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How I managed my Lipids without Statins


I was on Statins for about 5 years, with lipids under control (except the HDL) . But I started having myopathy(muscle pain) and then I read about horrible stores about how statins can destroy your body. My good friend Peace 7 suggested a homeopathic medicine, in course of discussion, for reduction of blood sugar. I did some research and found that, the medicine also has profound effect on Lipids. I stopped Statin (Rosuvas) and started having this homeo medicine twice a day. My lipids worsened at first, but at the end of three month period, they were as close as the results, when I was on statins.

Those who are interested to now my results, may send me a private message

Pain in my body has reduced to minimum. Diabetic neuropathy is almost gone.

The name of the homeo medicine is Syzygium Jambolanum.

Remember, this is not passport to eat anything and everything and be a couch potato. This is of course, coupled with intake of minimum carbohydrate and daily exercise regimen and other hyper-glycaemic medicines.

This is my own personal experience. I am not advising or suggesting that you take it.

Happy Diwali

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everexotic in reply to Hidden

What would you like to know?

tejkumar in reply to everexotic

pls provide us all with your mailer id, else you may inform me at: thanks in advance

everexotic in reply to tejkumar

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I did post advantage of CO for raising HDL. From 31 to 36

coolaman in reply to Hidden father is having dibetic retinopathy and discontinuation of STATIN can be harmful kindly suggest any natural replacement of statin

everexotic in reply to coolaman

I see no connection between retinopathy and statins. Statins are prescribed for CVD. I have already stated the homeopathic medicine to improve lipids.

There are many medicines in Homoeopathy .they not only control but cure diabetes as well as cholesterol . for detail contact

Why don't you mention tgem here for benefit of other members

For some wanting to take homeopathy medicine best would be to consult a Homeopathy doctor.

True. Most of them charge you double and only give half the meds so you keep on comming back for more

Everexotic & Medfree

I am also a follower of LCHF since last four months . I take one spoon of cold pressed coconut oil daily along with coffee.My HbA1C has reduced from 6.7 to 6.3 in three months .I am able to reduce the strength of the prescription drug -,Glimy 2mg to Glimy 1 mg .The target I set for myslef is to do away with this sulfonyl urea drug which does more harm than good in the long run.

I have also stopped Atocor 5mg ( statin) prescribed by my doctor 2 years back .My recent report of the lipids is given below :

Report dt 05/8/13 Report dt 03/08/13

Serum Cholesterol 124 199

Serum Triglyceride 50 61

HDL 40 62

LDL 63 125

VLDL 12 13

Except LDL and serum cholesterol, all other reports are showing improvement .The reason for the high LDL /serum cholestrol is that I have stopped the statin drug 2 months back .Can this be improved by the homeopathy med you are taking.Pl advise

everexotic in reply to ram_latha

There is no harm in trying. But you have to be patient.

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