Walking helps reverse

I was detected Diabetic in 2009, neglected and reading shot to 140 in fasting ,my weight was 102 KG subsequently met a Dr and under his supervision started medicine , but was not really comfortable than started walking and in less than a year i reached 7 KM per day in 55 Minutes in meanwhile changed my food habits non oily stuff raw vegetables, fruits , sprouts today I do not take any medicine for diabetic my Dr said stop and made me a case study my levels are 92-100 in fasting my weight is now 86 KG trust me you wont need a Dr, Nutritionist or any GYM simple 1 Hour walk and discipline in food habits will make you robust , cheers and thanks to my wife who was the motivating factor and force behind all this

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  • Thanks for the post.Your 's case has vindicated our stand that to control diabetes! you don't need to go to extreme diet adjustments. Judicious approach as to balance your diet with moderate physical work will do wonders as far as bs control and general well being is concerned.

  • just stick to discipline lifestyle and proper exercise see the result for self

  • Feel Happy for you and congratulation you mentioned about Fasting but 2hr PP is also important do maintain that <140 if this is under control then battle is won :).

  • Thank you , just do HB1C test every quarter to know where you stand & just stick to discipline lifestyle and proper exercise see the result for self

  • So what's your last four A1C levels?

    What's your 2 Hr PPBS levels?

  • Brisk walking with diet control is a key to control the Diabetes type 2.Walking also helps to loose your muscles,weight control,resulting improvement in Lipids levels. More eneretic feeling.etc.etc.

  • LIPIDS improve auto-magically on LCHF also, despite no walking. Lot of energetic feeling on LCHF. Most importantly, on LCHF one can hope to hit A1C < 5.7 which is a PIPEDREAM for those following HIGH CARB LOW FAT + Drugs + Walking regimen ie ADA lifestyle.

  • sanjaybajaj: My medical adviser, a neurologist by training, strongly recommended walking as a means to achieve good health when I first had traces of being IGT in 2005. medfree on this forum advises me to reduce carb and stop walking (I did 8 km daily but reduced it to 4 for past ten days with objective of reversing weight decline)

  • norreal:

    Well, you know my take. Just to reduce blood sugar by burning carbs of a High Carb Low Fat diet is counter poductive because High carb Low fat with walks does not reduce chances of CVD/CHD.

    Professor Tim Noakes said it very beautifully (not exact words but the core is same):

    Exercise is very good but if you are doing it to reduce weight then you are on a wrong diet. BTW, even Prof Noakes recommends LCHF even to athletes.


    My walks are just restricted to unmeasured daily chores work related, so practically, I am doing as much as a non diabetic would do. A 10 minutes time spent with Bullworker and small bouts of strenght training is far better in my opinion.

  • You are shown me good way to control me my sugar lebal

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