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my aunt is living all alone. i was planning to train her how to use net so for her daily medicines she can consult a doctor on net . but I wanted to ask how good it is to take online advice from doctor. Please I request everyone to comment on it because I have to make arrangement for her. Ofcourse I visit her atleast in 6 months that time I can take her to doctor . but for in between can i put her on online consultation . please suggest with your experiences on online advice.

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  • Yes I had consulted with my Doctor in Medanta Gurgaon by video conference from Singapore. It was very useful and was just like meeting doctor in his clinic. It saved my trip to India. But it is better to use this method for follow up or getting second opinion. For first time consultation, It is better to Visit the Doctor personally.

  • thanks. ya you are right it will be just to redress inbetween problems between her visits to doctor.

  • how much did medanta charged for video conferencing and what was the procedure.

  • hello everyone. I came to know about a good website .

    i took advice from doctor from that site . consultation is free but reply was genuine .

    thank you all for helping me . does anyone knows about a website for online medicine ?

  • you have suggested a site for online consultation but you have not shared your experience with doctor. that way the post seems to be incomplete.

  • I think you are right. Actually I took it for my mom in law.She is a patient of high blood pressure.She was having swelling in her legs .I just dropped a casual query about it. In reply doctor suggested some test which revealed that she was actually having protein loss.I reverted back to doctor . He changed her b.p. medicine from amlodipine to telmisartal. After that her swelling was gone . Her protein loss problem solved. This incidence actually developed confidence of mine in that doctor. by the way I got reply only from Dr. Chandan. I tried to be as brief as I could . I suggested this website only for the benefit of the people of forum.

  • thanks for this informative post. I will also give it a try. your story build confidence.

  • Online consultation with Doctors is very useful for elder people who are unable to travel to a hospital. Also it is useful for people are living alone. Online consultations will help them to talk to doctors from home without depending others.

    My parents are using to talk to doctors in Kerala.

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