Prostate problem

I am suffering from prostate problem since last 2 years initially i have taken Homeopath

treatment and got some relief but when again there was burning and itching while passing urine i consulted my city' s top urologist and he suggested for surgery for which

i was not ready because i heard from my colleges that urologists always suggest for surgery and there is no surety as it developes again after some time. However he prescribed to take DYNOPRAS-0.4 daily before going to bed in night which i am taking daily.Although there is some relief but some times there is again burning in the urine.Once in one of the column on this site i viewed that this can be cured without surgery but i could not note down the details there in so i request if any one have such details please share the same . i am 68 years old and diabetic but the sugar remains under control.

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  • from my experience i can say that narayani prostate mix gives good result

  • please provide further details for Narayani prostate mix what is this and where it iwill be available as i heard first time about this from you

  • it is available with soham foundation vadodara india 0265 2313619/2352646

  • I am 62 and have had frequent urge to urinate issue which became manageable after I took on to consuming Flaxseed (Linseed). It also saw end to my 25+ year issue of Psoriasis.

  • Indiacratus: I took it for joint stiffness (keeping arteries open). Cure of Psoriasis was bonus. [I was unaware and quite forgot I had psoriasis for 25 years till someone mentioned Flax Seed as treatment/ cure. I only took the powdered seed by mouth in soup, warm water etc.]

  • After going through your details I feel that your sugar levels are not under control throught 24 hrs.This is the reason for burning and itching in prepuse and frequent urination complaints.I am a diabetic patient for the past 25 yrs and I am controlling sugar levels well as I am a practitioner in Homeopathy. But many are misleading patients on this forum and not recognising the efficacy of Homeo remedies .If U are genuinely interested in your health please follow Homeo treatment along with Allopathic medicines without any hesitation .Pl. change the Homeo doctor if you are not getting desired results/reliefs in your sufferings .I have cleared many sufferings of my patients who could not get relief from other systems of medicine.I am not running any clinic as I am not interested in earning . Pl. let me know if U are taking any Homeo medicines now , so that I can suggest some hintss for better living.

  • DHRAO: Is it true that homeopathic medicines of renowned 1st world country manufacture, in case of mother tincture; may not have a single particle in a bottle? [Local manufacturers may use dangerous chemicals] So, how come cure happens?

  • I am not taking Homeopathy treatment but only Allopathy Earlier when i was under Homepathy treatment the medicines were Germany made as these were purchased from one of the famous shop of my city.

  • Thanks RSP 1945.

  • no biopsy and no urinary retention of urine .The burning and itching is not always and the rate of growth is not more.while first test the Doctor told that it can be cured by medicines.

  • In one of the Malayalam Health magazines there was an article where it was reported that persons experienced remission from their symptoms of enlarged prostate as well as low grade cancer by daily taking pumpkin seeds. One person bought it from North India as his daughter worked in a hospital in Chandigarh. Another got a local vegetable shop to remove seeds from pumpkins which they sold in pieces to give to him. Following this, both my husband and his brother had relief from symptoms by eating pumpkin seeds daily. It is sold as snacks ( Tongs Garden) or loose in dry fruit shops.

    No harm in trying it along with whatever you are using now. It takes about 2-3 months for relief. My husband has no symptoms now and he is continuing use as a snack. He is 65.

  • prostate problem wont respond to homeopathy.

    try himplasia (himalaya drug) tablet twice a day

  • With the greatest of respect, please do not waste your time and money on Homeopathy. There is no science supporting its efficacy, and the idea of diluting unproven chemicals millions of times until there may be none of the original chemical remaining is flawed. There is no proof that water can "remember" what was in it!

    You may need to see your GP again, and explain your symptoms and what treatment you have been having. If you're not happy with your GP's answer, request to see another GP. Good luck rsp1945. Bob

  • Mr bob1957, You seem to be not aware of how homeopathy works or the total human body which consists of the physical body plus the energy body (not visible) which has been photo graphed using Kirlion photography scientifically. If the energy body is corrected the physcial body recovers. I have seen the aura photo of a patient as shown by a doctor (paediatrician). The homeo medicines develop energy due to shaking in the process of successive dilution.Atomic level energy is released and the aura (or energy) of the medicine changes.I have seen colour photos of homeo medicines taken in Kirlion photography. It changes with potency. When homeo medicine is put on tongue its vibration or aura or energy interacts with energy body of the person and this in turn changes the physical body. Please note every thing in this universe vibrates at a given frequency.

  • Sorry Mr Santharam, what you've just written shows you know little about biology and physics.

    There are NO peer-reviewed medical reports showing Homepathy works, apart from the usual placebo effect.

    In the UK, doctors and scientists realise this, and funding is being withdrawn for NHS Homeopathy because experts realise it's just a waste of money.

    "The homeo medicines develop energy due to shaking in the process of successive dilution."

    This is obviously untrue! Please quote the scientific papers that prove this!

    "When homeo medicine is put on tongue its vibration or aura or energy interacts with energy body of the person and this in turn changes the physical body."

    You cannot prove this because it makes no sense.

    "Kirlion photography" makes nice photographs, but there is no proof that they are of any medical value.

    Mr Santharam, before posting pro-Homeopathy messages please get your evidence. There are some desperate people in this group seeking genuine help for their medical problems.

    Homeopathy wastes time and money - don't use it!

  • The proof of homeopathy is that it worked even for people who do not believe in it. You can read Dr.SC Madan's book on" Homeopathy cures when allopathy fails" He is MBBS, FRCS and ENT who has practised in US and UK for over 20 years. Allopathy is good for emergency and for diagnostic tools. But the side effect of allopathic drugs are worse than the disease. Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines are body friendly. For many diseases there is no cure in allopathy. For example, asthma, arthritis, diabetes and many more. Only symptomatic or palliative drugs are given and they do not cure the disease. Symptomatic treatment can not be called scientific. Scientific treatment should go to the root cause of the disease and cure it. In the name of pseudoscience Pharmaceutical industry is thriving and it depends on the ignorance of people.

    Even Ayurveda which has a strong foundation talks about the invisible forces of vata,pitta and kapha controlling body functions. At the moment allopathy has no tools to understand the the body , mind and spirit combination which leads to good health.

    My father was an allopathic doctor and in young age I used to take tablet for cold which suppress the nasal discharge but led to chest congestion. Later I found out ayur medicines clear cold without leading to chest problems. Both Ayur and Homeo do not give instant relief, but boost the immunity of the system to fight the bacteria or virus. When allopathy doctors say no antibiotic will work for viral fever, I have successfully used homeopathy for myself.

    Body temperature rises in order to kill bacteria and virus. So if you take crocin or any antipyratic it acts on the hypothalamus and reduces the temperature there by hindering the natural defence mechanism. It is ok to take them when temperature goes above 104 to avoid further complications. I have personally experienced that the fever duration is cut short if we keep the symptomatic treatment to the minimum and take ayur or homeo medicines which boost immunity.

    All said and done, every system of medicine has its own limitations and there are many incurable patients due to the Karmic law. Wishing you best health.

  • It is the ego ,pride and prejudice which is not allowing the modern medicine to accept the efficacy of ayurveda and homeopathy .

  • No one will believe anything without data. call it ego, pride or whatever, if you cannot give data calling names will not be convincing enough nor will it help the cause.

  • So I asked for evidence from peer-reviewed scientific articles, and all you've provided is a reference to a book written by someone who makes his money out of duping sick people who are desperate for cures.

    Nice try Mr Santharam, but no cigar.

    Fortunately, most countries in the West now realise Homeopathy is a false science, and its use here is dwindling. I just hope the message gets through to countries in the developing world.


  • The book I referred is not written by "someone" for money. I expected you at least to give respect for his degree and experience. Science is yet to unravel many mysteries of nature. If science had not discovered planet Mars, it does not mean that planet does not exist. Many westerners are turning to yoga and Ayurveda. It has taken may years for people to realise the truth. May be so in your case. Best wishes.

  • If science is so great why it could not find a cure for diabetes . Ironically science is responsible for the epidemic spread of the same. Before branding Ayurveda , unani homeopathy , siddha , accupressure etc all as quackery let science give a cure . Till such time it also comes under the category of quackery and till such time it also is considered as opinion. .What is the use of voluminous reports and records in the absence of cure which gives relief to millions .There are certain limitations in each system and margin of error in all systems.

  • Your observation is right. They won't approve any other system even if it offers a cure for diabetic, because they don't want to loose the business. One of the career guidance expert in allopathic system openly wrote on how to make money being a diabetic controller? He tipped to administer all new costly medicines to earn more! This was reported by Times of India, a few months back.

  • All mycins are meant for others' sins. . If any really serious health problem crops up to them or their family , they turn towards alternative medicine since they know very well what those medicines do to them ..Where they do not have an answer they coolly hide them selves under an excuse '' autoimmune '' .we have to give the due credit where it is due . There have been beautiful cures for many diseases in alternative medicine . The rate of success should be measured on percentile basis and not percentage base .

  • Well said Swathy. Cure is the only proof needed whether scientific or not.

  • The proof of "CURE" is science based and not some n=1 devoid of all data OPINION or CLAIM. Too much of selective self contradictions among homeopaths is not something new. Homeopaths start discussing philosophy and occult when asked for data and then talk of CURE being a proof :)

    CURE (diabetes) is a sexy word to sell something DUBIOUS. Cure is not decided by Lopsided Opinions and Philosophy. It needs data to prove.

  • Then allopathy is not fit to be called science with so much of failure behind it according to this definition.All findings are in the begining opinions only.

  • I already told you, I won't reply to your OPINIONS unless u have some data. So don't waste your time on replying to me. Unless swathy and santharam is same person, not even sure why you are replying to me?

  • Thank you and bye to you .

  • swathy I think @anup will be the right person to talk about standard medical practice and advice to treat Diabetes…

    The suggestion like Poha,Upama, and marie biscuits is more harmful to a diabetic than Homeopathy medicines.

    I do not see homeopathy medicines logical….but yes seen results given by the same. No Doubt about effectiveness of Homeopathy in certain conditions.

  • That's why I think having separate forum for alternative medicine would be of great help to the proponents of the alternative medicine .Even if there is a separate forum for their diet , Diabetes India is attracting LCHF here. more than 60% fat is not less harmful than poha , upma etc in the long run .By the time the point gets materialised it would be too late .Any way I don't think alternative medicine deals with poha upma . All they advocate is a wholistic approach and attending to the root cause in finding a cure.

  • Meter and medical reports will tell you what is harmful for diabetics -- POHA or 60% FAT. Don't worry, 60% FAT will never be too late, however much one tries to wish. It worked, it works and will continue to work, despite all the scaremongering because DATA Speaks. I love talking with data and not just "philosophies". Why?

    Because Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev has following to say about "Philosophy"

    “Just about anybody can be a philosopher. A thief or a drunkard will have elaborate philosophies about what he does and why. In some way, one is trying to explain the absurdity of his own actions, which is a waste of time.”

    So, anyone trying to justify wrong actions without any data or science is also "philosophy" which is just a intellectual word for lop sided opinions.

  • ah ah...@anup ji as bob1957 was strongly advocating standard medical practice as most effective and beneficial... It has so much proven data and statistic...

    Similarly...high fat diet is worst diet as per ADA and AHA...guess they reached to this conclusion with enough data and research...

    Though I know your opinion..and your thoughts...wish you could enlighten once again the proponent of standard medical practice.

    I eat lots of fats..Butter and ghee enjoying it...and my blood reports are improving days by day...

    Isn't LCHF is also alternative therapy???

  • Nope. ADA is alternate therapy as that exists despite science against it, just like Homeopathy. So ADA and Homeopathy have a lot of common ground. :)

    LCHF is SCIENCE that hurts both ADA and Homeopathy. That's why both want diabetics to eat POHA :)

  • Hmmm ok..but swathy already agreed that Homeopathy doesn't advocate eating Poha...

    So you mean current medical practice..(read Allopathy) is alternative medicine??

  • Yes because they exist despite science and data against them. That's because of the big Pharma+Big Food+ Big Agri.

    It started here:

    Science DUMPED for MONEY.

  • as bob1957 said.....There are NO peer-reviewed medical reports showing Homepathy works, apart from the usual placebo effect.

    In the UK, doctors and scientists realise this, and funding is being withdrawn for NHS Homeopathy because experts realise it's just a waste of money.

    But still No one is realizing it is scam as they understood about Homeopathy...

    And still heavily funded...

    as you said...

    Yes because they exist despite science and data against them. That's because of the big Pharma+Big Food+ Big Agri.

    Do we have some space for doubt that studies against Homeopathy are also funded by same ppl???

  • Do we have some space for doubt that studies against Homeopathy are also funded by same ppl???

    Well, first let Homeopathy have some data to counter. So far only OPINIONS & Philosophies are there. Someone even went to the extent of relating Doctors Karma with impact of those sweet pills. That's not science. :)

  • There is lot of data thru which they prove that sulfonylurea is beneficial for Diabetic...

    even DPP4 blockers are helping them to leave and enjoy life...

    Is that sufficient to prove standard medical practice should be followed to treat Diabetes??

  • wonderful clips @anup ji

    What I gather out of those clips is is big mistake they made while interpreting data…and this implies that even scientific researchers can go wrong…

    Further based on inferences (vested interest) ..they stop funding.. and shut the voice…

    Is Homeopathy also same case???

  • Why not try HCLF diet and some extra potent syzygium jambolanum sweet pills with all the methi and karelas available and let us know how much blood glucose it dropped?

    If it doesn't then don't tell me that the Karma of the Homeopathy doctor was not right so the medicine did not work. I would love to talk based on data :)

    Homeopathy has been allowed free run for 150+ years and 9.9/10 homeopaths are 10 times more expensive than allopaths. They have all the OPINIONS for their Failures.

  • And, if syzygium jambolanum sweet pills from a doctor who has all the right Karma according to Homeopath works to bring down sugar from 200 to 120 even after 10 years, let me know. I am dead sure it won't work because I have tried that too in 2011 ;)

    Out here, there's a homeopath who doesn't even believe in checking blood sugars like we test and then claims that Homeopathy works. That's ridiculous.

  • One of my aunt is a homeopathic doctor and she cured many cases of various diseases with success . But she tells there is a margin of error up to 30% where she had some failures also . That happens with any doctor in any system of medicine .The ban on homeopathy in many western countries is a calculated propaganda by vested interests according to her . She has great respect forAyurveda which she tells is the mother of all systems of medicine.

  • HOMEOPATHY is not syzezium zambolinu alone. It is deep philosophy with so much of study behind that . Here philosophy means not philosophy of fake gurus .

  • Lopsided views ----- Juggy Vasudev's philosophy and 60% fat both . Heard much about double standards of Juggy Vasudev .GOOGLE search for him .

  • 3 million followers of him.

    How many do you have? One, two or three?

    Forget about LCHF. It cannot be understood by a spectator who has never provided any data to talk of. As I said, I started as ONE man here in Jan 2013. Now this movement is 1700+ strong among Indians that I know of. Speaks for itself. Critics couldn't even get one result better than what we achieve daily with rigorous testing.

    Diabetes UK forum alone has over 200,000 On LCHF. So, no point. Google search LCHF and diabetes. That would be more productive.

  • .Juggy has 3 million followers . That is the bane of this country wrong things and theories get all the propaganda .

  • Global ~65 locations. Get your facts (DATA) right please before responding. I know you don't like discussions based on data, but still it would do you good in such debates :)

  • I can't afford to waste my time on wrong causes .All the Asaram babas , , sasikala ammas ,Dheerendra brahmacharis , many more ave millions of followers .It does not prove any thing . Truth is eternal , permanent and imperishable .

  • Sadguru is so right. Now you change goal post when told about DATA to counter your OPINION about his followers. :)

    Wrong data, wrong facts and never ending Philosophy. Should not waste time debating without any facts also.

  • what is data ? numbers? Usually when somebody is desparate for a solution in case of health they would go for any thing . The socalled remedies many times in the form of potions , lotions , diets all have come like that only. At the starting point any thing starts as an opinion which after sometime gets data . The apathy towards ayurveda , homeopathy ,, unani , etc is all propaganda by the vested interests . A friend tells me Unani has many successes in their system for paralysis . skin diseases , diabetes etc. There is margin of error or failure up to 30% in any system . wHEN lchf was in trial period , it was a opinion of a diabetic to try that . It was not called then a science .Any way my earnest request to all the expecting mothers not to go milk in liters, fats in form of vco, wagons of vegetables , and fruits in the name of health as there is great possibility of the cells and tissues getting damaged with toxic , topical and internal poisons unless extra care is taken about the quality . Homeopathy , ayuropathy , dietopathy any pathy is not safe now a days .Athi sarvathra vargeath is the best policy .

  • Again you are not sticking to topic. Unless you come back with data, I don't think I can debate with your ever changing end points.

  • Sadguru JUGGI while preaching all mortals to save money and not to spend on luxurious meals in star hotels ,as a meal there gives food to 10 POOR people in any ordinary eatery , sends his daughter daily to a public school in helicopter to the near by city . Here the matter of juggy Vasudev is not brought up by me in out of context . It is only a clarification for an irrelevant comment

  • 85% of his work is in villages and FREE.

    Jethmalani charges the rich too heavy fees but fights few cases of poor free. Rob the rich and help the poor.

    You just talk without any facts, so wasting too much time which you said you don't want to waste. You never answer pointed questions with any data and just change goal posts. Remember Trumeric Vs Turmeric tree question on your factually wrong post? You veered into different direction when asked a pointed qstn there also.

    So, sorry I can't waste my time on these useless discussions, unless u have some data.

  • Here the question is about sending the daughter to the school in helicopter . He can as well admit her to a local school and send her in school bus .People with certain spiritual stature should practice what they preach. I have done enough hmoe work in this respect . OK ,Then again illogical comparison . Jethemalani is not a spiritual leader.

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