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my test results and advise request

did random plasma glucose , h1bac , lipid profile , serum creatinine yesterday.

lipid profile was taken after 12 hours fasting but a cup of coffee before one hour.

results are : HbA1c 6.30 , random sugar 103 mg/dl, total cholesterol 134 mg/dl, hdl 23, LDL 88 , VLDL 23.4 mg/dl, tryglycerides 134.4 mg/dl serum creatinine at 1.0

BP remained at 130/90 both morning and evening.

I am stout aged 33 male.

Currently on amarly 1 mg both morning and evening. Doctor advised to target 5.5 of h1abc in which case he offered to stop one of the pills.

please members give your opinion about my diabetes and BP status and any area I need to focus?



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Anup, thanks but is this general advise ? what specific observations from my test reports?


hi Anup , is my cholesterol values ok? my doctor is satisfied with LDL, VLDL, total cholesterol but not with HDL.

this is like scoring in an exam.

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Yes. Hdl should be > 45. better near 60. Nuts dry fruits will help you.


You have to go long way,creantine is also on bad path.


You triglyceride/HDL ratio is high. Indicate insulin resistance.

Are you on cholesterol lowering - statin drug ?

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