Aswagandha(where stress is suspected for increased Blood sugars)

AG looks like a wonder atleast for me. I had AG lehya ., i think from keralas.(brand do not want to mention).Its keeping f.,b.s under check really well. ofcource with metformin. yesterday night i had ppbs (ordinary dinner NOT LCHF peas pulav and curd chutney ) 215 @22:20hrs(with MF). just for fun i took 1 spoon tea spoon fiul of AG and @22:45hrs ppbs came down to 187.

today morning i did not check f.b.s. as i thought i much too much testing. after 2 cups of tea green with sugar., i took again AG. and then had 3 more cups of coffe with jaggery. (3 cups in 1and half hours)

After 10 mins. i again measured b.s. It stands @ 157. Really i never anticipatedf this much drastic effect.

coupled with LCHF i am sure AG WILL be a rock in stabilising BSs.

I just wanted to bring this to the notice of fellow diabetics. i think lehya works better than tabs

Thanks to kcpl for reminding me of this wonderful herb.

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  • later searching the web came across:

  • Post script: breakfast 2 dosas ,chutney, 25gms butter, 15 gms cheese, 1 banana , glimipride 1 mg. ppbs: 136 :)

    ususally 250+ for the above breakfast. thanks to butter cheese AG.

  • What do you mean by AG Lehya? Nomally AG is recommended for A

  • What du mean by AG Lehya? generally AG is recommended for Joints pan/Arthtritis.

  • I dont know much about other recommendations. other day kcpl adviced me AG so that sugar rise due to stress cn be controlled. so i used AG in lehya form. i.e it was not caps,tabs or powder. it was gel foirm. may be it is chyawan prash lehya.

  • not yet sir.

  • Sir., i think any aswagandha will do the same. i just feel that lehya form may be better than tabs or caps. the reason is arishta/lehya forms slightly ferment over a period of time forming natural alcohols. lehya may be less forming. the other nearest equivalent may be AG churna or powder.


  • Does sharing of brand availability information amount to promotion if it is in response to query by a member?

  • @ norreal., i bought the lehya when ma amrutandamayi came to hyd. as the labels were not readable now., i didnot want to tell., however i can tell that meds are from ma amrutandamayi stalls at hyd., when she came around 2009 or so. i lost count of hte year and the med. was just lying around. thatswhy i was hesistant. even price marking wasnt there. thats why i was hesistant.

    yesterday evening., i took mentat of himalayas (which cinsists 52mg of AG along with other ingredients in it.,) and i found b.s. really good and stable at 121.

    so it validates any AG of any firm will work. thats all i wanted to convey.

    what remains to be seen is how long the meds will work., as i am afraid without changing the diet pattern and / or losing the weight .,the releif may be temperorary.

  • Aswagandha may be had in homeopathy mother tincture too.

  • ok sir., i dint know this. i mistook it for lehya. i misread the bottle. there were two bottles., i typed the other getting confused. agastya rasayana and aswagandha are different bottles i have. i took aswagandha. error regretted. deleting the wrong typo now.

  • Thank you sir

  • Lengthy and informative discussion on AG. However, can any one kindly suggest AG in which form and from which company do we buy,in case we wish to drive away this devil termed as DM?

  • Many thanks.

  • We have quite a few Kottakkal Vaidya Shala Ayurvedic Pharmacies in Mumbai n Navi Mumbai, SO, no problem on that.

    One last query: What should be the daily dosage and suitable timings ?

  • It is good for diabetes,but it make a man fatty

  • Hi in march this year I had a fasting bs 140 and post meal 190 doctor told me to reduce weigh t I reduced by 18 kg and every time I do blood test its normal thanks Jesus

  • Kindly suggestion me, I am taking inclusin 60 units before dinner, and mrng 10 units,

    which brand name AG lehya ., using for u

  • Please verify side effects of prolonged use of Aswagandha on the Net. Consult an Ayurvedic before you take it for long periods.

    Most diabetics undergo some degree of stress, Aswagandha relieves stress.

  • Sir,

    Warm Greetings ! This is Dr.S.R.Parakh . I have worked on Ashwagandha ( Withania somnifera ) for my research work during M.Pharma. research at University Department of Chemical Technology ( Presently known as Institute of Chemical Technology ) , Matunga , Mumbai from 1976 to 1979 .

    Ashwagandha really works wonders. It needs further research findings . Presently there are so many herbal preparations in the market which contain Ashwagandha or it's extracts !

    Thanks a lot for the advanced information!

    Warm Regards,

    Dr.S.R.PARAKH, Pune.

  • Glad that AG helped you. With LCHF u surely will land great numbers and be able to go off allopathic drugs

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