ICMR research on Indian lipid levels



The study shows that even with normal lipid levels there is 3.3% CAD occurrence.

Any abnormal lipid there is 5.7% CAD.

With high TC + high TG + low HDL there is 18.4% CAD

( There are some limitations as they have tested only 20% subjects for lipids out of 2042)


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3 Replies

  • This is precisely the reason for the American medical associations recent recommendation for all diabetics irrespective of their lipid profile to be on statins and low fat low carb diet to at least reduce the overall cardiovascular complications

  • Statins have never proved to benefit normal people without CHD.

    AMA , ADA is recommending high carb low fat diet. As statins only reduce TC and LDL (most damaging small particles of LDL are not affected) they have limited use. They are effective for those who already have CHD is by lowering their inflammation.



  • Here you go. So much for the STATIN SCAM:


    Conclusion: STATINS are useless in preventing heart attacks and heart attack related deaths. It's something else and that something is the nonsensical High Carb Low Fat diet. AMA/ADA work for drug industry.

    Someone right here on this forum went off STATIN drugs following LCHF. His LIPIDS also improved without on LCHF without STATINS

    SWEDEN does not want to make the DRUG companies rich by bleeding their economy.

    Do you have any answers why it took them 10 years for banning AVANDIA knowing very well that GSK fudged the pre- and post-marketing safety studies?

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