Are we here on this forum to discuss about totally balanced diet/nutrition diet or just to eat a SPECIAL diet + safe medication/exercise so

so that we can control diabetics and its complications?

The forum must also educate people about not to take banned drugs like Pioglitazone which is banned all over the world for cancer. Once in India also banned this drug. Another glimipride which eventually burns the pancreas and make you insulin injection dependent. In fact glimipride is the one burned my pancreas and made my hunger more.

The web site not a single senior member takes these dangerous drugs. But they take lchf diet plus the maximum dose of metformin. Which is 500*4=2000 for SR drugs and 850*3=2500 normal drugs.

I know in india it is very hard to convince doctor to prescribe safe medince. Immediately their ego hurts. They write which is more profitable for them. I stopped taking galvus but the company sending even now broachers and drug storing box as presents. Of course I tried with my doctor to change the glimipride. He tear the prescription on spot and called me crazy. I walk away crying. But god listens. From the web I learned about diabetics and solution completely. and now I take metformin + lchf diet and I am perfectly fine.


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41 Replies

  • Very good suggestation .Medfree please look n educate all

  • Wish I had the resources to start an All India Movement on LCHF :)

    We have been educating here, to displeasure of many ADA/AMA fans, about LCHF, since more than 14 months now.

  • medfree keep it up bro.

  • Thanks AG. You are an inspiration here for many as you have recovered from PPBS of 350+ if i remember correctly. All because of LCHF diet i guess :)

  • Dear medfree ji... You have a logic in your statements. We have been greatly benefited by your views on this forum. At least, I can say ABOUT MY SELF THAT I MAINLY SEARCH ABOUT YOUR COMMENTS . And if any one wants , I have sequence of comments given by anup, rusticgye and medfree.

  • Thanks. There are many here who feel unhappy about what I do here and anyone who talks on same lines (LCHF) is called SHAMELESS, Partisan, arrogant etc!

  • Dear medfree ji..I want to discuss about my blood report which was done on 25.6.14 by SRL Diagonistics. My HBA1C is 5.6, fasting BS is 105 and PP BS is 101. I mainly depend upon Three small chapaties per day, Amul Butter, Pure Desi Ghee, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil for frying Pakodas,Curd, Full fat milk in tea and 150 ml at night, almost one egg omlet per day loaded with paneer. And regularly fruit like apple and dryfruits like peenuts.almonds, walnuts. I take vegetables like tinda,ghiya, bhindi palak, methi, moong dal or tuhar dal and chicken or chicken kabab once a week. My serum cholesterol is 217,triglycerides 156, HDL is 35, LDL is153 and creatinine level is 2.1.MY BP level should be 70 - 130, which is at times more than the required level by the doctor. Please advice.

  • Good BS levels. But TG/HDL ratio needs attention. Even need to check appo -b to confirm LDL is more fluffy one or dense small particles.

  • Dear medfree...I am not a very intelligent person toward diabetes, but I know for sure that after reading your posts I have controlled over diabetes. I find logic in your statements and will like to follow your suggestions blindly . I have got rid of my diabetic medicines to a great level after following LCHF for the past almost one year now. My doctor at Jaslok Hospital is quite satisfied with my diabetic level . For my creatinine level, he is satisfied by saying that it has not increased because my good control over diabetes. Where as he has not shown any concern over my lipid profile. But he has recommended to take Rosavel 10 at night. I am sure by your advice I will be able to have good control over my BP as well. You are really doing a great sevice by publishing your views to understand diabetes and its control

  • Rosavel 10 is a STATIN drug. Useless stuff in my opinion. So he has shown concern for LIPIDS going by the conventional crap. The sooner you get off it the better. ASk the doctor why TG is high ... is it because of BP drugs? Discuss about Niacin for TG with your doctor.

    STATIN Drugs do more harm than good and is a useless drug for anyone with no history of CVD.

  • Dear medfree... My BP is in the range of 150/ 80,Doctor has adviced me to take rosavel 10, fenufibrate 145, and arkamin. I still believe in LCHF to control my diabetes, and certainly I will continue the same and am advicing others to do so. Doctor is not able to say why my TG is slightly high. I have reduced my diabetic medicines to bare minimum possible and I want to reduce my BP medicines in the same manner. Please advice me what I should do further.

  • Start consuming flaxseed powder daily 1 TBSP to start with. Grind as low quantity as feasible and left over should be stored in air tight bottle kept in fridge.

    You can gradually increase it to 2 TBSP per day and watch how things move. I am presuming your thyroids are normal, while I say this.

  • Thanks for the advice. I will do the same. I do not have thyroid problem.

  • Medfree, you are great you doing fine for all mankinds who are suffering from the diabetes. Its a slow poisonous desease lchl is a safe diets and its a really medfree may god bless you...

  • I will join you in this movement.

  • We should not put total burden on medfree. He is helping without any money or other motive. Just humanity service especially the diabetics patient like us. Every body should contribute little little that also will help us all.

  • atma:

    Even are diabetics who are fed up with their doctors talking High Carb Low Fat nonsense. Problem in America, from what I have read, is that any doctor who talks against the convention is either put on administrative job (ie not allowed to interact with patients) or labeled a QUACK.

    We have been here since more than a year and are happy to see diabetics now talking LCHF after experiecing the advantage first hand. Happy to see 150+ switch to LCHF and enjoy good health. If each could convince equal number then in a year maybe we will have a million diabetic in India on LCHF and that'as the time when doctors will perhaps start waking up. When we started we were all alone and were chased by many here. Even now we are targeted but the frequency is pretty less.

    Doctor's ego hurts everywhere specially when one insists on going for minimal drugs. In fact I was rudely told by one pathologist to stop searching on internet. So he lost one customer. I stopped going to him and amde sure no one that I knew in my colony goes to him. Customer has the biggest power -- the wallet. We are customers and no service provider can be rude in case they want our money :)

    Agreed MF i safest drug but i believe in being on minimal dose of that also as far as possible. Because, once 2550 is reached (for plain MF) then pancreas whipping drugs start and when that also fails (which it will at some point in time) then insulin starts.

  • if we are on lchf diet then their is no need of increasing metform but started decreasing metformin like me. from 1500mg to 1000mg. I am aiming for 500 now. and latter if god wills i will also become MEDFREE.ha ha ha. now at least i am on diabetics matter google is my doctor. i don't want such doctors they don't know nothing about latest research. they stick to their old study. i have seen lot of research paper on how low carb high fat works. only thing needed is just an open mind+web access.

  • Medfree -- this screen name was chosen on purpose :)

    Good luck on your journey to keep reducing drugs.

  • I also would like to join LCHF & today itseld start for the preparation.

  • Buy a glucometer as first step if you haven't done already. Start monitoring PPBS as you change meals. Once you tame PPBS then look at FBS. Good luck!

  • The biggest problem in India is the doctors who do not discuss the disease, medicine and line of treatment with the patient. They dread the thought that in this age of internet, the patient could be well informed. I asked my doctor how do you monitor the impact of the drug ? Is it lowering of fbs pp and hba1c ? Can I try to achieve that without drugs ? My doctor says " No .....that you leave it to me". Finally i left him and reached normal levels of all parameters with diet and exercise.

  • :) :)

    I guess this is the problem globally. They hate self educated patients, and they start swearing on Internet.

    Why would they advise you to control without drugs. It's all about $$$ for doctors which flows from the Pharma companies. Free holidays to Hawaii, lots of free gifts based on volume of drugs moved through prescriptions, 20% commissions from diagnostic centers, dinner in five star hotels etc etc. The incentives are just too many.

    Commission from diagnostic centers is not based on hearsay. My nephew who suffers from Asthama was taken to a known doctor. He recommend few tests and on the prescription wrote a note -- Deduct Referral Charges from bill. That was 20%.

  • I am advised Glycomet GP 3 / 850 - one tablet in morning and one in evening.

    is it a high dose

  • What are your current BS levels ? GP3 means high dose of sulfo. (6mg glimepiride/day) Do you realy need that high dose of glimepiride ? Presently which drugs you are taking?

  • I am a diabetic since 20 years. earlier dose was Pioz 3 and Glucored.

    From the last two years when I shifted to Mumbai, (I approached Dr in Mumbai) BS level were 140 FBS and 220 PPBS. He changed the medicine to Januvia 100 + glycomet GP 3 / 850 and Tezloc trio in the morning and glycomet GP 3 / 850 and Tezloc trio in the evening.

    Five months back i started with small portion LCHF diet, as diets given by Medfree( Thanks to him) and FBS got at 130 and PPBS at 180. Doctor reduced Januvia 100 three months back.

    Today FBS 120 and PPBS 150.

    One more thing I have a bad habit of regular drink : 160 ml to 180 ml of whisky with water.

  • Alcohol paralyses the liver for all other activity till it is processing alcohol.

  • Alcohol in combination, specially with Sulfonyl ureas is very dangerous ( Do not know of the effect of alcohol with the other medicines, that you are taking ). It may lead to severe hypoglycemia.

    Assuming you are taking Alcohol in the evening / night & also Glycomet after dinner. Do you wake up in the middle of the night with sweating, dis-orientation, urge to urinate, severe hunger, etc. Immediately, check your sugar at that time, before even moving around or going to the toilet. Always keep a torch, glucometer & some sweets like sugar near your bed at night. You may have a bad fall & for nearly some time ( hopefully ), not even realize what is happening, to the extent that, you will not be able to call someone for help also & hopefully, you don't hit your head anywhere or don't end up in diabetic coma due to the low sugar.

    One more thing, alcoholic stupor will have dulled your senses & along with the sleepy-headedness, you are at a very great dis-advantage. Your practical judgement, common sense & logic may not come to your assistance. Also your family or whoever is around, might end up neglecting & ignoring, thinking, it is the alcohol at work. Find out about Dr Bernstein's initial work with Glucometer & it's use in detecting, whether a person was unconscious because of alcohol or hypoglycemia.

    Advice 1 : If possible give up alcohol or start reducing it. :-D

    Advice 2 : If Advice 1 is not acceptable, with your doctor's permission, avoid taking sulfonyl urea in the night ( since you have alcohol everyday ).

    Advice 3 : Half an hour before taking taking alcohol, have some heavy snacks, not to the extent of raising your sugar drastically. Keep a track with Glucometer as to what happens & arrive at a balance of the quantity & which snack works best for you.

    Advice 4 : Have your whisky with soda or some cold drink. Keep a track with Glucometer as to what happens & arrive at a balance of the quantity & which cold drink works best for you.

    Advice 5 : If your Doctor is a Diabetic & drinks alcohol or if he is aware of interaction of sulfonyl ureas with alcohol, he will understand; else you need to discuss frankly with him & find a way out.

    Advice 5 : Please do not treat above discussion lightly, since you are also undertaking LCHF diet.


  • Yes alcohol in the eevning only from 8 pm 9.30 pm

    Dinner 9.45 - 10 pm

    Medicine 10.20 pm / 10.30 pm and go for sleep.

    Sometimes I woke up at 3 am but no urge of hunger, not even thirst. Yes my head sweats !! my heart beats count shows high ( checked with Mobile App) 92-98.

    I do not feel thirst the whole day, neither the lips are dry, forcibly i drink water may be half a ltr in day time. yes with drinks in evening three glass of water ( mix with Alcohol).

  • Have you checked Sugar levels at 3 when you wake up?

    From what i can see, your water consumption is low.

  • shall check whenever i get up in night and let u know

  • I think if you could fully adopt LCHF diet then your BS and drugs will reduce further. You are presently prescribed three types of drugs. It will be better if you can avoid Januvia and sulfo part in the glycomet GP3 combination. As these drugs have severe side effects.

    Alcohols though do not affect BS directly they keep your lever busy so atleast reduce it if you can not avoid it.

  • Januvia 100 have been stopped by the doc. what changes should be done for Glycomet GP 3 / 850

  • If possible take glime and metformin separately. Then you can reduce glime as your BS level comes down. Sulfonyluria drugs have many side effects. After use for longer period it is observed that beta cells may stop releasing insulin. Dr. Bernstein says, it burns out beta cells. Even hypos is common symptom with them.

  • And certain drugs like PIOZ make bones brittle so lead to fractures easily. I am just recalling this from memory so one will need to check for exact details.

  • It is true that low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) worked in my case. I had been suffering from Diabetics for past 5 years. Doctors prescribed glimpiride 2 mg O.D. and Metformin 850 twice a day maintained at FBS at 170. On shifting to LCHF diet, I reduced Metformin 850 mg once daily only. FBS came down to 115. To check and confirm I started high carb food for two days as experiment, with glimpiride 2mg and Metformin 850 mg O.D., the FBS shoot up to 210 and 222.

    So, again I have shifted to LCHF with earlier doses of Glimpiride 2 mg O.D. and one Metformin 850mg O.D.. The FBS reduced to 115 and 117 recently. My weight is constant with 78 Kgs for many years. Now I am planning to reduce glimpiride 1 mg O.D. daily. Results will be recorded and will be submitted in our forum.

    Thanks to those great people who started this site/forum as well as contributors with their experiments, experiences and results.

  • Welcome to LCHF club. Kindly give details of what you eat in a day. Because if carbs are restricted to 100gms/day then you should not be needing glimperide normally. That said, to really self monitor Diabetes you should check PPBS more than FBS. PPBS is a better indicator of contol and FBS and even detection of diabetes. PPBS starts going bad 4-5 years (maybe more) before FBS goes bad.

  • NRA

    All people in the forum are talking much about low carb and high fat diet,iam concerned about increase in cholesterol and tryglycerides which detrimental to heart blood vessels and brain.please clarify my doubt.

  • It does not. On the contrary LIPIDS improve. It the carbs that raises triglycerides, causes inflammation which then raises cholesterol. Whatever you have been told is the LIE that has survived for 5 decades after Ancel Keys did a FLAWED research. That was politically motivated to push GRAINS.

    On Low Carb, High fat is best thing for a diabetic. I have posted a lot about Saturated fat not being harmful Please search on forum.

    Triglycerides fall like a rock on LCHF.

  • Thanks a have really given a valuable info. Medfree also told me that glimipride is a pancrea killing drug .thanks again.

  • very good perfectly agreed pl. carry on lchf but do not forget walking more consumption of watter and excersises avoid tension


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