regarding low carbohydrate and high fat diet

it is understood that taking low carbohydrates will help improve diabetes but will high fat diet not increase the cholestrol levels for a person having retinopathy and taking atorvastatin for fathers cholestrol is within margins so he stopped taking atorvastatin bec of high side effects of it but it was noticed that his retinopathy deteriorated by stopping the medicine instead of cholestrol within limits......can any body tell any natural substitute for statin drug and can any expert on the forum tell whether high fat diet can affect retinopathy?????????

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  • Control PPBS to less than 140 and FBS below 100.

    Low Carb High fat Diet is the only key to achieving that.

    Statins are most useless and over-prescribed drugs.

  • Diabetic retinopathy is caused by high blood glucose .Control blood glucose - control retinopathy .Proven remedy - switch to LCHF .LCHF will moderate your cholesterol levels also

  • as per my experience cholesterol will reduce with LCHF

  • thanks everybody

  • what is LCHF?

  • Low carb high fat diet will not worsen cholesterol issue. Actually it improves. Add green vegetables like lettuce, broccoli etc to food.

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