How much I exercise if I am a diabetic

Hii m 26 year old height 5.5 weight 60 kg 10 day back diagnose with sugar before fasting 220 after 170 . how much exercise I do especially running bcs I dnt want to loose my weigth any more earlier I was 70 kg ...if anyone have diet plan pls suggest me taking into consideration m living alone .anyone can suggest me the best doctor in Delhi of diabetic or I go for aiims m taking advice frm general physicians.. Waiting for valuable suggestion m tensioned..


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  •    The best diet.  I was a diabetic for 30 year No more

  • It is not so much a question of quantity as quality. It's high-intensity exercises (HIE) that is specifically recommended. So workouts in a gym, say with/around the universal machine, is far, far better than running, walking, aerobics and general exercises. High-intensity workouts mean maintaining short breaks of say 1-2 minutes between reps.  If you do bench press, make sure you don't get distracted with talking to fellow gym users. Between the reps, maintain short intervals. This requires concentration and focusing. 

    The total workout time for high-intensity training may just be 30-40 min but during that time you should to do as many as 6 or 7 different exercise types of say 6-10 reps each. In brief, HIE means doing as much as possible in the least possible time, and yes, you will be quite breathless at the end of it. I once did HIE in a gym and at the end of it, I almost blanked out from hypoglycemia when the BG hovered between 3-4 mmol.

  • Yes, HIE/HIT/Strength building I find better than just walking for hours.

    Even walks could be HIT (High Intensity Training) style. There's a sequence to be followed between walk-run-walk cycle.

  • Actually  I diagnosed 10 day before .. 30 minute running and 30 minute yoga of baba ramdev anulom vilom ...this all m doing till of NW ...I don't join gym and I dnt want that sufficient for me or nt pls reply

  • And one month re thing earlier I was 70 kg ..NW m 60 kg m confused if m running to much then it's effect my weigth and I dnt want to lose my weigth anymore.. Pls guide me plsss

  • Most people would envy you for you can easily shed off the pounds so fast and readily.  It is possible that the excess weight was due to loss of water rather than fat, but if the latter, it's even better. So what's your present FBG & PPBG level with the loss of of 10 kg?

  • 450 before fasting 500 after that ....after taking medicine after 1 day again take test NW it was 220 before fasting after 170 as of NW m taking meal of 1500 calorie diet chart it's that  beneficial for me's possible to gain weigth

  • And one more things as have discussed my present sugar level.. Is that type 1 or type 2 m confused 

  • What medicine you are taking - you need to clarify. If insulin only, you are likely to be T1.  If you are on oral medicine only, you are T2.  Some T2 diabetics also use insulin.

    Both T1 and T2 can experience low and high readings, so the readings have nothing to do with your diabetic status.

    Didn't your doctor tell you your status?  You really need to first get professional consultation and help before you decide to go your own way...

  • Thanks ...m taking zita plus ,gepride m 1,nervup od ...m not on insulin and docs dnt tell this to me according to u its type 2....

  • If your doc doesn't explain it to you, you'll have to bravely ask what your current diabetic status is and what the medicines are for - what do they treat specifically.  They all appear to be typically T2 drugs. Why have you not been prescribed metformin?

    Nervup is for upping your Vit B12 level.  Both Zita and Gepride are very strong antidiabetic medications and Zita is one drug than can have very serious side effects. Which is why you really need to change and plan your diet very carefully so that you can go off the drugs as soon as possible.  Ask Anup or others about the LCHF diet asap.

  • Wat can I do ...immediately stop that medicine and concern with the new doc ..pls elaborate abt my diet plan diet plan is of 1500 that not gud or wat ...pls elaborate clearly.. Nt able to get ur point.. Help me

  • LCHF diet. Check my profile for link to 200 +  meals from Indian diabetics who have switched to LCHF diet.

    Better control on less medicines.

  • Yes, look for a doc that is not a drug pusher - well that's hard, isn't it?  If you find a good allopathic doc, ask if you could replace your current meds (your current ones are very pricey) with Metformin instead. Metformin is tons cheaper too. Metformin should be the first drug recommended for T2DM.

    Zita is a gliptin while Gepride is a sulphonyurea and Metformin, a biguanide. All of them have side effects in varying degrees. It is best not to mix biguanide with sulphonylurea. The latter and Gepride can up the "risks of fatal heart problems", and as for Zita, it can cause pancreatic inflammation pancreas and even pancreatic cance...

    Also check out traditional physicians too like the ones that practice unani, TCM & TAM.  1500 calories? That's way too high! I suggest you halve that and resist the temptation of eating carbs - even a small piece of bread will derail your BG. When the hunger pangs come, you can take 1-2 tbsp of good quality oil - EVOO, VCO, avocado, walnut, pomegranate oils, as many of the LCHF folks do. Avoid seed oils except for sesame.

    So you're left largely with proteins and fats sourced from animals and veges and a small amount of carbs.

    Here's a diet plan that I suggested to someone (Raj) a week ago:

    [1] Follow a simple diet involving calorie and carb restriction. The easiest is to eat 1-2 meals a day. Preferably 1.5 meals. Do this for 8-12 weeks. Your BG will drop in as short as 2 days if you stick to just one full meal a day. But you must meet the dietary target of a minimum of 8 weeks. Extending it to 12 weeks is advisable. No snacks or tea breaks, etc. Resist the temptation to suck a sweet, munch biscuits or bread, etc.

    You can incorporate Long Wheat or Sambha wheat into your only one full-meal-a-day plan as it is low calorie food.

    [2] Dietary change or intervention is the fundamental and foremost step. Medicines and supplements cannot take the place of dietary change.  They can help support the dietary changes you make, making it easier and speed up the reversal progress and bringing down BG numbers but these are often temporary and do not last long. Plus you become dependent on them.

    [3] When you reach the end of the 12-week diet plan, your BG will stabilize and the diabetic complications will reverse, etc. Each person is different so when you reach that point, you can post your triumphant results for all to see at Health Unblocked and shout 'JAY! JAY! JAY'

    Find out more by reading the Newcastle Diet / Study / Project which shares some similarities with the above dietary intervention:



  • Personally I prefer a diet plan. I seldom exercise as it's not my style - but I read that the best form of exercise is actually gardening and not formal exercise in the gym. So, if you have a garden at home, you could do that instead or make it an add-on to your running and yoga.

    It's good that you are already taking action fast - 10 days after diagnosis. It can take some people months and years to wake up to the new reality that they are no longer nondiabetic. It should be look at optimistically, positively - it's Nature's wake-up call, really. Tell yourself you will come out of it, fitter, better, more aware, knowledgeable and wiser!

  • Now  that    you     have        the    optimum    weight  , yogasanas   with   pranayama    is sufficient      to  maintain    that .There     is   no   such`   thing`   as     diabetic          diet  you`    can  eat    everything      but   is    lesser     quantities.Personally      I   think    a     well  balanced`    diet   is  important     for   good    health     more  so   in  case   of    a    diabetic .Take    care   to  do   pranayama   in`       well     ventilated     place.

  • The     best    way     to  loose   weight     with   out  having    any  side  effects    is   doing  nayama     and    asanas . You    select    a   place   where     you   can    do  both      without     any    disturbance  and   where   fresh   air     is    available   in  plenty . A place   like   a    temple   with  much    greenery      around   with     open      space.

  • 7708  @hidden

    hi, I am wondering whether you have done Swara Yoga involving the practice of left-nostril breathing during daytime and right-nostril breathing at night.  The blocking of the respective nostrils using the mind, or using cotton wool [the cheat method] - blocking right nostril during day and left during night time - is said to restore health. 

    Research has uncovered an interesting finding. Diabetics have defective left-nostril breathing, that is, they are breathing thru' the right nostril too much. In asthmatics, it is the reverse. How this happened is a mystery but excessive right nostril breathing, which increases body heat, helps to explain one common complaint from diabetics - that they experience excessive heat all the time and have to use very cold settings on their AC.

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  • Wow, this is news. I've never come across a lost account before. Thanks for the info.

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