New tablet for type-2 diabetes--

Regular use of the drug showed improvement in the cell function that controls blood sugar levels

A new drug for type-2 diabetes was launched in the city on Friday.( June 23. 2012 ) The drug was introduced in metros like Mumbai and Delhi earlier this month. Launched by Boehringer Ingelheim India (BI) and Eli Lilly and Company, the 5mg film-coated tablet Linagliptin is sold under the brand name Trajenta.

Type-2 diabetes is a progressive disease and often, over a period of time, people are unable to maintain their sugar levels, requiring therapies to prevent diabetes-induced complications. New drugs are constantly being tested and introduced in the hope of finding a solution to maintain the blood glucose levels at acceptable levels.

Chennai-based diabetologist V. Mohan said that the new tablet is an improvement on the other three products in the same class as a person has to take it only once a day. “The earlier tablets like sitagliptine, vildagliptine and sexagliptine have proved to be effective. This group of drugs are quite effective with very mild hypoglycaemia-inducing property. Linagliptin can be given even if (a person has) renal or liver failure.”

According to him, the tablet has been marketed by the company after conducting a five-year study for its effect on the human cardiovascular system. “Normally when such drugs come into the market, the Food and Drug Administration in the US calls for a five-year study. Other drugs underwent the study after being launched but in this case the study was done before launch and was found to be safe,” he said.

Regular use of the drug showed improvement in pancreatic beta cells function, an important component in controlling blood sugar levels. The tablet has been found to maintain the levels for a 24-hour period, he said.

He however cautioned that these drugs have been around only for six to eight years and hence there is no knowing what the side effects could be when it is used for a long term. Another factor would be the cost of the tablets itself. Dr. Mohan said if the price is reduced then more patients would benefit.

The drugs in this category are quite pricey. A person who is prescribed sitagliptin tablet, which is one dose per day, spends around Rs. 40 on each dose while vidagliptin costs around Rs. 20. According to a company spokesperson, per day therapy of linagliptin costs Rs. 42.70.

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21 Replies

  • Dear All

    The modern drugs has its own dangers.

    Linagliptin may a wonder drug for many but still the trust worthy, has to be approved further. The cheap , and effective drug is still Metformin.

    As a Neurologist, I can quote a few Neurological side effects, of Linagliptin, which I have observed.

    It is better to believe the good old drug than one which is purported to have been good. What is the harm in taking the drug twice ? ( metformin and SR preparations ) If the case is resistant , then newer drugs can be tried, with all the risk it has. If one is happy with Metformin, better not to change, or try any other drug which may be toxic after a long time like one of Pioglitazone, which was also reported from Chennai.

    I do not think it is safe to link with newer drugs, when some one is comfortable with Metformin , as I see LESS of neurological complications with Metformin therapy .

    PROF DR V NAGARAAJAN MD MNAMS DM .,DSc.,(Neuroscience)



  • please suggest some low carbohydrate diet

  • It will be great help if you can give a diet plan for vegetarian people because skipping the above carbs very little option left for vegetarians specially office going people.

  • You can have above ground vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, coconut oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated), double cream, olive oil, butter, ghee, and smaller amounts of carbs.

  • How is the PPBS 110 minutes calculated, as we start taking food or after we finish eating food ?

  • Thank you.

  • Would you pl. suggest the foot burning due to diabetic while taking Metformin S R based on your observations.Thanks

  • Which company's Alpha Lipoic Acid Tab you use.

  • Thanks. I have also ordered online through ebay for the same product. I have FBS of 115, PP of 155 and Hb1ac of 6.5. Shall I start dose of 300 mg twice or once in morning.

  • available in India

  • Sir, I have been taking Gemar2DS one before breakfast and Istamet (50+500 mg) twice before lunch & dinner for the last 6 months. Sugar level is on the border or sometimes 104 to 140 on Fasting & 127 to 139 PP. Abp1c 7.8 or a bit low. Has there no medicine to repair beta cell?

  • Sir,

    You are 100% right. Thanks for your kind views.

  • iam 60, known diabetic for 6 years. now iam om onGlynase MF 3 times a day. fbs is 128,ppbs172. gets very tiared after lunch .especilly if i take a nap .Is dosage is O.K. ? please suggest me.

  • Side effects, and complications are statistically calculated. ,. But for an individual it is 100 % and not statistics. As some one has committed, the company will be sworn with millions !!

  • All calculations go wrong in Life and Death. It is the same case with mortal Diseases. No doctor or medicine is appropriate for stopping the death. Doctors cures the diseases, but, just before, the patient get discharged from Hospital, he bids final Good bye. Man with tremendous fear of death cannot be saved by any type of medicines. In Dr.Schwietzer's autobiography a South African Lady dies like this, having given birth to the first baby-child. The belief of the villagers were, when the first Baby is a girl, the mother would die. Doctor could not save the women, despite adequate treatments were given.

    My own son was for a long time brinwashed and terrified by my wife, saying that, my family members had done black-magic to kill him, and lots and lots of pooja like mrithyunjaya etc. were performed for long long times. He could not be saved from a prolonged lungs infection. Death,Birth,Diseases etc. is controled by perhaps some higher authority in this world.

  • Whatever said by u is perfectly right but crisp for some ppl who are so called MODERRNITES. I am of the same opinion. Regards.

  • Ultimately, life and death is in the hands of God Almighty. No body can live or die beyond God's prescribed timings.

  • Lipagliptin- what about risk of PANCREATIC CANCER?

  • is some research is going on minor opertion of pancrease to activate beta cell to control sugar : any idea

  • all modern drug carry side effect.The longer duration it is consumed the more complication at later is full of such drugs.These drugs claimed to control sugar level, but non has claimed to cure diabetic.And finally nothing work out you go for dialysis..It is better to go back to the nature for either Ayurveda or Unani medicines.

  • ARE U BELIEVE TRAJENTA COST Rs.40 per dose and per day, and number of side effect.

    but newly developed herbal based (Aadya diabe her -I), cost Rs.100 per dose per week, and no side effect. number of diabetic patients benefited with this product.

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