To avoid diabetes complication

Hello all,

i am 29 years old recently diagnoised with diabetes.

My fasting BS is 96

after meal is 160

i want to ask you people a question that if i maintained my sugar level with this number then is there any complication due to diabtes in future.

I want no further complication due to diabetes at least.

Give me some guidance so that i can avoid future complication. :)

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  • Fasting maintain below 110 and post lunch below 160 OK


  • You have to analyse closely what you are having in your meal.Identify which items of food are causing the spike and replace those items with some others that do not cause the spike.Not knowing your food habits,I can not make any suggestions.You have to work it out yourself.This is important because a spike of 64 points after meal is not acceptable.

  • FBS ~80-90

    PPBS 1 Hr 140 max

    PPBS 2 Hr 120 max.

    A1C < 5.7

    Should be your aim.

  • Because:

    (1) They go by ADA's nonsensical definition of good control and then add few more points to that as part of "Chalta hai" attitude. Panic button is pressed when probably it is very late. If 180 at 2 hr is good control, then at 1 hr the diabetic is already spiking to 250 which no one bothers about.

    (2) They think Dr is always right. So, not many monitor PPBS aggressively at home. PPBS is first to go bad, years before FBS goes bad.

    (3) Many can't give up the unending love for overloaded wheat, rice meals. They are willing to try any "powder" claiming cure rather than hit the nail on the head - ie cut down carbs drastically.

    (4) They have been brainwashed with "FAT IS BAD" LIE for over few decades. So they keep living by the MOST UNHEALTHY diet ever -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense.

    (5) Most who land on forum have already failed with the ADA's advice and some have almost reached the point of no return wrt health damages. That said, the brave-hearts do take a new path - LCHF -- and see how well it works and realize how they have been fooled by the "MAINSTREAM"

  • The post by anup is the right indication. So you are pre diabetic and need to control your PPBS results. Please go through the previous posts by various participants in this forum and be cautious.

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