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Everything You Know About Fat Is Dead Wrong - Dr Rakesh Patel - Prescribing LCHF Even To Cardiac Patients In The US

Dr Rakesh Patel, a family practitioner in Arizona, has seen enormous improvements in very sick patients and has been putting patients on LCHF for over four years now, despite AHA's recommendations against High Fat.

“But they come back after their third, fourth, or fifth [cardiac] stent—and I put them on a [LCHF] diet and they get better. A cardiologist sent me a patient recently, and after three months she’s down 25 pounds, her cholesterol is normal, and her LDL-particles are down by 1,000 [with the change in diet alone]. Her energy is good, she feels great.”

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The article rightly concludes with:

If history is any guide, doctors and patients can’t afford to wait for the science to get better. It may never be good enough.

So, get off the "Bad Science" and get healthier.

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I need a LCHF vegetarian diet chart i.e. what to eat and what not. I am diabetic patient since last 25+ years and recently Angiography / Angioplasty of my two artery is carried out.


Dear Gospi Pls go to dlife.in for LCHF diet

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Pl give me a Vegitarian Indian Diet chart in LCHF. No body guides me here


And, this is the details of tests of Dr Patel on himself on both High Carb Heart Healthy Diet and Low Carb High fat Diet:

"I had my CIMT done in 2006 on the Standard American “heart healthy diet” eating low fat, higher carb. You know those espoused by the ADA and AHA. My lipids were “normal” at this time. My thickness was 0.6 mm (about the 50th percentile). I also had two small “road bumps “ (minimal plaques) at my left carotid bulb both measuring 1.2 mm. I was not happy. I also had similar findings on a study in 1/2010.

Flash-forward to June 2012, about 4 months into CNS, my CIMT showed a thickness of 0.445 mm (13th percentile) and I had the vascular age of a 16 year old! And oh by the way, the “road bumps” were gone. All the while carrying an LDL-P of over 2500 consistently for over a year. I have also had a CT Coronary Calcium score that was zero."


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