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Can blood sugar shoot for a brief period and settle down later?


Hi All,

I'm a 38 year old male living in Bangalore. I need your suggestions/input of my situation below.

My blood sugar shot up 6 months ago. My RBS was 576 mg/dL. My FBS was 440 mg/dL and PPBS was 520 mg/dL when i took a blood test six months ago.

Immediately, i started taking some indian (natural) medicines like Kalmegh, Gymnema Sylvestrae, Apple Cider vinegar, Clove, Cinnamon, Betel leaves along with Ayurvedic medicines such as Ilogen excel and Homepathic Medicines such as pancreatinum & various combinations.

When i was taking the above medicines, I cut down my carbohydrate intake along with at least an hour of physical activity. My major carbohydrate intake was emmer wheat (long wheat).

When i started monitoring my blood sugar regularly, I had observed it gradually reduced (after initial sudden reduction in the first few days).

My FBS has reached consistently around 100 mg/dL (fluctuates from 90 to 115 md/dL) and my PPBS never crosses beyound 145 mg/dL for the last one month.

I tried having coffee with white sugar ( I never stopped having palm sugar though!) and sweet pongal (with palm sugar) and then observed that my FBS never crosses 115 mg/dL. Yesterday, i had two burgers just before I slept and observed my FBS today is 100 mg/dL.

From the above facts, can I assume that my diabetes was a temporary phenomenon? Can diabetes be a temporary phenomenon technically?

Any valuable suggestions are welcome.

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Hi barani19,

What has your doctor told you? Do you usually have a bedtime snack no matter what your blood sugar is before you go to sleep each night? Do you have any allergies to medications/certain foods?

Please check your private messages on HU. I had sent you a message earlier. It's okay. :-)

r u taking any allopathic medicine

barani19Star in reply to soni1

No. I'm not taking any allopathic medicines

check your hba1c , and if you hit below 6 by eating all variety of foods for consistently one year, maybe your diabetes has reversed. but do consult a doctor

Thanks for your suggestion soni1. I'm planning to do HbA1c test every 3 months from now on and have a close look till next year or so. What frequency do you suggest for taking hba1c test?

I'm not taking any allopathic medicines. I take only a teaspoon cinnamon and honey after every meal as of now.

soni1 in reply to barani19

every three months. If you hit below 6 consistently without medicine and by eating all kinds of food it is a great progress. I sincerely wish that you acheive it.

soni1 in reply to barani19

i am also interested to know about betel leaves amd effect on blood sugar

Weldon,Please is there anyway I can get longwheat in UK ? I have been searching everywhere for it or if you can help from your side. Thanks

bonny_lass in reply to Marts1234

You can get whole emmer wheat in Tesco and Doves Farm does its flour in UK. Almost all health food stores like Holland and Barret, Real foods etc do too. Tesco online has stock for wholewheat Emmer. Cheers.

Marts1234 in reply to bonny_lass

Thanks so much

Sure Marts. please send me a private message. i can help you with that

Marts1234 in reply to barani19

Please send your email address so that I can communicate with you better.


What has your doctor told you?

I have not consulted any doctor except the first time when i got the initial blood test done.

Do you usually have a bedtime snack no matter what your blood sugar is before you go to sleep each night?

I don't have any bedtime snack. Along with my dinner, i take organic paneer 2-3 times a week.

Do you have any allergies to medications/certain foods?

No. i don't remember having any allergies to medications/certain foods.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to barani19

How much protein do you eat for each meal?

Barani19, It looks like you have improved your insulin sensitivity and might have put into remission or reversal. Good job for that. Have you lost weight too? I have done it and now numbers are good too but a word of caution after all the research I have been doing about Remission or Reversal is that please follow a healthy lifestyle as this is a situation that could come back anytime if we slip our diet and lifestyle. I had lost lot of weight with low carb diet combined with very healthy walks, exercise etc and HbA1c every 3 months for the last 1 year is very good but now for a month I have gained back and has to be back on track so please do not eat burger or anything processed if you want to remain in this remission. Good going and keep up the good work.

barani19Star in reply to bonny_lass

bonny_lass, thanks a lot for the reply. Yes. i have lost considerably (8-10%) of my initial weight. But i have started gaining weight slightly even though i have not stopped my exercises and diet. Thanks for your advice on the processed food. I avoid eating burgers/any processed food. I wanted to experiment by eating burgers on the other day. Hence i had.

bonny_lass in reply to barani19

I can imagine the curiosity and excitement as I was in that state not far ago. I had lost nearly 22kgs but gained back 6 and struggling to reduce even with a new addition to routine which is running but I guess what's imp is to keep oneself motivated and never to put ourselves in the position which we were before. There are lots of books on this and it helped me a lot. If you are in India then traditonal Millets are life savers.

Even same thing happened to me

First hba1c was 12.2

Last Hba1c is 5.9

yhc123 in reply to Hmmmmmm

Great!!! I hv also been a I.e to reduce hba1c from 12. 6 to 6 in just 4 months.

yhc123 in reply to yhc123

That's gr8!!! I have also been able to reduce my hba1c level from 12. 6 to 6 without any medicines in just 4 months. My FBS is 120 And PP is 109. Why my FBS is higher than PP ? How I can reduce it?

Activity2004Administrator in reply to yhc123

Have you been told by your doctor about either a low carb high fat diet or a low carb high protein diet? Are you counting carbs for each meal and snack?

Diabetes can never a temporary phenomena .It is not reversible.Butcan be managed efficiently through mainly food,excercise and medicine.In your case you have controlled emmer wheat so control.I have seen that in my case ppbs comes to 160 to 170 on some odd days when I have cheated .Otherwise maintain FBS from 75 to 90.It may be different for others.I am D2 since 2007.Thanks.

I made some more testing for the last couple of weeks.

1) I had a very heavy carbs meal(10-15 Rice modaks along with vada). My PP touched 207 mg/dL.

2) I had a full plate of Bhel puri and 2 plate of Pav Bhajis. My PP reached to 180+

3) 1 Spoon of refined white sugar shoots up my PP by 30-40 points

So, as of now, i would like to conclude this thread myself by saying Diabetes cannot be temporary phenomenon . As makarim said, it can only be managed efficiently through food control, exercise and medicine.

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