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Here to loose weight, not diabetic!

Hi all,

I have been reading about LCHF diet and always thought it's for diabetics. Learned recently that it's a good life style change for good health and weight management. I have always been a heavier person(not obese though!) wanted to loose weight and maintain it!

I'm an indian vegetarian and started my LCHF journey through this forum, wish me good luck and input your ideas for a beginner like me, thanks!


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Thanks. I'm a vegetarian and very rarely eat eggs. I have just started learning about LCHF diet, still in process of making a diet plan that's vegetarian as much as possible. It's not easy coming up with a LCHF veg diet plan


There are different fad diets going around in the world, LCHF could be one of them. One should be careful about these experiments. Expectation of miracles can lead to frustration.

The fundamental issue is quality of calories / type of food / quantities of food.

When you balance out all these the problems of weight will end.

Thinking that there is some magical diet out there which will put an end to all your troubles is itself an assumption that may not work out.

A balanced and sensible diet that can last you for a lifetime is what is needed.

Crash diets / fad diets usually crash. This is just my view. I have studied all types of fancy diets from Atkins to Keto and these come and go like Milan Fashion. When you stick to basic Dal - Roti - Sabzi, you can't go wrong. I have been following basic simple diet and maintained my weight for last 30 years and ...... at 50 ran my first Full Marathon.

I don't follow any fad diets. Just lots of fruits, veg, water, exercise, sunshine, Dal roti chawal and running. I follow principles of Mindful Eating. It works.

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Man are fortunate enough to lose weight easily and maintaining weight is even easier. Women tend to gain weight soon when compared to men. I agree with you on the fad diets, even I would like to keep me diet simple and close to what we eat normally. That way it's easy to be consistent but that way I'm not losing weight. I just want to lose few kilos and then want to maintain healthy weight.

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Diets never fail but we fail. If we keep up to low carb and keto diet our problems will solve. Most of the time people don't understand. One has to learn about nutrition and follow a diet. Should take sufficient protein and other nutrients. You rightly said "A balanced and sensible diet that can last you for a lifetime is what is needed."

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. A weight-control strategy might include


* Choosing low-fat, low-calorie foods

* Eating smaller portions

* Drinking water instead of sugary drinks

* Being physically active



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Sir. Low fat theory has been proven wrong. One should reduce carbs and take good fats so as to get 60% calories from them - the good fats. Also frequent eating will keep your pancreas tuned for ever without giving time to rest. Eat two or three times a day and do frequent fasting and IF. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Your nickname suggests how eager you are to get slim.

You are absolutely right. Even a nonD should restrict carb intake low. 150-175 g per day and addition of extra good fats will keep them away from chd cva in addition to losing weight.

You are on right path. Carry on and spread the knowledge.

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Thanks for the advice and encouragement.




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