Am diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around 4 months ago.fasting was 220 and pp was 295 at the time of diagnosing.am 37 yrs old,female.after taking galvusmet 50mg/500 twice a day for past 3 to 4 months ,with strict diet and strict exercise my sugar level has dropped .now my report says fasting 95 and pp 105.hba1c shows 6.4 .I wanted to discontinue my medicine or atleast cut down the dosage.but the doc says I need to continue the same dosage again for 3 more months and den we shall decide.I don't want to continue my medicine.shall I stop medication and continue with my diet and exercise.is it ok.please advice


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  • No I'm not. I have no connection with Diet Doctor whatsoever.

    All the information needed to reverse, I repeat, reverse, type 2 diabetes is there for free. Whether you wish to take out membership is optional (I am not a paying member). Anybody on this site who leads LCHF (low carb, high fat) lifestyle will confirm this.

    My motivation is pointing people to dietary change that really works, believing the road to health is not paved with medication.

    These questions arise so many times the simplest way to start somebody on their journey to health is to point them to Dr. Eenfeldts site.

    If you question my assertion above and are serious about reversing type 2 you should watch Dr. Jason Fung's video series:

  • Champak -- I already told you the most probable reason for that happening. Some guys don't like LCHF being talked here -- personal First Hand experience :)

    So, they engage in verbal spats and hit report to admin in a group. So navigate accordingly here.

  • We have to show magnanimity as there's one thing known as Karma. Bottom line is, they don't like LCHF being promoted as it is really helping diabetics getting off drugs and yet achieving better numbers. Anyone who starts talking LCHF gets troubled by them. Ignore their antics and spend time on spreading LCHF.

    We have our medical reports to prove our view point. They have few mice studies on 40% Carbs, 40% FAT (what they think is LCHF) against it and no matter how many times we say that we don't consider that LCHF they won;t tire quoting such rigged research :)

    Someone even quoted some obscure paper/video from some so called expert in the US who has been convicted for serial medical FRAUDS. When exposed, he quickly changed the goal post. So, these guys just play SHOOT-N-SCOOT with the hope of getting everyone who talks LCHF banned :)

    Some even wanted that this forum should be run strictly accordingly to ADA guidelines on diabetes management. :D :D

  • What is the difference between reverse and cure of diabetes ?

  • The levels have come down because of the Medicine, if you stop it will rise again because these medicines are not curative but just maintain the auger Levels.

  • Switch to LCHFdiet.You continue these medicine for some time.Gradually get rid of these. If you follow LCHF diet and reduce your gulvus met tab only one time and then

    then gradually reduce the medicine in phase wise manner.You will be alright.Thanks

  • Hi.. Please don't stop using medicines without doctor's permission. Your levels are normal with the help of medicines,diet and exercise. All three are equally important...

  • As the Doctor says, Its good to continue for few more days, But see that your sugar level does not fall below that figure. If you are regularly exercising, than you should not have a problem. Always check your sugar level.

  • Do't discontinue immediately ,take some time and replace it by any aurved medicine

  • Hi smini

    May i know did u stop medicines what doctor has said and what u decided as i am also having same issue i too dont want to contiue medicines my fb is 96 and pp106 please suggesst

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