Dairy and IGF-1

Attended a seminar by Dr Tripathi..One of the biggest takeaways was stopping of dairy products. Milk increases IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) and is responsible for high BS. Today morning my mother had moong dal dosa and tea with 1 tsp milk and her BS really came down almost to 95 ...2 hours after lunch. Not sure what exactly is going on here, but stopping carbs and milk seems to be the solution.

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  • Reducing carb intake is the first priority for diabetics and it reduces BS for most of the people. No need to stop milk.

  • It's biased vegan view.

    None of the older medical systems like Ayurveda have prohibited consumption of milk.

  • milk is complete food for all persons like older younger and diseases person It digesteasily.

    Some of the gogale link shows that it is not good for health But it is baseless In Ayurveda recomondes every personshould use milk and its products

    Further Ghee and butter is used in Indians from olden generations to untiltoday Recently after allopathic System in India improves they have new trend to use slim milk and left fatty items

    In olden peoples were used ghee in a cup for meals Most of vegan peoples used milk and its products

  • If we are talking about good milk then its ok.....but with the industry practice milk is low on nutrients and hence its causing harm

  • i took two boiled eggs only whites with i chapati 20 grams of long wheat with one cup tea with milk so my sugar after 2 hrs was 110 .but the next day i followed this same diet but now my 2hrs sugar was 170 what went wrong i am unable to understand.kindly explain

  • One of the reading is inaccurate. The variation is large for same diet. Compare with your routine values.

  • What you ate later in the day affected your reading the next day.

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