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Shane Watson's LCHF Diet Busts The Myth That High Carbs Is Unavoidable For Sports Person

High Carb Low Fat diet is a failed diet. This is because despite all the HYPE of it being a healthy diet, obesity, diabetes, cardiac problems -- you name it and it is there - has all gone up ever since the HYPE for LOW FAT started.

Shane Watson is a well known name for those who follow Cricket and needs no introduction. He was seen in the interview of Dr Peter Brukner (Physician Of Australian National Cricket Team) that I had posted earlier here --


Icing on the cake is Shane Watson's interview on his LCHF diet in the video below:

Obviously Shane Watson can count his carbs/fats/proteins and calorie perfectly well, as "counting" is not rocket science, it's basic maths which even a grade 4 student can do. Obviously those who can't count properly will always say LCHF didn't work on them. This is much like the "elite club" blaming everything else but the HIGH CARBS for all the health problems that have amplified with the advent of LOW FAT HYPE :)

Indian diabetics practice and profess LCHF on dlife.in/

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So all this shows that if you know COUNTING, you can get on LCHF diet very easily and it's benefits are well recognized. Diabetes can be very effectively managed on LCHF diet as numerous diabetics on this forum have already demonstrated.


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