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Need Colloborators to Start A LCHF restaurant in Bangalore

Hello People

I have been on LCHF for months now. After me I have inducted a lot of people and each of them have benefited largely from this. Diabetics Non Diabetics Hypertensives Thyroid... the List is endless.

I have assembled a team of chefs, I have identified a suitable location, I have a business plan to action.

The goal or objective of this is to give People a healthier advantage.

1. Make available common foods to buy off the shelves for LCHF

2. A Coffee shop and restaurant for LCHFers to hang out

3. A Workshop studio to create awareness (free to attend type of seminar)

4. A Lifestyle program management system. To help people remain on track and find Help

To make this happen. I need

1. Investors

2. Professionals who can contribute vis.

Restaurant Bakery Management

Lifestyle Talk Management

I need ladies who can do PR work who are already on this diet and benefit.

So Find me on LCHFBangalore@gmail.com

Lets get talking.


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Great to see LCHF in India reaching this stage where people start thinking of opening a restaurant. Great also to see how people have benefited and how you have done your bit in convincing others to switch. A movement that started two years back has gained momentum.

Such things will soon make it easier for spreading LCHF to masses.

LCHF being popularized in any form is a victory for the guy (and now and now more than 400+ Indian diabetics ) who started it here more than two years back and had to face lot of opposition.

Good luck for your venture :)

LCHF is a HEALTHY WAY OF LIVING no matter what ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo says


Great Dear Merchant,

I have been able to cure my diabetes by lifestyle changes and healthier balanced diet, typically comprising of low carb, healthy fats and proteins. I can contribute to your noble venture by delivering lifestyle management talks for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. You can see my blog on the subject at ezinearticles.com/?Curing-D... which has been quite popular and helpful for people suffering from diabetes and other cardiovascular problems in getting healthier.

With regards,

Amit kulshreshtha


Mr Amit I have gone through the article its a really knowledge full but if you continue it by breaking it and matching it with our current life style in city and in village maximum benefit will get all diabetics.


I would love to help you fullest to my capabilities in your endeavour to make people healthy. I am sending you my email id on you gmail id for further contact.

With regards,

Amit Kulshreshtha.




Dear all in this mission please be remember our first person to deserve thanks that was Mr. Anup a very state cart writer on LCHF diet, I am thinking by a different way one restaurant at Bangalore can't serve in large but will be a beginning and if we can think it to make lCHF packed food ready mix that can be sold through out the country on the there should be direction of preparation and addition required to it.

Maximum people will be benefited.


I have read a lot of Anup's post here.

Now he runs his own forum dlife.in -- a forum of cool headed diabetics on LCHF.


My heart felt congratulation to you for your novel idea to make aware people about LCHF. Good start.Remember Mr Anoop to inagurate this. Meetu 77 should also be invited.Any way LCHF jai ho. Thanks


Yes, Long Live LCHF. Glad to see how Anup is still remembered even after more than 2 years, not a normal feat given the fact that he was talking amid great opposition from many. This can only happen if the person made and talked sense. Of course some still don't like him -- that's what I could sense when someone started treating me like punching bag few days back., presuming I am anup/medfree/etc

Why LCHF followers, maybe some ADA representative should be invited for the launch. Let them also have a feel how people are moving towards a real healthy diet. In Sweden, one restaurant chain offers LCHF food all along the highways :)


Thanks for reply.Sir.


Basudev idea is really good about packed food.

This will reach to many people.


Thanks Ultraduo and all , another idea if we can see gorge shooter long wheat recipe if the idea and if we can make an approach of Packed LCHF food with long wheat recipe then I hope this mission will be towards on the way control to cure of diabetes. hope this idea may be in next step.


basudev, on LCHF one can eat anything as long as they remain within the ratios and ensure they are counting carbs and replacing the carbs with good fats.

Why not, long wheat atta based paratha loaded with butter will be great. Atta kneaded with few TBSP VCO added will be "sonay par suhaga".

Any step to promote LCHF in whatever little way that one can do is always going to be great for diabetics and others, but not for drug/medicare industry as there will be less drugs to sell. If one restaurant succeeds there will be many to follow.


AlMerchat Keep us posted with progress of your LCHF venture. If it takes off, at least diabetics in Bangalore can switch to this healthy lifestyle in large numbers.

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Hi Did you start LCHF Restaurant?

I am interested in this collaboration.




Thanks for your reply Mr Swamy.

I need more colloborators as also people to be interested.

If you are in Bangalore please consider to meet up. I can be reached on +919845078297



I am in Bangalore.What is the status now?


Hello People

In the time since my last post. I have had a great amount of success in finding new recipes improvising old ones and also observing how best to adapt when travelling, these aspects have been borne out by travelling and yet remaining staidfast on LCHF. I have Collected more information on the effect of some foods viz BS readings. Common errors and also made substantial gains on tackling taste of food.

I am growing in knowledge by leaps and bounds as also being more aware on managing the malady.

My quest for intelligent object oriented colloborators is ON.

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@Almerchant... super duper like for this innovative idea ...big help for wives of people with diabetes :) :)

I will relocate to Bangalore once you start the  restaurant :)


So I have been on the LCHF mode for over

a year now and seen exceptional promise on this, though an egg eating vegetarian. Loads of tried and tested recipes and compliant food. Its funny that I dumped into this post today and was infact thinking last week too, how ppl struggle to each Low carb compliant food and how easy it is actually. Getgrowfit has a low carb program running and used them for a bit, but beyond 2 weeks the repetitions became too much and the pricing somehow felt was too costing. Also the choices for veg food was a little too less. So yes, if there is any interest to kick start this initiative, I would be more than happy to jointly participate in this!


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