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Dear Rajesh Singh Ji Methi seeds (fenugreek) are definitely very helpful in controlling ur sugar levels. You need to continue taking them regularly for good results. I have been taking them regularly and it has benefited me very much.


You have to take it life long. Please note sugar levels can be controlled and Methi seeds is a very good herbal supplement which helps in controlling it without any side effects. It also helps in many other ways so just continue it for ever. Also not that Diabetes is not curable but can be controlled. Also regulate your diet and do brisk walking for about 45 mins every day.If you can do pranayam it would also be very helpful. But please don't stop your allopathic medicines. I hope you are also taking medicines because ur sugar level is quite high.

qadry in reply to vkyashpr

methi contains lot of fibre which helps in non absorption of carbohydrates there is a saying "purchase hulba Arabic word for methi by exchanging with gold

Fah123 in reply to vkyashpr

Sir, are you taking fenugreek seeds water with allopathic medicine on empty stomach early morning? If we take allopathic medicine along with fenugreek water is it OK? Please advise. Thanks...


I do not think it is prudent to depend only on methi seeds to bring down the sugar levels which are quite high.I would strongly recommend that you consult a diabetologist.No harm in taking methi seeds but I think your need is urgent.

I am taking methi seeds from 6months my sugar normal level ie

pp140 & fasting you can also try this.

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Rajrama in reply to bbgodse

Hi. Pls tell how you consume methi.

bbgodse in reply to Rajrama

Dear Rajram, Socked methi seeds for night and filtered from water and eat early morning empty stomach.Pl.try.


sanbhar in reply to bbgodse

Raw Methi powder Soaked in water a day before will do?

balak89 in reply to bbgodse

What is dosage of fenugreek you are eating? Like 30Gms/Day or 50Gms/Day?

If Methi seeds were curing sugar levels so high as yours , then a 100 billion dollar (600,000 crore rupees) diabetes medicine industry worldwide would have collapsed much before you started your treatment. Don't get guided by such foolish ideas that 10 or 20 grams of methi seeds would cure your diabetes. Consult a better doctor and not your corner side quacks or your neighbour's wife who swear that her dead Nana was taking methi seed and got cured of diabetes but lost his life. Exactly, that is the is point & he is gone. Spend some money and take good advice from good doctor and some medicines. It is your life afterall & not your neighbour's wife's relatives!!!!

diabetes is a life style modification disease it is un curable it can be controlled, irespect Ayurveda, unani,siddha .yoga but no body got any cure even our political baba Ramdev who used tell he can live without meals for amonth or two could not resist for aweek telling is some thing doing is different

I first must acknowledge that your term that diabetes is incurable is correct & unfortunately I often use cure and control interchangeably, which is not right. If people like Ramdev were controlling diseases through his Patanjali concoction which, he churns out with a fraud Nepali, claims to cure all diseases, then year after year he would have got all the prizes globally, including Nobel. The canard and wrong propagation, in the name of herbal/ ayurveda that is propagated in this country today is extremely damaging. The nature helps everything but let us also remember that nature also has a balance that needs to be fulfilled. I pity the followers of such type Babas/ Bapus who assumes self styled Godmen proportion with panacea for all ills. They are just thugging the gullible semi literate masses, who do not access better information and education.

After trying all the garbage on the internet to help with my diabetes type two I am willing to give anything a try to help with my problem!!! Some of you sound like doctors promoting pharmaceuticals which haven't helped me either! I take Metformin daily three time s a day and my fasting currently is 175. Just to come out and call someone a fraud is unacceptable without any facts and if this guy and others say their fasting is around 100 it is definitely worth a try!! Beats a health shake three times a day!!!

Hidden in reply to makeamericagreat

Stop taking breakfast and start running/cycling/swimming for at least 45mins.

meenaraju in reply to Hidden

Prof Tim Noakes ran 72+ Marathons in his life.

Yet he turned diabetic. You can never outrun a bad diet.

Hidden in reply to meenaraju

and what about other 99.99% athletes who are still far from the diseases? one should always look at the positive side.

Do you mean one should take good diet and then sleep the entire day? and even if someone is taking good diet who knows he will not fall to any disease. diabetes is just one disease, there are many more awaiting for you. cancer,aids,tb,malaria, cholera these are just few examples.and there is no singal definition of a good diet. it changes according to people, communities and nations. even if there is a consensus the problem is that we are humans not machines. so somtimes we cannot resist our feelings and therefore we eat what we like. exercise comes to your help at this point. and it keeps you fit not only physically but also mentally. Man is mortal and what we can do is extend our life by delaying the diseases by incorporating exercise, good diet, enough sleep, tension free, joyful and peaceful mind, stress free body and many other things.

Talking about Tim Noakes if he had not been exercising, he would have been diabetic ten years earlier. Your point is true but the example is not good. eating healthy is essential but the importance of exercise cannot be negotiated.

meenaraju in reply to Hidden

Type 2 diabetes is not a disease that is caused by lack of exercise. The underlying problem is excessive dietary glucose and fructose causing hyperinsulinemia, not lack of exercise.

So your premise is wrong. Diabetes is not a disease that's caused by a lack of exercise. That Fits very well when we look at Prof Tim Noakes too. Want another example? Study few blogs of Dr Peter Attia, a marathon swimmer across channels and an avid experimenter with lot of data to talk about.

Join twitter and follow few leaders on insulin vs disease & carbs vs insulin

You do not have to look elsewhere to realize that eat less exercise more s a failure. Here's one case:

As soon as he switched to LCHF, he achieved what he could not achieve in decades. He even posted a progress chart elsewhere. If you want to see that chart let me know over PM. have witnessed 100's of cases like this. Some on insulin and most on oral drugs where no amount of walk and drugs could cover the bad diet. Yours is just 1,5 year old diabetes history. Let's see how long this holds 5 years down the line. Take my word, it will fail if diet is high carbs. I have watched cases since Feb 2013 here and have been watching cases elsewhere too how even a horrible case improves without running for 45 minutes a day just by changing diet. Someone just went off medicines worth Rs 3000/month and he posted his testimonial elsewhere :)

Hidden in reply to meenaraju

exercise is failure? don't say like this or the people will laugh at you😂

wake up early in the morning someday, pull aside the curtains of your window and look how many peoples are running/jogging- do you think they all are mad?

few handful of examples cannot prove this wrong. we don't know what had happened in their personal lives.

I can show you 100s of real examples of my friends,colleague, neighbours, relatives and the persons whom I know who are doing regular exercise and are not diabetic.

all knows the causes of diabetes. doing exercise increases body's metabolic rate not only for the period of exercise but also for the whole day and the next day. so increasing demand for energy and the improved insulin sensitivity. brain gets effective blood supply for 48hrs , your body gets detoxified and rejuvenated, blood gets purified , mind gets freshen and besides these there are hundreds of other benefits.

it's true that a diabetic should restrict the carbs but that's not true for nondiabetics if they are coming from pure natural sources.

if carbs are responsible for diabetes then why all people don't have diabetes?

if the blame has to be given then it should be given to the processed foods, artificial sugar,cold drinks, alcohols , drugs,contaminated/adulterated foods and others not to natural foods.

There are several other factors who are responsible for the elevated blood sugar levels. Nowdays Mental stress, tension , sedentary lifestyle are the main concerns of developing a disease. so whether you taking lchf or other if you are continuously under mental pressure you are going to prone to disease is sure whether it is diabetes or some other.

I'm diabetic because my life was stressful and sedentary for more than two years. My parents, brothers and sisters are not diabetic because they all are active ,they don't take tension , eat from natural sources and are enjoying their lives. That's the key of good health.

meenaraju in reply to Hidden

Yes people ignorant of studies will surely laugh at me. I am not bothered about such laughs. They can laugh as much as they want and I don't even get upset when people start making personal comments like you have been doing.

People like me have always had the last laugh. :)

Concerned in reply to Hidden

The truth is somewhere between the two. A small amount of exercise is beneficial to improve strength and stamina, though we shouldn't overdo it; we only have a limited recovery capacity.

Beyond that is a step in the wrong direction. Attempting to undo what your diet bestows by exercising means you need to change what you eat. We should exercise to live, not live to exercise. We have energy reserves to fuel our activity, not exercise to drain our energy reserves.

cureAdministrator in reply to Concerned

Very true Concerned

cureAdministrator in reply to cure

Exercise helps to develop more muscles.... More muscles means more capacity to absorb glucose. Exercise also regulates expression of Glut 4

meenaraju in reply to cure

Not really and not always. Depends on which muscle type one is hitting.

Dr Ted Naiman explains why:

Hidden in reply to Concerned

You can do aerobics every day. If you're doing strength training focus on different muscle groups on alternate days like do leg exercises one day and biceps, triceps, chest and back exercises on the next day.

or you can combine both by doing aerobics one day and strength training another day.

Concerned in reply to Hidden

Largely that's right, however if aerobics are sufficient to stimulate a training effect recovery wil take longer than a full day.

A realisation that popping pills and drinking elixirs doesn't tackle the underlying issue. Where is all this blood glucose coming from? Change what you eat

pradhan in reply to qadry

some 9 yrs ago i stayed without food for 3 months then with a break of 2 days, again for 3 months. Recently stayed on 2 cups of tea only for 13 days (then i was forced to have food). Never had any problem. Infact feel more energetic without food !

Must have been fat as hell to live off the glucose in your fat cells for so long and finally down to a normal weight and feeling great!!!!

Bpdhakal in reply to qadry

How about my condition my sugar level in 104 fasting n 130 pp

yes I agree with you. Methi can do support but not at this stage of sugar level


Absolutely. At that level of sugar only succor that it can probably provide is to have a better bowel movement as methi indeed has a lot of dietary fibre.

rajeshsingh15 in reply to ranga

By taking methi seeds my fast sugar is now 147 and post sugar 160 which have reduced from fast 164 and post sugar 270. Wonderful results by taking methi seeds. pls note i have nottaken any english medicine

ranga in reply to rajeshsingh15

sir, you have faith in it. We talk of science based on datd,please continue and see the results May God be with you


Please get your HB1AC checked. Based on the feedback that you are providing, I suspect based on standard extrapolation formulas, your HB1AC could be easily above 11 & Average Blood Glucose above 230. After doing that check please check with a renowned doctor, preferably an endocrinologist in a good clinic or hospital, it may cost you about 2,000 for all these but surely is worth spending. The choice is yours to embrace better solutions or follow advises that are pedestrian and from people who are not doctors but patients themselves sharing their experiences but not solutions.

Rajeev Pandey, a professional reply that was. Nice. I was tested for fasting level 290 and post 485. After that on and off medicines. Presently 210 and 285 about. Do you think fenugreek seeds 20g be of any help ? Also advice : raw turmeric with amla juice is helpful ?

Anoq95 in reply to rajeshsingh15

How much methi seeds, 1tsp? Soaked in water? Can u please clarify

dilipdksingh in reply to ranga

Yes it is correct that methi seeds help - but only up till certain extent

pradhan in reply to dilipdksingh

dilipdksingh, and what is the extent please ???

Agree with you by 100%.

If your sugar level is under control it can be called as cure.

Do take your sugar as motivation.

What ever you say is valid point. But i still hearing many peoples that using of fenugreek controls their Blood sugar level to a extent.

Mr. Rajeev,

I think you don't have worry to about how the 100 billion dollar pharmaceutical industries are earning their money. Believe me their are easier process to get rid of all these health problem. Mehti seeds or Fenugreek are very useful for blood sugar. You will get results within 7 to 10 days if you take it properly. But it is the alternative wayout. You definiteldayz7 y have to take the medicines too. But once your sugar are down can continue with methi regularly for 6 months and have to check blood sugar level every 7 days.

I would request you rather giving you worthless opinion, you may try it first and please don't criticized.

One more advice to all, take apple cider vinegar along with methi seeds. Its very good.

Thnx n rgds



r you taking gluconorm sr 500mgonce daily you take 1000mg after break fast 500 mg after lunch,and after dinner

Let him first have a full diabetes profiling, including HB1AC & ABC. PP & Fasting levels are false markers & no doctor, who is a reputed endocrinologist, would only rely upon. How can you recommend such medicine, unless you are his doctor.

pradhan in reply to qadry

qadry ji, i always believed that gluconorm was to be taken BEFORE meals (atleast 20 minutes) and NOT after. Please advice here ...

Please consult a Doctor he will priscrbe tabs and insulin for you . With this reading it is not advisable to remain with mehtiseeds alone


kadavul in reply to ranga

methi seeds are really good since it is natural one will not form side effects but certainly blood sugar levels controlled my personal experience....for me fasting80-95 and after food 137-157 now I continue glynase 5mg twice daily.....but should not stop allopathy medicines

my post sugar is now 161 after taking methi seeds for just two days only. Before taking methi seeds my fast sugar was 167 and post sugar was 270. Today fast sugar 147 & post sugar 160 only. Thanks to methi seeds.Wonderful results without taking any tablets. God bless Methi seeds!!!

Alongwith methi seeds u have to continue with allopathic medicines too and consult doctor it can be taken in veg and dal preparation alsp.

Anoq95 in reply to rajeshsingh15

Please tell me how to take those

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bibiaamina in reply to Hidden

Hi my name is Zarina I like your article. My sugar is high wht good diet should I follow. I am from South Africa. How do I keep in contact with you. Thank you so much

pradhan in reply to bibiaamina

bibiaamina urf zarina, may i write (with your kind permission please), light healthy workouts on daily basis are a must. these will reduce the need of medicine by your system. fenugreek seeds are surely helpful. avoid : sugar, honey, carrots, potato (some extent - use with curry if you must), reduce salt intake (alternate with rock salt) { more if you may so wish

methi contains fibre it works as a barrier in absorbing carbohydraes and can heip in diabetics take one spoon befoer break fast

vipulji the advice you have given is very nice can it be followed by heart failure patients, as my mom as bp, diabetes and heart failure and pls can you also tell what is five types of MAGA.

pradhan in reply to meena27

hi meena27, magaj is dried kharbooja seeds. almost all advice of vipul are tops - except with the tomato intake. That too should be reduced as tomatoes are not preferred by liver and our liver is the main character to control health through diet. Try Prabhakar Vati (1 tab daily morning evening) for over a year - then ask me if there is any heart ailment ??? Its that good. Also arjun tea is excellent - any doctor will support. Doesnt interfere with allopathic. ALSO must 3 teaspoons of cow (only) desi ghee per week. Try these + pranayam and light workout daily. (extended angrai - if you understand - does miracles). Best of health is right ahead. Take care

Dear friends I am taking methi seeds early morning from last four years. There is no visible satification to me.iam also taking glicomet gp1 two time . I am checking my sugar every week. Test result is very 125 to 205 mg/dl.(pp) .so please do not believe100% on methi.

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bibiaamina in reply to Hidden

Hi AntonittWhere can I find the lchf diet?

pradhan in reply to Hidden

Hi anup, what is LCHF diet ? please enlighten. Many will benefit from a detailed reply

gaurdas06 in reply to bbgodse

Actually you didn't mention you life style yet. Even neither allopathy not homeopathy nor ayruvedic will ever cure your problem or reduce your sugar level if you don't control your dietary chart or life. Its all depend on how you follow the life.

In June 2015 - My blood sugar PP 581, and Fasting was 201, H1 AC was 16.1, I rushed to the doctor immediately the only symptom I was having was too much of thirst, he started me on Metformin, glimipride and voglibose, within 5-6 days sugar levels dropped down and it came to fasting 101 and PP 198, after a month the blood sugar was normal, ie fasting 100 and pp 148- I monitor my fasting blood sugar every day and still continuing on 500 mg - 2 times daily, my fasting blood sugar stay in between 100- 135 everyday, I have tried several things and came to conclusion what works best in high blood sugar for me ---

1. Baba ramdev --- medicine don't work at all.

2. Metformin- does works but only in situation when your diet is very low carb diet

3. Glimipride- does works, and make your jittery and your muscles start cramping.

4. Voglibose--- just took it with the combination on other medicines, so it might have helped me at that time, doctor stopped glimipride and voglibose for me.

5. Exercise-- Waking on treadmill for 30 mins at the speed of 3miles/per hour, each time dropped my blood sugar approximately 20 points, so it works

6. Diet-- eating raw vegetable like spinach, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, broccoli, kale, and other green raw vegetable, and boiled eggs- dropped my blood sugar fasting 91 and PP 135 after 2 hours of eating. so I am continuing on this diet for last 3 months, that helps me a lot.

7. Methi seeds-- I works for me in dropping my fasting blood sugar by 10 points, no effect on PP blood sugar has been noted so far.I don't know the reason. So I don't rely much on methi seeds, it can be combined with diet and exercise but it cant be a cure for diabetes.

8. Other foods- Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Milk, and several other products I tried in my diet keep spiking up my blood sugar.

Where can I buy methi seeds

Please enlighten me too about methi seeds. I have fasting 290 and normal 485.

Only a Dr. Will tell you this won't work. Same doctors that put you one diabetes meds before testing you for Vitamin deficiencies. Did you know without the correct right level of Vitamin D and Iron in your blood that your pancreas will NOT release insulin or hormones needed to take care of glucose? I have taken my blood sugar down to more normal levels with fenugreek 1/2 teaspoon dry after each meal. But You must eat better. Mostly veggies and protein tiny carbs. You must walk or run 10 or 15 min after each meal. You must drink 8 to 10oz of WATER before each meal. Add cinnamon and turmeric to your daily salad. I reduced my "diabetes" to normal numbers within ONE month no traditional MEDs. Msg me.

HI Rajesh,

I had almost the same count as yours. FF: 171 and FBS: 220

I started having methi first thing in the morning for about 2 weeks (along with 1 hour walking and 5 set of surya namaskar, pran mudra and apana mudra for 30 minutes each.).

Now when I checked yesterday, my levels are FF: 79 and FBS: 97 which is very much low.

The point is, methi work like miracle.

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