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I am deepali from kerala.sorry my english is not perfect.I was diagnosed for diabetes in 2012 when i was 19 years old. I have a family history of diabetes.My father and mother both have this but they diagonosed after 50. I am so scared about it because none of my friends or relatives at my age don't have this..and I am the only one suffering from this deadly disease. I still can't accept it that I have diabetes. So I never tried to control my blood sugar levels.I am always worried about my future. One of my friends told me that I will never have a baby. Even if I have one he/she will have serious health conditions. I am really sad there isn't one day I am not sad by thinking about it. and i have suicidal thought all the time.Is there any cure for diabetes? Can I reverse my condition? My doctor prescribed me diet and exercises.


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  • Thanks ☺

  • Welcome!

  • All is not lost

    Infact you can Lead a healthy and long life compared to others

    Learn about diabetes

    Learn about LCHF

    Dr Richard Bernstein who is a juvenile diabetic is on insulin and still alive and kicking after 80 years of age

    You should get the sugar levels under control

  • Thank you..I will try ☺

  • Thank you

  • T2 struck me at 48 and here I am into sixth year with ZERO Drugs and Non Diabetic Numbers:


    I am confident that I will be drug free wrt diabetes, lipids etc for another decade. I follow LCHF diet strictly. At least that's what the trend shows me. My numbers are yet to go bad. For me, Type 2 diabetes is a blessing in disguise as it pushes me to DUMP the high carb low fat nonsensical advice of ADA/USDA/NIN et al.

    If I was on nonsensical diet of NIN/ADA/USDA, i would be on loads of MF and SU drugs by now and even then struggle to achieve A1C that I achieve now - 5.6 and lower.

  • Ok I will try LCHF diet. Where can i find LCHF indian recipes?Now I am not on medications but I am scared that in future I will need insulin to control my blood sugar levels and I am really scared.because injecting insulin means that my pancreas stopped working. And injecting insulin before every meal ! Thats equals to death for me . My random blood sugar level today was 166mg/dl.

  • Sent you PM.

    You will also find me (Anup Singh) in news on LCHF diet for diabetics on following URL :)


  • @anup

    Why are you confident of being drug free only for a decade?

  • Baby steps at a time. After 10, will declare for next 10 :)

    48 +5(gone) + 10(to come) = 63 yrs of age and no drugs for sugar, lipids, hypertension.

    Many get on insulin during this time after having exhausted all the so called "good and marvelous" drugs for diabetes that only ruin body and they are forced to feel happy with A1C of 6.5 to 7.0. I pressed the panic button when I hit 6.0 once in Nov 2011 :)

  • First control your diabetes. Take low carb diet and pursue lchf diet. You can have baby but under proper medical care. Don't worry. You have now onwards change your diet habits for life time. Lose weight if obese. Find out level of insulin resistance. Good luck

  • First forget that you have got diabetes.Diabetes is not a disease, but due to our faulty food habits, particularly eating Junk food increases all the diseases. The more the tense you are, your Sugar level will increase. Keralites are famous for using CoConut oil in their cooking and our elders, whatever, they were following, We have forgotten, due to our smartness. Follow LCHF diet, and as far as possible, reduce your sweet,salt,rice intake. Go for a walk in a relaxed manner. It will automatically get reduced. DoN't Panic.

  • Deepaz123, do not worry. proper diet and exercise will control your BS. Excess worry too is a problem. Be positive.

    MY cousin's daughter being diabetic at a young age, was able to conceive and have a healthy baby, under good doctor's supervision. Now her sister is pregnant, and doing good. So do not panic about that. There are good doctors now.

    Sorry to say what Rambhani had said about coconut. Coconut is not the culprit. keralaites used to consume a lot of tapioca (Kasava) on a daily basis. hence prone to diabetes. But now, the diet has changed due to more awareness. Coconut is universal, and a great part of LCHF diet, so I do not think it is the main cause.

  • I know of a friend. Who was having diabetes Type 1. Had difficulties in getting married. But after marriage has given birth to a healthy baby devoid of diabetes.

  • Thank you alll for supporting me

  • My dear,diabetes is not a disease but unfortunately some malfunction of your body part.Consult a good doctor,go for low carb food,avoid fatty items and go for brisk morning or evening 30 minutes walk.I know you are too young to have type two,with so many aspirations to fulfill .Rememember there are other young people with some terminal disease .Cheer up young lady .Fortunate that you are from Kerala.Eat red Matta rice in moderation(Even Basmati is ok)with your regular vegetable side dishes.Opt more for leafy vegetables and no underground vegetables except carrot.If you are non- veg go for fish,egg,lean meat etc.Try to drink green tea with table spoon of honey.Honey is ok.Avoid food that is refined like suger,maida etc.

    Eat more often with small portion.Never fill your stomach but just kill your hunger.Lastly eat salads in between meals.

    God bless you and best of my wishes.

    Do not worry .You are a normal person going to lead a normal family life.

  • Please go for LCHF diet. In my personal opinion . As one person has said rice whether it is brown or any other is not good for a person having diabetes. Same goes for honey.

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