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My type 2 Diabetes experience

Hello friends,

I am long standing diabetic male of 15 years (aged 55) and been on insulin for 8 years. (was taking 130 units everyday)

While searching for a solution to this problem, I have come across the work of various doctors such as Dr Bernstein & Dr Fung. By following Dr Jason Fung's website, I came to know of a few (rare) doctors in India, who follow LCHF and some of them also combine various other principles beyond LCHF.

While I understand that maximum doctors in India do not understand the real reason of diabetes & other associated, there are some doctors who genuinely know how to deal with these diseases.

After contacting one such Indian doctor, I went for investigations as suggested by him. I was scared to know that I was diagnosed with severe Hashimoto's Thyroid problem along with fatty liver. Before this, I always thought of myself as a type 2 diabetes patient with obesity. Then, he commenced my treatment working on my diet plus my lifestyle and some nutritional supplements based on my own nutritional needs.

For the past few months, my doctor has worked diligently with me on a personal basis with weekly follow up and in these months, I have lost 18 kgs of weight, was taken off insulin within 40 days and all diabetes and hypertension drugs completely within 60 days. My HbA1 levels reduced significantly from 8.5 to 5.6 and after re-doing the liver test recently, I was very happy to note that my fatty liver has disappeared :) Most importantly, I had a significant number of thyroid antibodies in my system, which were undetected for so many years but now they are in normal ranges. So, I think I might be called diabetes free today.

I have lived outside India for many years & have struggled continuously with health issues but last few months have been life changing for me as I feel a lot of energy and mental clarity which I have not felt for many decades now.

The approach which my treating doctor used to treat me and others is functional medicine approach and goes totally against modern medical advice but after decades of medical practice as a modern medical doctor, he thinks functional medicine is the best and using this approach he has cured patients of not only diabetes, but chronic obesity, thyroid problems, sexual problems, mental illness, psoriasis, arthritis, some cancers & even parkinson's over last few years. I have been able to find other followers of functional approach in USA, UK and other western countries but unfortunately, we do not have many such practitioners here in India and it is not cost effective to approach such doctors abroad while being in India.

My motto while writing my life story is to spread awareness among other people who are suffering with diabetes. I will not name my doctor as I have seen quite a lot of negativity here against doctors and I do not want to be seen as anybody's agent. But, I would like to caution people to think properly before following blanket authoritative advice being provided on the forum. Many a times, there a lot of other things which need to addressed and there might not be a one size fits all approach to everything and it might be prudent to have correct medical supervision while attempting to reverse such serious diseases.

Best wishes to everyone on the forum.


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First of all, I never said that it is a secret..I merely stated my own experience for the benefit of other diabetics suffering from complications.

You conveniently chose to ignore what I wrote about my thyroid disease of hashimotos & fatty liver reversal...which was first diagnosed by my doctor and later cured.. You preach LCHF diet as a cure for everything as if it is panacea for all the problems related to diabetes.

My friend, diabetes is a very complicated matter and maximum times even highly qualified diabetes specialists fail to provide any sort of relief to the sufferer.

I have a friend in Delhi, who has long standing diabetes with severe impact on kidneys, neuropathy and enlarged prostate problem. He is already on diabetic tablets + insulin and doctors are advising further increase of insulin & starting dialysis. Can you treat my friend's diabetes & kidney issue using LCHF diet only? If yes, kindly share your details as he is very keen for any alternative treatment which can save his kidney and cure diabetes. If no, I would strongly urge to not provide authoritative advice to everybody in a blanket fashion.

Each person is entitled to their opinion. What might be right for you, might not be right for everyone. So, kindly do not generalise diabetes treatment. In that way, somebody will get more harm than benefit.


Whether your doctor is an indian, if yes then please provide details on ajaywadhwa1962 @gmail.com


Dear Ramesh

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Doctor and his treatment.

and you got rid of medicines and normal now.

pl share the details of doctor so that we may contact for treatment get benefitted.



Mr Ramesh, I agree with you that one line of treatment will not suit to all as every individual is different and has different requirements.

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Can you please share the name and phone number of the Doctor so that others may approach and treat their diabetes and get rid of it.


Doctors are human being like any of us. The difference is that they concentrate on the issue full time which we cannot afford to for innumerable reasons. Since you have gone into detail of the introduction, spare a little more time and lead us too to reach where we are now. Your return, please be assured, will be very much more than the money you would have paid for the therapy. Opening your heart for the benefit of others is the highest form of charity.


Suggest me what i need to do as my sugar is FBS 145, ppbs 181. Ldl is high as 117. Using medicine like januvet 50-500, gimmer1, roseday5, losar h50 for b.p. and after some years diabetic medicines also effects kidney too. I want to move on ayurved.


Switch to LCHF diet. You will be medicine free within few months.

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What u taken through lchf diet. Plz send me detail.


I heard about lchf diet but did not find what i have to follow. Plz suggest me diet plan


This looks more as indirect add of Doctor, Now a days Indore become a hub of such doctors.


can you please give me your mail id ignatius.peris@gmail.com


Would also like to know what exactly did the doctor prescribe. I have been diagnosed with diabetes just a month ago and dont want to start with all these allopathy medicines. Please write the treatment followed or the doctors name and no. to my email address simplebhandia@gmail.com


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