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South Indian Type LC foods


Since I joined I have experienced many persons are enquiring about various type of LCHF foods.

Herebelow are a list of items a person can have for snacks

!. Dal vada,2. Vada Sambhar,3.Cabbage Vada, 4. Moong dal Dosa 5. Urad and Moong Dal Dosa

6. Soya Chura Upma with desiccated coconut 7. Soya chura Upma with vangi 8. Eggs in any form

9. Mysore Bonda, 10. Vegetable Cutlet/Bonda without Potato.

For Lunch one can have any choice of sabji but without Potato.Typical Lunch would be

Tomato, Vegetable Chicken or Mutton Soups

Boiled and laced with desiccated coconut various Lentils added with masala Like Chana, Mutter,Moong and its Dal, liberally laced with Cheese Fresh Cheese preferred,

with curd and lassi or milk

I have personally tried these combinations and found my BG goes maximum of 126 after two hrs.I have Discontinued taking Amryl 2mg but every time I am taking 500mg of Metformin SR. I also take Glucobay 25 morning and evening .

My next step would be to reduce the dosage of Metformin to 250 mg at least in the afternoon and to discontinue Glucobay or reduce it to night time only.

My fasting sugar level has dropped to 90 - 115.

Fruits like Watermelon, Grapes, Papaya etc could be taken in a limited way.

Instead of Polished Dal one can use Unpolished Dal so that intake of Fibre increases

Use of Cheese Butter Ghee, Nutralite etc could be increased.

NonVeg persons can liberally use Fish,Mutton etc

I shall try to publish North Indian Food Items shortly.

Ever since following the above mentioned diet my Bg levels have dropped to near NORMAL.I am 68 years old and having Diabetes for last 20 or so years. Doctors were suggesting I should go for Insulin intake.I am really Happy Now. My sincere thanks to Dear Anup for his Guidance and Motivation.Any querries most welcome.

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My doubt: Aren't these delicacies described in the post high on protein?

Yes Sir, These are High Protein Low CarboHydrate Foods. So Care should be exercised by the persons whose Kriterine levels exeed the limit,/take appropriate advice from certified, qualified Doctors.Thanks

Anup...i had the same logic...thanks


Am I correct to say that a fat rich diet does not spike the BS level even after 2/3/4 hours? as against carb rich or protein rich diets?

Dear Anup , Thanks lot.Your comment regarding 2.5 and 3 hrs was really an eye opener.Today for this reason I took Soya Beens vadi chura Uppma only for the lunch, I exclusively omitted salads and soups which was a routine of course with one tablet of 500 mg Metformin SR.After 2 hrs the reading was 122, after 2.5hrs, 125, and after 3 hrs it was 120.The result speaks for it self.So my doubts vanished. I chose Soya been chura because it contains highest proteins next to Coconut Kernel.Thanks

Yes Sir, in the morning I take "Neurobion Forte" in the afternoon I take "Optisulin" and in the night I take "Optizen" Hovever, Optizen I take alternatively each month say I take in the month of April then I don't take in the month of May, like wise.Optizen mainly consist of Lutein, Beta Carotene, and other Vitamins considered to be very good for Optic Nerve.However one should take Doctor's advice to take any drugs without failure.

I do not take any nuts as I have lost all upper teeth and it becomes very difficult for me to consume the nuts.Hence I have designed the food to suit all type of age. Mainly We live in India and western dishes are not practical to follow.

By Next week I will publish North Indian Food so that the members will be greatly benefitted.Thanks

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