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My sugar level is not reducin

I take Metformin Hydrochloride IP 500 mg one before breakfast and one before dinner.

After breakfast and after dinner I take Glyred 80 mg.

This medicine I have been continuing since 2012 October.

Before that from 2010 onwards I have been taking some there medicines and that time my sugar was under control. But that time I used to take many number of tablets even I used to take medicine for BP. So I thought of taking treatment from my company doctor to reduce the number of medicine.

28.5.15 my fasting sugar was 148 mg/DL. My BP is under control without taking any medicine for BP.

My diet is morning 4-5 chapatti, rice in lunch and 4-5 chapatti in dinner. I make sure to take plenty of vegetables.

Can anyone advice !!!

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You should give equal importance to diet control and regular adequate exercise.Cut down on chapathis to about three at a time and have a mid morning and bed time light snacks.It is highly advisable to go for a walk regularly for about 30 to 40 minutes.Also,calculate your body-mass index and satisfy yourself that you are in safe range.Search for BMI on the net. You will get guidance.


Thank you Mr.Ramana42 for your valuable reply!!!


Thanks a lot for you valuable reply. As you advised I will soon visit some good diabetologist.


What is this LCHF? Would you please explain it!


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