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Low-carb diet reduces inflammation and blood saturated fat in metabolic syndrome - Jeff S. Volek, PhD, RD

Interesting article here:


Professor Richard Feinman, mentioned in this old article has recently submitted his research paper on LCHF which I have posted here:


Jeff S Volek video is also posted here -- healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

Nothing surprising here. Diet controls inflammation markers better than "Anti Inflammatory drugs". Blame the CARBS that trigger insulin spikes leading to shut down of fat burning.

However, why would mainstream talk of this when all this will only lead to lowering of drug sales. They will only be mixing SAFA with High Carb and be ready to blame FAT even before study is completed. If required, they will also manipulate the data to favor their viewpont (Learnt it from Guru Ancel Keys) -


After all it is more profitable for mainstream to keep us obese and ill. So they will keep talking HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet which has failed to improve anything, except the profits of medicare business.

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So, time to accept LCHF as anti inflammatory drugs are lethal. Time to blame the real culprit -- HIGH CARBS. NSAIDS kills more people in the US than car accidents.


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