Can Tinospora Cordifolia and Tinospora Tuberculata (Gudichhi in Sanskrit, Chitamrut in Malayalam) be an Ultimate future Cure for Diabetics?

One man Mr.Sudhakaran in Kannur Dist. Kerala state Got Reduced his 600+ Sugar to 60 just by consuming a herb Extract for one week. The scientific reports regarding this medicines are also available from There are different genus all over the world, S.Africa, China, Philipines, India etc. This is called Amrut (Chittamrut) .It is found to be an effective alternative medicine for type 2 diabetic patients. I have consumed it for more than one month now without much food controle. It reduced my sugar, acidity, Blockage, Dippression, Self Confidence and confidence in Giving to others free advice, how to collect this vine from their own compound etc.

I am not at all taking dianole (Allopathic) as I was eating infrequently for last few years. I used to stop and start the medicine, because of the future increase in dosage due to med.immunity in my body.

The Extract seems to be superfantastic, for me as well as few neighbours.One Lady after even infrequent usage go normal after just a week! One old lady after 10 days of drinking this Extract, got her colastrole normal, Her Doc. told her to discontinue with the med. for colastrole. I have observed that I got relief from the twinkling and burning of my body and limbs. There was lighning like feeling in parts of my body. Now nothing!!! Thanks God to this Panacea!

From the Scientific reports I could read:This Extract of Tinospora Cordifolia is

(1) Natural Immunizer,

2)Cure for Diabetics and Diabetic Nurosis

3)Cure for Caner

4)Water soluble fraction of Tinospora cordifolia leaves enhanced the non-specific immune mechanisms and disease resistance in Oreochromis mossambicus

5)Cure for Aids

6) It Repairs the Cells at intra Cellular level

7) It is cure for madness, Dippression and many mental disorders

Why don't any Pharma Companies do some further research upon this leeding points I have mentioned above, and treat this Herb as panacia for the diabetics?

Companies, other Medical Organisations could come forward to formulate a better and effective cure with this widely abundant herb (Amrut), or the contents of the herbs (chemicals) could be even made in the laboratery to avoid the extinction of this vine. Any way I have given this plant stem to many freely, also asked them to collect themseves from their compound!!!

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  • I've started taking HImalaya Drug Co.'s TC- its herbal, no side-effects,presume so, and whatever you've mentioned and whatever we've read online has prompted me to take 1 capsule each of TC after meals. I'm giving it a shot.

    Further, purchased 2 other Health Supplements today viz. GINKGO BILOBA -Herbal Supplement mfgd. by Nature's Bounty of the USA and second one is Dietary Supplement "KRILL OIL" - provides Omega-3 Fatty acids, good for the heart. Praying and giving it a shot!!!! latter cost Rs. 1,500 for 60 caps and former Rs. 750 for 60 tabs. any comments from one and all deeply appreciated,



  • apologies for the delay; my mailer id:

  • God bless you. Natural way Natural treatment will take you to natural recovery. Medicine without any side effect is the natural medicine.


  • Pl let know how to get this medicine in chennai



  • +966561154859 (

  • May please provide your contact details to be in touch and find more details.

  • if so then in canada or usa why the doctors are not using your medicine on patients. Why are they still researching if you already have a solution???????

  • I m male 55yrs Ramzan khan.diabetic and high BP.Both r controled with alopathy and ayurvedic medicine.But i feel very

    Hopeless .i want compelete cure.if u give complete cure ? Then pls and mobile.

    8806111555 .i live in boisar near virar mumbai thanks


    whoever needs it can mail me down for the requirements

    the cost just rs 1500 for 250 gms of herb in raw form.( more than 250 gms should not be ordered as it becomes dry after few days.


  • how much to take one times and how many times per day? pls advise usage instructions and how long the medicine takes to give effect.

  • TINOSPORA TUBERCULATA is being used for lowering down blood sugar at a miraculous level without anyside effect. it has lowered the level from 600+ to 60 in a person of kunnur,kerala


    cost will be 1500 for 250 gms ( more than 250 gms should not be ordered at a time as it may become dry

    requirements can be mailed to me on my email:


  • I have tried Tinospora Cordifolia powder on many diabetic people. I have been advising people with herbal medicine for last 10 years for diabetes only.. yes I agree , this herb helps in reducing blood gulcose level but This herb cannot be used by all diabetic people.

    some people immune system is different. According to my experience, if this herb doesn't suit diabetic person immune system then it triggers alpha cell in pancreas to release glucogon and in some people diabetic people , their liver start releasing more strong bile due to which loose motion is experienced &gall bladder is effected. so pls consult experts before trying anything and risking your organs.always take this herb in combination with 3-4 herbs.

  • I started to take ramdev tinospora pills from last 10 days it was going good reduced my sugar and sinus problem. But yesterday and today I feel heart burn and I notice fluctuation in my blood pressure, do you think it's due to giloy? Thanks

  • yes Tinospora reduces sugar level .No doubt about it. it also helps clearing toxins. But in long run it gives many negative effect .

    fluctuation in BP, slight headache with blur vision is also experienced, pain in feet , inflammation in chest, in few cases also rashes have been formed in chest and back.

    person has to take very proper dose as required by person immune system.

    Tinospora extract is also very good as mentioned by Mr. Ramchandran. I do agree with Mr Ramchandran on quality of powder. I have many proof with samples of tinospora powder which contains artificial color . yes as said by Mr. Ram chandran , if person has got any complication in liver related cirrosis then it has to be avoided. In such condition you can use herbs like Kalmeg, amla, neem powder. consult proper herbal expert who can study your immune system properly and according to your immune system can guide you herbal medicine for your diabetes.

  • Fresh Tinospora Extract is to be taken, not powder which may use preservatives, and coloring chemicals. Try Fresh Extract.

  • Thanks for price less advise.

  • Stop using T.Extract for days. And try again after weeks time. I am using it for many days. I feel good. If there is Liver Cirrosis, Or,Urinary track or Kidney infection this med. is to be avoided. Otherwise there is no side effect for this herb stem.

  • thanks guys, i'm going to stop taking it as it's been 3 days I have heart burn. t extract is not available here, i take two pills from ramdev's giloy. I'll see if my sinus stay clear otherwise will take again but not regularly. thanks

  • stopped taking giloy from past two days, heart burn is almost gone and blood pressure coming back to normal but still fluctuation in the three readings are quite a bit. like 112 to 136 and the lower 70 to 78.

  • Thank you all to give me Feed back regarding the TINOSPORA TUBERCULATA & T.CORDIFOLIA Extract treatment. I gave my feed back after using this without any type of side-effects. All my tension related problem solved.I gave many people the information regarding this super-herb. Only thing is you cannot sand this herb to foreign countries, without proper documents and certificates.



  • Which one is better? Cordifolia or tuberculata? What is the difference? No one seems to answer this. I bought the powder but now I understand the plant leaves or stem would be the most effective one. Just need to know which one I should buy ' cordifolia or tuberculata'? Please advise and thanks:)

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