Dear Friends,

Today I got lab result after 3 months of LCHF. Please refer my earlier post original details.

Results are as under. 3 Months back values are in bracket.

HBA1C = 6.9 ( 11.2)


TRIGLYCERIDE = 112 ( 211)

HDL= 43 (40)

LDL= 134 ( 153)

MICROALBUMIN= 2.3 ( 55).

It is obvious that I am very happy with most of indicators moving in right direction. I followed 95% time LC diet but had 5% time deviating on some special occasions.

Everyday 45 minutes to 1.5 hr of walk + exercise must have helped a lot as well.

However i did not loose much weight. Just 2 kgs in 3 months. Can someone guide me on why this happened ? Many people seem to loose good weight on LCHF. My thyroid readings are also fine. TSH = 3.86 and Free T4= 1.33

Before i conclude this email, many thanks to some excellent contribution from senior bloggers.

I will share some of experience on what i followed and what were the challenges in next few days.

LCHF Zindabad.....


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34 Replies

  • congrats...

  • If you are not loosing weight then some calorie intake reduction is needed. T3 values are more important. It is active form of T4. Also monitor KFT and LFT.

  • HI Shri,

    I was not aware of T3, but will ask for this check next time. With given TSH and T4, can it be estimated or it is totally different thing?

    what exactly to be measured in KFT and LFT? Doctor mentioned that Liver and kidney functioning well.

    I never measured my calorie intake but i doubt that it is too high.

  • Pleas check your height and wt and BMI It must be within 23 is normalwt If your BMI ishigh u must reduce the wt

    Simple procedure to reduce the wt . U must less eat whatever u eat now. for starving purposes u may add vegitables more and use some peanut and Butter also follow it for 20 days strictly u may if u not satisfied contact dieticians . Thanks

  • Starving will lead to some other consequences.

  • Noqustion of starving. Whatever u consumed u may gradually reduced the quantity for as usual tofillup your stomach u mayconsume begitable sabji or if possibleraw vegitables and cucucmber if u used it isgood items like Tomateo cucumber and watermeloncontains heavymoisture andvery very low calories and if consume something it fiilup stomach immediately first we can consume tomateo and cucumber after wards if we consume other items . Thanks

    If any possible for wt reduction please share . Thanks

  • Sometimes T3 is low even if TSH and T4 values are normal. (poor conversion of T4 toT3).

    KFT - Kidney Function Test, LFT - Liver Function Test.

    Reduce calories slowly in such a way that it will not impact much on energy levels.

  • great news.

  • Atma U may not share your dialy diet and medcines . Iam several discussions UR saysthat it is posted in other blogs . Please share here for this blog memberswere seen itmay help to this members. donot thinkotherwise as uarealso vegitarians Iam interested your diet plan please share Thanks

  • great news.

  • Wonderful improvements, especially triglycerides ! You need to reduce it further .I am sure with continued LCHF diet you will be able to reduce it further as carb is responsible for elevated triglycerides .

  • Sharisamarth has given you very correct advice. Hoewever, you can compute the calorie dimension without the Thyroid test. Computational sites on the net are quite comprehensive (7000 calorie deficit from sum of calories required for weight maintenance should give you one kilogram weight reduction) Cheers

  • Congrats keep it up

  • Congrats keep it up

  • Will you please let me know your Diet for 4/5 days continuously?

    I also want to start this programme. Only thing you are (or anybody else) requested to write in Item Wise manner.I am confused about LCHF word,

    which items to be taken in morning ,noon and evening etc.


  • is a LCHF (Low carbohydrate High Fat) special site. It will give you all help necessary for LCHF beginner . Good luck.

  • Good job

  • fantastic!! Keep it up!!

  • i am diabetic 17 years last 10 years iam using insulin 70/30 two times last 10 month my bs have un controlled then me increase my insulin flexapen rapid 20 unit 3 times and lantus 1 time . i heard lchf iam following this way it is wonderfull my sugar now 150-100 my bp nomal and cholestrol without medicine now iam happy


  • It will be very useful if you could enlighten us what consisted your LCHF diet. How did you manage hunger pangs?

  • Dear Friends,

    Thanks for some encouraging words. I am still far from my targets but commitment to LCHF is even more strengthened.

    Here is my answer to some of the questions asked, even though better quality information can be found in previous blogs.

    LC HF = low Carb High Fat diet.

    First of all what is not allowed to eat = Sugar, Rice, wheat , corn, Ragi, besan, all cereals, Potato and some high sugar fruits like Mango and Banana. All food marketed as low fat or high carb

    What is encouraged to eat = vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, butter, coconut oil ,sprouts, dals , cheese.

    What i have been eating for last 3 month ( typically).

    BreakFast = 3 eggs scrambled eggs ( Bhurji) with onion and tomato.

    10 am = one apple

    12.30 Lunch = Cooked sprout + SALAD ( Cucumber ++++)

    4.0 pm = One fruit

    6.30= Tea with pea nuts + almond as a snack

    8.30= cooked subji or dal with salad ( subji can be veg or non veg)

    through out the day 5 to 6 cups of tea ( with milk but no sugar) + green tea many times a day.

    45 minutes to walk and/or exercise. I obsereved that cardio or resistance exercise helps more than just walk.

    Listening music while walk keeps me calm ( less stress). Invest in good quality headphone + MP3 or smart phone.

    As mentioned earlier one meal every week i allowed myseld to eat roti or rice or noodle.

    By gluco meter and keep measuring as many time as possible and keep logging events and reading. Make note of what worked for u and what did not.

    I hope I have added some value to this forum.

  • share your medcines

  • please refer my first post

  • excellent performance., keep it up...

  • Add 8 capsules of fish oil rich in Omega 3 . 4 during lunch and 4 after dinner. See improvement in your thyroid function.

  • Thanks

  • Congrats Dear

    Can u forward me the menu you are following under LCHF

  • I have mentioned that in the beginning of my post

  • your lipid profile is not bettered

  • figures in ( ) are 3 months old. There is big improvement.

  • Have you gone forApoliprotein-A 1,AND Apoliprotien -B,Test,What are their ratio ?

  • not this time. my insurance company did not approve. May be next time.

  • No. I did not go for that test

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