about long wheat flour

wud a long wheat flour so called in india is jau ka aata , work for a diabetic , means will a person subsitutes his normal wheat aata wid long wheat flour, is there any advantages by dis regime , as i have heard abt lwmdr, george tell us dat long wheat rejuvinates pancreas, wud a long wheat flour also do d same thing , pls explain to me concisely


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  • mix jau with black chana, grind it at your home with hand held chaki(being used by our ancestral) ,that will contain coarse floor,very good for diabetic

  • Good idea, but what dish do you make out of this coarse floor? can you please share your experience.

  • A scientific study data published in an international journal early this century clearly show that the answer to the question in the post is YES.

  • long wheat and jau ka atta serve the same purpose?

  • My former colleague from Delhi said that Jau is the name by which the grain I showed him (Long Wheat) is known there and they used to make Dalia with it. But some very knowledgable members here vehemently oppose it & say that Jau is Barley.

    I have never been to Delhi or Mumbai. Hence I have nothing more to say.

  • Yes as far as concern of sugar spaike both are capable to lower bs level...but jau is known for control and LW for cure too..if you send me ur email address I can send pic of all three grains 1.Wheat 2. Barley 3. Long wheat

  • Forget about CURING diabetes through Long WHEAT or some HERB.  It's all hogwash put in place to sell more commercial products. No one has got cured of diabetes in last 50 years and no one gets cured for next decade or so. Whenever cure does come, it will be non affordable for majority.

    It would be naive to think that cure will happen cheap. Industry isn't going to axe their own foot. They are currently making $825 billion from Diabetes. They want it to be $ 1 trillion.

    A quick search on google will tell that diabetes is non curable. However, it is "MANAGEABLE". Managing is not cure. I am managing it and my numbers are as good as that of a non diabetic and I don't take any drugs. That doesn't give me the right to claim that I am CURED. All claims of CURE are nothing but HOGWASH.

  • ur comment seems u r 2 much negative person , agar har koi tmari trah maan ke baith jata to itni research hi nhi hoti , or t blood sugar control hi nhi kr pate , , hope 4 d best my granny cures off diabetes , i see her reportes 3 days before,,so dont loose hope i am reserach scholar ..

  • I know what I talk and I don't respond to personal comments. Also, I care more about what 170+ followers on my profile have to say. If I had lost hope I would not have been DRUG FREE for sixth year now. Also love to talk based on data than personal opinions :)

  • Anup you are being unkind. Shooter George is a scientist who wants us to benefit and he has managed very well. I take long grain rice and find it low starch and energizing. Whether LWMDR is barley or organic wheat is a critical dimension. In 2015 I read an article that accuses chemicals used in increasing yield of wheat as trigger to boost blood glucose levels and that organically produced wheat does not! Wonder if that is true? (Organic looks like LWMDR)...

  • Faizal:

    Am I against LW? NO

    Am I challenging claims of CURE? - YES as need scientific explanation/ratification. Science is also about being able to replicate n=1 example. Has that happened?

  • I want to know your diabetic history & treatment. Please share, bcz I am all totally harassed

  • You can know about my journey as a drug free diabetic with non diabetic numbers here -- sixth year running, and I am not alone, more than 600 that i know of have drastically reduced their drugs and get better numbers:


  • @ Sahoosdn,

    Is this question to me?

  • Hello George,

    Please suggest me your treatment of Long Wheat.I couldn't get much of it.What is Long wheat called in Hindi.Please suggest.



  • I have never been to Mumbai or Delhi & henc I do not know name of Long Wheat in Hindi.

    For details of Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen, either go through my posts here by clicking my picture at top left corner here or Google "George Cured Diabetes" & follow the Appropedia link.


  • Respected sir , I send u my problem regarding weight have U got it or not

  • If you didn't get a reply it means that I didn't get it.

  • Respected sir I am very happy with LWMDR results Fb is now unde 84-88....I didn't see three digit for a single day in  fb in this one month..yes I loose one kg weight in these 30 days it is 62 now 5'6 hight.I have reduced my suger level by vegen diet (fb 105-110/pp120-140) but with LW it is 84-88 and pp under 120...each and. Every symtom of diabetes have gone..very ..happy can I add some fat (like 1 or 2 table spoon)in diet if yes then how much.....thanks

  • eat around 10-15 almonds daialy, it hasa good fat and less carbs

  • Does LWMDR resemble Barley? Is it organically produced?

  • Long Wheat & Barley are available at grocery shops in my area. Those do not resemble. One of my posts is to clarify this. It has a photo showing Common Wheat, Long Wheat & Barley displayed side by side in a shop here. Hope you to have a look at the same.

  • Thanks Shooter George. Buck wheat is not a grain but seed. Its content reduces blood glucose ...

  • Hi @ vyasbkn,

    Once BS is normal, taking fat is okay. Take it in moderation to avoid other problems (lipid, cardiac, obese etc).

  • Thanks for ur kind suggestion Sir.....It helps me a lot

  • You are welcome.

  • Respected sir ....Can I get ur E-mail id plz

  • I have lost lot of time earlier as a result of sharing email Id with some members here. I do not want to repeat it.

    So you have to convince me that it is really essential.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha OK sir..

  • In North India,we used to make chapati,what contribute in south i have no liking

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