Prostate problem

I am suffering from prostate problem since last 2 years initially i have taken Homeopath

treatment and got some relief but when again there was burning and itching while passing urine i consulted my city' s top urologist and he suggested for surgery for which

i was not ready because i heard from my colleges that urologists always suggest for surgery and there is no surety as it developes again after some time. However he prescribed to take DYNOPRAS-0.4 daily before going to bed in night which i am taking daily.Although there is some relief but some times there is again burning in the urine.Once in one of the column on this site i viewed that this can be cured without surgery but i could not note down the details there in so i request if any one have such details please share the same . i am 68 years old and diabetic but the sugar remains under control.

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  • from my experience i can say that narayani prostate mix gives good result

  • please provide further details for Narayani prostate mix what is this and where it iwill be available as i heard first time about this from you

  • it is available with soham foundation vadodara india 0265 2313619/2352646

  • I am 62 and have had frequent urge to urinate issue which became manageable after I took on to consuming Flaxseed (Linseed). It also saw end to my 25+ year issue of Psoriasis.

  • Indiacratus: I took it for joint stiffness (keeping arteries open). Cure of Psoriasis was bonus. [I was unaware and quite forgot I had psoriasis for 25 years till someone mentioned Flax Seed as treatment/ cure. I only took the powdered seed by mouth in soup, warm water etc.]

  • After going through your details I feel that your sugar levels are not under control throught 24 hrs.This is the reason for burning and itching in prepuse and frequent urination complaints.I am a diabetic patient for the past 25 yrs and I am controlling sugar levels well as I am a practitioner in Homeopathy. But many are misleading patients on this forum and not recognising the efficacy of Homeo remedies .If U are genuinely interested in your health please follow Homeo treatment along with Allopathic medicines without any hesitation .Pl. change the Homeo doctor if you are not getting desired results/reliefs in your sufferings .I have cleared many sufferings of my patients who could not get relief from other systems of medicine.I am not running any clinic as I am not interested in earning . Pl. let me know if U are taking any Homeo medicines now , so that I can suggest some hintss for better living.

  • DHRAO: Is it true that homeopathic medicines of renowned 1st world country manufacture, in case of mother tincture; may not have a single particle in a bottle? [Local manufacturers may use dangerous chemicals] So, how come cure happens?

  • I am not taking Homeopathy treatment but only Allopathy Earlier when i was under Homepathy treatment the medicines were Germany made as these were purchased from one of the famous shop of my city.

  • Thanks RSP 1945.

  • no biopsy and no urinary retention of urine .The burning and itching is not always and the rate of growth is not more.while first test the Doctor told that it can be cured by medicines.

  • In one of the Malayalam Health magazines there was an article where it was reported that persons experienced remission from their symptoms of enlarged prostate as well as low grade cancer by daily taking pumpkin seeds. One person bought it from North India as his daughter worked in a hospital in Chandigarh. Another got a local vegetable shop to remove seeds from pumpkins which they sold in pieces to give to him. Following this, both my husband and his brother had relief from symptoms by eating pumpkin seeds daily. It is sold as snacks ( Tongs Garden) or loose in dry fruit shops.

    No harm in trying it along with whatever you are using now. It takes about 2-3 months for relief. My husband has no symptoms now and he is continuing use as a snack. He is 65.

  • prostate problem wont respond to homeopathy.

    try himplasia (himalaya drug) tablet twice a day

  • With the greatest of respect, please do not waste your time and money on Homeopathy. There is no science supporting its efficacy, and the idea of diluting unproven chemicals millions of times until there may be none of the original chemical remaining is flawed. There is no proof that water can "remember" what was in it!

    You may need to see your GP again, and explain your symptoms and what treatment you have been having. If you're not happy with your GP's answer, request to see another GP. Good luck rsp1945. Bob

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