Concerned about Mrng readings

Thanks to this community and great people that I have been managing my type 2 well.I want my morning readings are approx around110-115, pp and reading during day are normal. I take low carb diet, drink lots of lemon water and workout. Any help if I can lower my Mrng readings further. I am not on allopathic meds.


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  • As per my understanding Abnormal FBS is due to malfunction of liver...

    May be you should look in to that and look for some liver support supplements..

    may be Shashikantiyengar will be able to guide you in this regards

  • Thank you. I guessed it too. The only liver supplement I know is liv52. I have to go to a good doctor and have a fix. Thank you.

  • milk thistle is one ...

    patanjali live D 38 is other one

  • Thanks, will start a liver tonic soon.

  • that is one thing...and other is stop over loading liver....

    Give it a rest

    It is said liver is self healing organ

  • How to stop over loading of liver

  • reduce carbs...avoid alcohol..avoid fructose....

  • What are FBS readings ?

  • Shailajaji , please let me know what r ur FBS readings ?

  • 100-120 usually

  • I think 100 -120 FBS is ok. Not to worry . Yes , it should be <100 . But if ur FBS readings r 100 -120 without meds , it's OK. Mine are 111 -120 without allopathic meds . Any senior can tell us better .

  • Whats the PP reading..

    I used Milk thistle 300mg for 6 mts to improve liver function which is vital for a good fasting

    Also had a green juice made of karela at home daily. with the options of adding Amla, ginger, raw turmeric. i have used this for a year daily to buckle down fasting from 153 to 90 to 95 now

  • Thanks, My pp is usually 110-120.I take morning tea without sugar early morning. I guess I have to change it to green tea and have Karel a and a amla juice that's lying in my fridge. I am addicted to have atleast 2cups of Chai a day. I guess I have to let it go. I have changed myself completely in these 3 months after detection, honestly these 2 cuppa are like small treat to me that help me going

  • Go ahead and have your tea

    Have it with some amul fresh cream in place of milk

    Add 1 to 2 drops stevia

  • I've observed my FBS goes a bit high 100 - 110 when I ate more carbs at dinner time plus ignoring to move my body as I should. Pretty much sitting and watching TV at the end of the day. Last two day for example where I got on to my yoga mat while watching a movie on DVD. This leads to morning FBS 80 - 85. There is no magic plus yoga is good for general health both mind and physical body.

  • Thanks luckysugar. I have cooked sprouts with veggies with Lil yogurt at 8.30.And I workout 1 hour daily, cardio plus weights. Still getting on the higher side.

  • What's your PPBS after eating these foods? ( look very light low car meal)

    When do you normally do 1 hour workout?

  • My PPBS are in 120's. I workout at 10.30am daily. I hour dedicated and quite intense. Lost 9kgs in 3 months. And it's tougher as I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16,although I am quite relieved now. Only morning time schedule suits me as I have to take care of my 3yr old son.

  • Your PPBS is under controlled. If you think there is any concerns with the liver, check with your doctor for some tests and treatment. Even taking supplements, it's advisable to let him/her know. Keep it up with your exercise routine as this will benefit both diabetes and PCOS.

  • Hi Shailaja, I also am finding controlling fasting sugar a bit tricky... even my levels are between 110-120... guess I'll also try milk thistle as adv by Mr Shashikantiyengar ji.

  • Yes Vinny, I will do that too. Guess my liver needs some TLC too

  • may be you can consider patanjalee liv d 38...

    it has all liver supporting herbs... wiz kutki,kalmegh,and daruharidra...

    U may search more on net about all these herbs on net also and in this forum also....

    you may watch this video of Doctor Shailaja Kale talking about Daruharidra/berberis aristata/berberine

  • Eat methi seeds before going to bed it should help u

  • What's your HBA1C shailajaa?

  • It was 7.8 4 months ago, now it's 6.

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