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Cancer Cells Thrive On High Carb Low Fat Diet


It is well known that cancer cells thrive on "SUGAR" and depriving them of sugar leads to far better results. The ketogenic diet is said to deprive the cancer cells of the much needed sugar and hence improves the survival chances. A study published in the journal Prostate further strengthens the case for high-fat, low-carb diets in the management of prostate cancer.

So start looking at the so called "HEALTHY & Balanced Diet" that every "so called" experts and bodies are professing to everyone and conduct fraudulent studies to blame fat for everything because just one man -- Ancel Keys -- did so decades back.

So, let's accept that Ancel Keys is responsible for this Low fat stupidity and every study that blames FAT for everything has nothing but FAT added to a High Carb Diet. It's the CARBS that are responsible for making us and keeping us ill so that drug industry profits.

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Dr. Ron Rosedale explains that early life was driven to proliferate by the abundance of glucose, which was the only macro-nutrient that could be utilised when there was no oxygen in the atmosphere.

Multi-celled organisms have to keep this tendency in check; when they don't, cancer is the result.

An excess of protein can also be used to make glucose, with harmful side-products including urea and ammonia needing to be detoxified too. Fat in comparison is a 'free' food, that gives all the benefits of glucose restriction, without having to restrict calories.

@Concerned -- What does AMA says about this? Are they blaming FAT for it?

I am convinced that it is SUGAR that cancer cells thrive on :)

Thank you very much.

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