My sugar level is not reducin

I take Metformin Hydrochloride IP 500 mg one before breakfast and one before dinner.

After breakfast and after dinner I take Glyred 80 mg.

This medicine I have been continuing since 2012 October.

Before that from 2010 onwards I have been taking some there medicines and that time my sugar was under control. But that time I used to take many number of tablets even I used to take medicine for BP. So I thought of taking treatment from my company doctor to reduce the number of medicine.

28.5.15 my fasting sugar was 148 mg/DL. My BP is under control without taking any medicine for BP.

My diet is morning 4-5 chapatti, rice in lunch and 4-5 chapatti in dinner. I make sure to take plenty of vegetables.

Can anyone advice !!!

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  • You should give equal importance to diet control and regular adequate exercise.Cut down on chapathis to about three at a time and have a mid morning and bed time light snacks.It is highly advisable to go for a walk regularly for about 30 to 40 minutes.Also,calculate your body-mass index and satisfy yourself that you are in safe range.Search for BMI on the net. You will get guidance.

  • Thank you Mr.Ramana42 for your valuable reply!!!

  • dear rajra,

    it is quite a BAD thinking that too many medicines are worse than one medicine[at a higher dose].

    you return to the many medicines if that was given by a diabetologist

    and at that time your bs was under control.

    if the too many medicines were bad for you why you did not have hypoglycemia at that time.

    it is not the number of medicines, but the 'dose -drug' profile that matters.

    this gliclacide[glyred] medicine is not the most usual medicine in its class.

    if you had some special conditin for it, it can be accepted.

    and why it is taken after meals.

    did you have hypo when you took it before meals?

    don't take more than two chapathys

    in its place you take boiled vegetables as filler stomach.

    gliclacide has an anti atherogenic property.

    clearly you have an improvement towards bp.

    but it is better to tell a good diabetologist all this history and take a proper decision.

    good luck

  • Thanks a lot for you valuable reply. As you advised I will soon visit some good diabetologist.

  • 10 chapatis a day + rice will only increase drugs till you land up with insulin.

    Cut down the carbs to 20% of energy and replace with good fats. HUGE number of Indian diabetics are enjoying LCHF diet and landing great numbers, great lipids, great lft/kft on LCHF diet and on much lower or even zero drugs

  • What is this LCHF? Would you please explain it!


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