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Dr Richard Bernstein - Benefits Of Low Carb High Fat Diet For Diabetics


He is the father of Home testing of sugar levels. Here, he speaks about benefits of Low Carb High Fat diet for treating diabetics. He himself has been living on just 30 grams carbohydrates (in ketogenic range) for decades, much against the misconception that brain needs 100 grams of glucose from CARBS. He is a Type 1 diabetic, injecting insulin and still maintaining A1C below 5, though the beloved ADA says it is risky to reduce below 6.


So, let's believe the doctor who is treating his patients the way he lives as a diabetic and not believe what ADA has to say about high fat ;)

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We have been believing and following Dr. Bernstein methodology since the time Anup had introduced him here... We all had many benefits too. Many in this forum can vouch on that...I would also recommend all newcomers to try and read his book...It will guide you through

kcpl in reply to meenaraju

Anup was chased away long back from here from what I could learn going through old posts and that prompted the start of dlife.in/

Even I was accosted by someone right on the first day here.

LCHFFAN in reply to meenaraju

Can I have e-copy or pdf version of this book?

Good to hear Dr Bernstein on LCHF .The video runs for 10 mts only.Can you please post the full lecture

Thanks so much for sharing this about Dr. Bernstein methodology.

Diet is the key and is also the key to reducing inflammation. ADA will only keep talking about drugs and high CARB. That's why those who believe in LCHF globally never believe in what ADA, WHO, AND talks. They are all funded by the CARB and Drug industry.

@jenniferthomasjt --

Glad that you found it useful. LCHF diet is the only way to effectively manage diabetes safely on minimal drugs. It also allows you to aim to 5% club, which ADA diet will never allow anyone to achieve. I have posted a lot many videos and research on LCHF diet here.

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