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Thanks Shooter Geoge

Dear Mr. George

Thanks for providing invaluable information on your site as to how DM2 can be cured and it is a great boon to millions all over the world.

I wish to share my information with you and wish to be free from DM2. I have tracked for your e-mail in some of the pictures of your site but could not get it. Thanks if you could send your contact details e-mail or mobile.

Thanks again,


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Medical professionals generally mention DM2 to mean Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. Now a days some others like me also do so.


George Sir,

I am reading continuously your LCHF suggestions and also our teams on Diabetics .

i am diabetic and taking insulin Victoza, Novomix-16 and night solo star 26 with morning and night Amryle M2. With this my sugar is morning 130 fasting and pp 120.

i am having stomech burning ulcer only in early morning and stoping my sleepafter 2am almost. this was before 2days in week .but now getting daily. Here Dr. advised me to take OMIZPLUS or T.Pan tab 2 Times .but no improvements. i had ultro sound 4-5 times and shown gastric ulcer.

Please advise


Shooter George doesn't advocate LCHF. He has spent lots of his time and energy in LWMD. Please go through his postings for further details.


Thank you Vijay60.


Thanking you sir, i have requested your advise on my Stomach pain .

this pain is only early in the morning .i could not sleep more than 5 hrs.


Thanking you sir.


Thank you for the interest & nice words. Unfortunately I do not encourage e-mail or telephonic communication unless there is a personal/confidential matter to be discussed.


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