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LCHF Diet -- Balanced And Nutritious Way For Managing Diabetes -- A Perfect Science

Let's Face It. LCHF Diet works and it works out of the box.

Since it works, there's lot of propaganda against it by a handful few who are apparently not being heard because LCHF is growing, despite the negative talks. Let's see a few of The RUMORS and PROPAGANDA against LCHF:

(1) What exactly is HEARSAY?


"Unverified information heard or received from another; rumor."

Now, anyone PREACHING about LCHF as an excellent means of handling blood sugars, fixing LIPIDS on LESS or ZERO Drugs is doing it on any FORUM based on "PERSONAL VERIFIABLE Experience" so it cannot be a RUMOR. Since the diabetics have their medical reports before LCHF and some for as long as four years after LCHF, it just can't be called UNVERIFIED. Diabetic doctors have more than a decades of reports of themselves on LCHF. Dr Bernstein has more than 5 decades of experience that he is preaching.

In fact, it BUSTS all the RUMOR and SCAREMONGERING against LCHF that handful few have trying since ages just for visibility. Since they have no personal experience and they pick up even a remote video from a

convicted-for-fraud doctor as their last hope, it just shows that they an pick up anything which is UNVERIFIED information from anywhere even without going into the details.

Sometimes some rat model studies are picked up and some 7 day study is picked up, but they want a 100 year long-term effect on LCHF. What a JOKE!

In fact, those who view "LCHF preaching" as "Hearsay" don't spare a moment to support something else just for the sake opposing LCHF or for visibility, even if that means n=1 experiment and have no personal experience. They are talking against LCHF just based on HEARSAY as they haven't lived even a single day on that diet :)

So, this BUSTS the contention that LCHF is Hearsay.

(2) What exactly is BALANCED Diet and who decides what's balanced?


If LCHF diet being followed is not showing any negative markers on medical reports, how can it be called a "NON BALANCED DIET". Drugs decrease, some even go off it completely, LIPIDS improve - thus helping to go off STATINS. So listen to the medical reports of diabetics who have been on LCHF to conclude what's "Balanced" and not what some drugs sponsored researches say.

How can any diet, including HIGH CARB LOW FAT, be called BALANCED when Triglycerides shoot up, increases the TG/HDL ratio, increases VLDL, increases residual insulin in blood, increases neuropathy etc etc be ever considered BALANCED? Yet, some are desperately trying to tell diabetics that be on a HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet that ADA/Mayo/WHO/USDA talks about.

If it was so balanced, why did USDA dump the USDA Pyramid after forcing it for decades on every American? As a face-saving exercise, the same has been replaced by Plate. Give it a decade even the PLATE will FAIL because the premise of High Carb Low Fat hasn't changed between the Pyramid and Plate. It's just an eye wash.

Who says High Carb Low Fat is balanced? Where's the PROOF? Or just because Mc Govern committee politically pushed it so it becomes balanced? If it was balanced then:

(A) Why is OBESITY Creeping up since the day this so called "Balanced Diet" is being pushed?

(B) Why is DIABETES creeping up to the level of being an epidemic.

(C) Why is CVD/CHD/ESRD/CKD inceasing every year?

Or HIGH CARB LOW FAT is a BALANCED DIET just because DRUGS SALES are increasing every day?

We are not caged animals in zoo that we need to be old by vested interests as to what is balanced and healthy. It's the animals in the zoo which have a far unhealthy life compared to animals in the jungle. Why?

Because they are living by a dietitians diet chart which is healthy and balanced?

(3) Other Propaganda's & Rumors against LCHF


I had written a piece here on

Top 7 Most Common Reactions to Your High-Fat Diet (and How to Respond):


So 7 +2 makes it "Top 9 Most Common Reactions to Your High-Fat Diet (and How to Respond).

We diabetics on LCHF lead by EXAMPLE and not LEAD by OPINIONS.

That's why, despite the best of desperate attempts by a few to spread RUMORS against LCHF, it is growing. So, lead by example and not by opinions. Any amount of rhetoric against it, including calling it a parrot and puppet show by someone, will not work, because LCHF just works and works out of the box. This is not a HEARSAY, because Medical reports prove it so and diabetics attain far better numbers on FAR less DRUGS.

So, SWITCH to LCHF diet and experience the wonders personally, instead of being motivated by a few who are on a PROPAGANDA drive against it based on HEARSAY :)

If you want to switch but have question, please ask. No one charges MONEY for helping you attain a better life through LCHF, thouygh few adversaries have even gone to the extent of saying that we do it for MONEY, yet another RUMOR!!!

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I was just watching IPL match today. Found Shane Watson (Australian National Team Cricketer) bowling and couldn't find any weakness in his muscles. Some one recently had quoted some 5 day study which said muscles are hampered on High fat diet.

Here's his interview on his experience on LCHF diet as a SPORTSPERSON

I am very sure that this is not HEARSAY. Watch the IPL match and his bowling to see how fit his muscles are on LCHF diet :)

So, even Non Diabetics follow LCHF for obvious reasons. Found this discussed earlier too:



Check for all details on dlife.in

Diabetics with even 20-25 years history of diabetes have benefited to a huge extent, busting the misinformation campaign that it is only good for new cases of diabetics.


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