urgent please

Dear Dr,

my mom is 70 years old and she is taking medicine for sugar, cholesterol and BP also apart from this she is taking {Gemcal , PREGEB M 75 and HOMO-16 N} but since 15 days before she said that night time cant sleep because her legs r burning like fire and today she is saying that now same problem started in day also. every time she is using cold water then she feels good for some time than again it feels her the burning sensation so please reply what to do

Thanks & Regards


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  • Apply DIAFOOT cream for burning feet.

  • OK dear thank u

  • Please check with your mother's doctor and call for an appointment for this coming week. Please let us know what you find out soon.

  • Already seen docter 10 days back he gave strong vitamins injection then only 3 days it was OK after that again started burning sensation

    Again we met docter & this time he said she is old & also diabetic may be something wrong in food that's it

  • Be careful if she has to walk on wet flooring. It could be slippery.

  • Thank u dear

  • Welcome to group- The problem is sever - need to see a doctor immediately -

    OR change doctor - see a specialist - Endocrinologist - who specializes in Diabetes care.

    Legs Burning -- This may be a Neuropathy - OR PAD - peripheral artery Disease - caused by too many - after meal sugar spikes - which cause nerve damage - need to confirm with doctor - he may refer to a neurologist. Also can do an ABI test for PAD.

    In USA - Lyrica ( medicine ) is available -but very expensive.

    Other option - better - get supplements --

    Vitamin B1 ( new - Benfotiamine -- ................... 300 mg

    Vitamin B6 ------- ................................................. 50 mg

    Vitamin B12 ---- ................................................... 250 mg

    ALA -- Alpha Lipoic Acid -- .................................. 300 mg

    You can get these from vitamin shoppe- / store

    Also- need to control after meal sugar spikes --monitor ..monitor

    take bs readings two hours after each meal .. also write down what you ate and how much... then estimate total carbs in each meal. next compare high readings with food - and carbs eliminate foods with high carbs.... eat no more than 100 grams carb er day...

    start LCHf diet immediately - that is low carb high fat diet.

    NEXT -- make sure to have eyes checked for Retinopathy and also get kidney checked.

    Cholesterol and BP -- This could be due to side effects of too many medicines or reaction with other medicine -

    How bad is cholesterol ? taking statins ?

    Out of control diabetes can also raise cholesterol and BP...

    To reduce cholesterol - try aged garlic capsule ( from vitamin shoppe) for 90 days and check again. Once cholesterol is under control --may help reduce BP.

    Make sure to see doctor-- regularly ...

    By the way-- you adderssed us as -- "" Dear Dr "" -- NO one here is medical doctor. You should NOT take any advice for medicine from here --only from your doctor.

    Good luck.

  • Thank u very much for all the information god bless u

  • You are to take medicines that doctors prescribe. Most importantly, let your food be your medicine not your medicine your food. Regulate diet. Fresh green vegetables are good. No fried foods, packed foods.

  • OK...

    Thank u dear

  • Gemcal Capsules contain a unique combination of Calcitriol, Calcium Carbonate and Zinc. ... Gemcal capsule is taken for calcium deficiency state which may occur in postmenopausal osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalacia (softening of the bones).

    Pregeb M Capsule is used for Low hemoglobin, Seizures, Anxiety disorder in adults, Nerve damage pain, Loss of sensation, Pain in extremities and other conditions. ... Pregeb M Capsule contains Mecobalamin, and Pregabalin as active ingredients.

    Homo 16N Capsule is used for Heart disease, Poor absorption of food, Adjuvant therapy for diabetes, Poor diet, Anemia, Nerve damage and other conditions. ... Homo 16N Capsule contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin, and Pyridoxine as active ingredients.

    Stop the medicine Pregeb M capsule and consult your doctor.




  • Thank u dear for ur information.

  • It may be due to diabetic neuropathy.Mr gangadhar Nair has suggested right thing.methycobalamine,alpha lipoic acid along with multivitamins are good .Diavit soft sul capsule is good to be taken after dinner.But basic is carb reduction.Go to a doctor.follow germinated moong in the empty stomach.Green vegetables are good.carb counting is a must.May Almighty recover you soon.Thanks.

  • Thank u sir

  • Sorry dear we r in Mumbai... Thank u

  • It's vitamin b12 deficiency Take methycobal 500mcg don't worry about the medicines it's safe buy still cycle and do excercise

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