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Diabetes Complication

I am diabetic since 1998. My age is 65 years. Since last three years I take Glypride 2mg, BD, Roimet 850 BD, Pioz 15 OD, and Cap Winofit OD My BS about 125 in morning and about 185 after meal. As per some sites the Pioz is banned. Please suggest whether Pioz may be continued or not?

My blood test report of 04/04/2015 is as below:

HbA1c-6.6%, Average Blood Glucose -143,Total cholesterol- 234, HDL-60, LDL -152, Triglycerides - 119,VLDL Cholesterol -23.72. At present do not have any problem, only some weakness. Please advise

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You need to discuss medication with your GP.

Your blood results could be better. Hold on to the health you have, and prevent chronic complications by reducing your carbohydrate intake.


Please switch to LCHF for a month and and check your BS level along with other numbers coming down.I am sure you will get rid of many medicine .I fully support Mr concerned.Follow 100 to 120 carb from all sources along with good fat and proteins.I am now free from diabetic drugs since 15 days.Thanks

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