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Hello friends.. Yesterday I had a sugar checkup..In the fasting it was 167 and after the meal it was 189..I am just 29 and weight around 90 kg with 5'8" height..The doctor advised me to reduce the sugar intake as much as possible..One more thing in my family the diabetic is genetic..My father and grandmother had diabetes too..Please suggest me whether I should go for any ayurvedic /allopathic /homeopathic treatment or any type of test or diagnosis so that I can keep myself active..One more thing can a diabetic person expects to live for longer years? Deepak.


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  • Control your carbohydrate intake .. blood sugar will be in control in couple of weeks.

    And don't think and get frustrated about how much you will live. Live the life till fullest and joyfully. Nothing will happen to you till your sugar is level is in control.

    I understand that in such a early age it is frustrating for us as we have to sacrifice many things we like in our food but still look at the positive side of the life.

    All the best

  • Obviously you are carrying the genes within you that make you susceptible to diabetes.Obesity is a known trigger for diabetes.So,first and foremost,try to shed as much weight as possible,in a healthy way and gradually.In all likelihood,your diabetes will set right itself if you come down to say,75 kg.Secondly,you should watch what you eat and how much.Avoid all foods with added sugar.It is easier said than done but you are still young and you have to safeguard your health for a long time to come and also avoid all those nasty diabetic health complications.Limit intake foods that are packed with carbohydrates like rice,potato,beet,very sweet fruits etc. Understand the concepts of glycemic index and glycemic load that have a direct bearing on your sugar levels.One important weapon in the hands of a diabetic is knowledge about the disorder.This forum gives you ample scope for gaining such knowledge.Use the search function on the top right corner of this web page to clear all your doubts.Next,you have to lead a physically active life.If you can,play a game like basketball or go for a walk daily for about 40 minutes.Know that sedentary lifestyle is one one of the triggers for diabetes.Stress is another factor that aggravates diabetes.Try to lead a disciplined life and avoid stressful situations.Diabetes is a metabolic disorder with lots of nuisance value with the risk of severe complications.But there is no reason why you cannot manage it within limits.It is tough but within your reach.

  • You are diabetic.But dont worry.Little discipline in following diet,medicine & exercise helps to controll diabetese.Keep regularly(once in a quarter) HbA1c.HbA1c is right indicator about your diabetese.Maintain to Max. HbA1c to 6 achieve the same consult Doctor & follow medicine regularly.

  • By any means keep your sugar within acceptable range

  • Go throuth my posts.These posts contain general doubts asked by me and their clarifications given by experienced and knowledgeable people in the forum.

  • Your BMI is 30.1 and you are moderately obese. Reduce your weight by exercise.

    Fasting blood sugar must be less than 100 mg/dL. PPBS should be less than 140 mg/dL.

    Reduce your high blood sugar by diet and exercise.

    Take your dinner before 8:00 pm.

    Consume less food more times in a day.


  • Welcome Dkte. I assume your Grandma & Parents are T2. A big difference from T1. T1 your pancreas does Not work Auto immune. T2 it could work whatever %. If you keep active & keep off the higher carb foods you will do yourself a big favour. Carbs do the damage. From a T1 for more than 50yrs. I love life & have never been unemployed in my life. Good luck

  • Dear dkte I also agree with what ramana42,arunalsu and gangadharan said. You are too young. Please don't have to go a long way so please make a gist of what the above three person stated and live like strictly accordingly which may help you to live a bright and better life in the forthcoming days.Please consult and follow a good diabetologist cum endocrinologist and a neutrotionist in between.Pray you be better. Thanks.

  • Just reduce carb.start walking.After dinner 30 minutes walking.Automatically your weight will come down.Active life style with less carb in the medicine.D2 is metabolic syndrome of carb.slight modification of life style will make you alright.Be optimistic.Thanks.

  • I am now 76years for the past 15 yrs i am with D. Regular tabs, medicines by Doc, exercise by walking in the morning and control your food style will help lead normal life

  • if you are looking at Ayurveda have a look at this article

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