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Kidney Problem

I am a diabetic patient(type 2) aged about 65 years. I am taking medicine by doctor's advice. During january 2017 I checked my routine diabetic check up and my creantinine level was 1.3. Again I went for routine check up when the creantinine level showed 1.9

I went to my doctor and asked me the reason for this high reading. I had no answer.

Doctor then advised me to check USG and 24hr urine check up

Now can you tell me :

Is there any chance of this high creantinine level due to consumption of METHI for the last 2 and half months.

I am consuming the one glass of methi water and chewing the one TSP of wet methi on a regular basis.

Your valuable advice will help me to stop this anxiety.



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Methi may not influence this . If you have changed any medicine for BP etc please review with a good doctor. You need to change the doctor immediately. You can be normal with good diagnose and control on food habit only.


My creatinine level is not very high but showing an increasing trend.My dietician advised me to reduce intake of salt,avoid pickles,spicy foods and any other food items that are salted to improve taste.

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Rising creatinine trend not a good thing. Get complete kidney profile done, which also include 24 hours urine protein. Please take it seriously.


Undergo Kidney Function Tests in consultation with a Nephrologist.





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