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How do vegetarian Gujarati's adjust for LCFH?


I am 57 and have Type 2 since 2001.

Fasting Blood Sugar is between 5-6.2 and last HBA1c 6.7

Weight 69kgm Height 1.57m BM1 28 - Need to Lose 9kg!

I am Type 2 Diabetic and am looking at testing LCFH. I am vegetarian - Do not eat Eggs, Fish Chicken or Meat. I do eat Cheese and drink Whole Milk.

I would like some help as my diet has been mainly Chapatis, White Rice Dal and vegetable curries - Potatoes, Gobi, Mutter, Aubergines and other indian vegetables like karela, Turia Bhindi etc I also eat various lettuces and salads with plenty of tomatoes carrots

I also eat Chick Peas Mung , Chana Dal etc

I also eat steamed vegetables like Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Green Beans dressed with Apple cider vinegar Lemon Juice , Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper

How does making curry in Sunflower Oil affect Blood sugar ? Are alternatives better ?

What about fried foods like Samosas, Bateta Wada , Bhajias and Khaman Dhokla?

Do I have to cut out Roti Paratha and Thepla completely?

I eat Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil nuts and Pista and sunflower seeds , Flax Seeds and Chia seeds

I want to really try LCHF Diet but do not know where to start and need some help

I drink 3 cups of Chai daily and eat fruits like Apple , Guava Pears , Strawberries , Pineapple Avocado and occasionally Bananas Mangoes and Water Melon

I want to come of medicines - Metformin 2x850mg Daily I also have High Blood Pressure controlled by medication - between 80-95/ 125/150

I do not drink or smoke

Please help with any comments regarding Low Carb and High Fat vegetarian foods and best way to lose weight - I do some walking but do not go to a GYM



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VegB12 in reply to Hidden


Thank you very much - I will have a look!

Its very tough being a Gujarati Vegetarian used to eating Roti, Shak, Dal Bhaat and Papad everyday as staple diet then looking for LCHF foods

Are there any Low Carb Vegetables/ Fruits that you know of ?

Any ideas you may have tried will really help


Dear Vegb12,

I am also a gujjubhai.

I used to do medical checkup every six month.

Last March I got detaction of diabetese. My fasting sugar was 256 and gluco tollarance was 380.

I consultant doctor who advised to start with glucophase thrice a day.

The problem of all this medicine is side effect.

my b.p. was on an average 150/90.

Doctor asked to start with BP medicine also.

Meanwhile I got contact of an ayurvedic doctor.

He went through the report and assurd me that this is curable.

They gave me a powder named Madhumardan.

Asked to take thrice in a day. No side effect.

Today I am taking the same powder once in a day.

once or twice in a week eating all the restricted food.

So please try Ayurved......really good and without any side effect

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VegB12 in reply to ojas


Thank you for the response.

What is the Madhumarden Powder and where is it available? I have tried various offerings by Swamiji Ramdev - but have not worked for me.

Willing to try anything that works - thats the major benefit of forums like this - there is more information on this forum about Meds and Diets for Diabetics and its a great source.


ojas in reply to VegB12

It is an ayurvedic powder making from various herbs......Jain Pharma are the manufacturer.....I got it from D G Ayurvedic , Andheri West , Mumbai..Good Luck

Pl. inform which Company is manufacturing this powder so that we can try it out. 099245 76998

ojas in reply to himatbhai G Ayurvedic.....Andheri west Mumbai.......Jain Pharma is manufacturer of this powder......I got online from D G Ayurvedic.

himatbhai in reply to ojas


Is it Madhu-Mardan? or Mahumehar. I visited the web site but did not fiund this name. Pl. see the name and make it sure. I have sent e-mail to

himatbhai in reply to himatbhai

It is Madhuharit as per Dr. Jain's Ayurvedic Mfg. Co. Pl. clarify about the name on 09924576998

According to Jain theory there are lots of restrictions on foods (No roots, no sprouts, no dry fruits after Holi, no cabbage & no dhania after Holi) so it is not possible for me to follow LCHF diet. So what to do ???????

You can also make sprouts of moong full masoor and moth

As well boil black Chana or kabuli Chana make salads

These are most healthy no fat no carbs may add onions and or greens carrot cucumber

Any thing made out of chick pea powder is good ( besan ) use less oil

Eat less quantity but eat every two hours salads and fruit dry fruit peanut to add in between meals all main meals to reduce quantity 30 to 50 % you will loose 2kg a month

All salads are carb free including sprouts and boiled Chana


VegB12 in reply to Chaman-3501


Thank you very much for your comments - I love the peanut snacks - I just checked how low it is in carbs - Its on my shopping list

My Mother always recommended boiled Kala Chana and its favorite of mine

Many Thanks

Veg B12

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