentioned on the label, UTI, Candia, Yeast) and Januvia and yet landing great numbers. He shouldn't have been on Invokana and Januvia in any case. He will surely question his doctor very hard on this next visit.

    So, more than the patient, doctors who write these pills indiscriminately need to open up and explain every bit of it rather than passing the buck to some invisible ghost which will cause some damage on LCHF. So let's these hospitals practice what they preach first. It's very easy lecturing others on these matters. The rules can't be a one way traffic.

    Broken dietary advise needs to be relegated to dustbin. Millions are doing it. Not everyone can be wrong and just some board -- a collection of few people -- be right. They have to prove they are right. Increase of CABG from 7% to 37% in diabetics proves they are WRONG.

    We show medical reports. So let doctors challenge that! Opinions, feelings and guidelines don't matter.

    Read Jimmy Abraham's son's -- Charlie Abraham -- case. Watch the movie based on that -- First Do No harm. So first let doctors get to that basics. Currently hospitals are more like Shopping Malls. Here goes the real life events based movie -- drugs failed and diet worked. Charlie is not the only kid. There are many like him:

    Watch/Listen to the clipping from 1:12 o 1:16 carefully

    There's another real world experience based movie -- Dallas Buyer's Club. Something to do with AIDS.

    Can these so called guidelines give us in writing that their advise will work better than what WE On LCHF are now? Would they be willing to be SUED if they fail? Can they explain why Coke and Kelloggs are one of the sponsors of AND? Can they explain why these bodies get truckload money from Drug and Food Industry? Can they explain why drug companies give kickbacks to doctors?

    Living for just 6 years more on 10 drugs a day and drive family toward bankruptcy is of no value. Might as well die healthy instead of remain sick for a decade. I am confident that i will be consuming 3.5 kg less MF as compared to person following these so called guidelines and spend less on drugs and more on good food. And, I am not some exceptional case. There are millions of diabetics around the world on LCHF, only after realizing how BAD HCLF is.

    So, before they put those placards, let them open up first!


  • Venkataramana -

    You check my communication with a young doctor on a site where I paid Rs 199 for the same (and not some free Q&A discussion)

    I do ask HARD questions and deserve an answer and not shown the weight of flashy degrees or some broken guidelines. That's my first right as a patient and not what these placards tell me what is my right. At least he was different and not started throwing the weight of his degree and FAILED guidelines and Patient Rights lectures to me.

    I am sure half of the Accreditation of the hospital you went to must be relying on accreditation/certification recd by the equipment suppliers. Something like ISO 2008 being plastered for display by anyone doing even small business -- ISO 2008 can be managed in Rs 15K to Rs 20K.

  • Those guidelines are just for show. The reality is vastly different.

  • Yes.In fact,the only time one is permitted to evade truth is when he has to save his own or somebody,s life or when honor of a lady is under threat.

  • Venkataramana --

    If I may ask, why did you give up your old id and came up with a new one?

  • You can definitely ask.Earlier,I was using Yahoo I.D and the same I.D was also used for our Resident Welfare Association with about 1100 flats.You can imagine how many e mails were flooding the in box.So,just to have an exclusive access to HU,I tried to change my I.D to G mail.In the process,I must say,I messed up and had to again sign up with a new I.D. I may also add that I was not logged out of the site by the moderators.

  • Great and thanks.

    Please teach some manners to your group not to use statements like "pervert minds" etc no matter how much they hate someone. We don't say ADA is full of "pervert minds" or those who bash LCHF are perverts, do we ? So why this slum like language against anyone who talks LCHF?

    I am saying this because you had earlier requested some diabetic on LCHF to not to use words like "hallucination" etc which are pretty mild compared to terms like "pervert minds" etc.

    I am surprised that people aged 70+ use such words probably just to satisfy their egos and nothing else. Doesn't help much. We aren't abusing or insulting anyone of you and expect the same in return. But, some guys spend all their energy and time in bashing LCHF, despite its success. They have done nothing else in all these years, when diabetics on LCHF has grown from 1 (that me in Jan 2013 on this forum) to over 400 now.

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  • Nope!

  • Kindly make your point clearer.

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