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Chia Seeds - Superfood for LCHF - Great to keep You full for Longer

I have been reading a lot about Chia Seeds on LCHF websites - Similar to Tukmaria we use in falooda but a lot more expensive as its been hyped as a Vegetarian/ Vegan Superfood.

Add 30gn to Water and they gel up - then enjoy on any drink - Adding to my Morning Lemon water is my favorite - but it can be added to any Vegetable Juice or Whole Milk. - 2 TSP has just 1 gm net carbs and 11 gm Fiber.


500ml of filtered water

3 tablespoons of tukmaria seeds or chia seeds

lemon juice q.b.

sweetener (optional)


Mix the seeds in water and let stand for a few minutes. Add the lemon juice to taste.

If you want, add a sweetener to your taste, cool down or add some ice before drinking.

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Chia Seeds or the much Cheaper Tukmaria we have used for years?


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