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How to Prepare Long Wheat food and Consumptions?


Dear Shooter George,

I have got long wheat. Please let me know how to prepare food and consumption/methods, etc..

I have also tried searching old posts but did not see any which clearly explains how to begin long wheat diet and measure effectiveness of diet



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There are a quite good number of earlier posts on long wheat.Just use the search function on the top right corner of this web page.


Try this link:

a starting point, there are many more, you will find long wheat products, then normal cooking, consumption small quantity!!!



Please check out the link: for postings on Long Wheat. There's a few postings and replies to read. Afterwards, please let your doctor know you want to...


Hello Everyone,

I could not find any suitable article or link or documentation explaining how to use Long wheat and begin diet and also measure effectiveness. Please let me know if any. I see many people have asked questions

Thank you Sandy. Should I repeat the same for Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner? How much Quantity I should boil like 50 grams/100 grams etc. I need to boil in pressure cooker or any stainless steel or copper vessle plz let me know

I am sorry, I am not a cook. I eat vendikai in small quantity steamed with turmeric for lunch with other fresh veg.

For breakfast I have porridge and fenugreek soaked in water and tea without milk.

Evening steamed veg and boiled chick peas or sweet potatoes.

One day in a week rice, veg curry and lentils.

You can go for many variations.

WE need to watch out for hidden and free sugar in every thing that goes into our mouth.

Regular exercise is also very important with small quantity of food, 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 empty till you achieve you blood numbers.

Some people eat early in the evening and no food till lunch time for better health.

I better stop now.

Oh! Thanks.You are NOT eating Long Wheat?

This is from the Internet:

"o cook wheat berries, simply bring 2 ½ parts water to one part raw wheat berries, to boil. Rinse the berries under running water in a colander until the water runs clear, and add to the boiling water. Bring back to the boil, then cover and simmer for between 45 minutes and an hour, until the berries are tender."

You can read that starch is washed away!

Good luck.

Hi dinkarblr ,

I follow a modified Long Wheat Regimen proposed by Mr Shooter George. I have named my diet as HFHF (High Fiber High Fat)


I have LCHF (Low carb High Fat) food. Most probably 100-150 grams of boiled/roasted peanuts or 1 medium size coconut meat or 50-75g of Paneer along with grounded sesame powder and gingelly oil.


I have just replaced rice with emmer/long wheat. I have dal/sambar and vegetables as usual. I initially tried lot of wheat (boiled) matching my body weight(as proposed by Mr. George). But that spiked my BS a lot even though my PPBS settled down in 100-120 mg/dL. I have around 50grams of emmer wheat now and around 4-5 tea spoons of Ghee. You can try out these kind of variations by yourself. The thumb rule is not to feel hungry for at least 2-3 hours after food and do not have food in portions( as proposed by allopathic doctors).


I have 1 big size of emmer wheat chapati or 1 and a half medium sized ones.

Let me know if you any need more information.


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Thank u. For lunch, 50 GM's of emmer wheat how you will use? Boiling or making chapati?

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I use unbroken whole wheat grain as such not chapati. Please be aware that it takes time to boil completely at least twice the time as rice in pressure cooker.

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Thanks again. This is very needful info

If you see one of my reply there is information on boiling.

In boiling there is no oil!!

In Chapatti there oil added.

In any grain cooking it is always best to boil the grain in lots of water and then drain the water to remove the starch. Grain cooking in a rice cooker or pressure cooker without draining is where the health problem. When I was growing up the drained water from brown was given to the cow after it cooled.

Enjoy life.

Thanks let me try whatever all possible to get my H1ABC below 5.5

Now you are talking. What is your HbA1c now, I take it the unit of measurement is in %?

In UK, we can but chopped up broccoli and cauliflower , they call it rice. !!

You can cook together or individually, steam cooked in little water.

You can have this for lunch or dinner, eat with one curry, mixed veg, green veg, Methi, insulin plant leaf, curry leaf all very good. In UK insulin plant leaf is not available.

Very filling, you have to watch the quantity. To start with very difficulty but can be achieved!

When it is served on a small dish you can add butter or coconut oil or olive oil.

Give it a try and see the results, in this life style change.

2 months back my H1ABC was 7.2. I am 41 year old and taking glycomet GP1 500G.Since 1 month, I have almost stopped eating rice and sugar food

This is my story..............

A fasting blood test showed high blood glucose. I was told I was diabetic!

And also you will be on medication for life.

I went on life style change, HbA1c ( UK, unit of measurement is different to India for HbA1c) and cholesterol is under control by life style change.

Because I am classified as diabetic I get annual check for foot and eyes.

So far I have managed to avoid medication. Only time will tell. In the early days I used to drink boiled cinnamon water two or three times a week. I am 72, now days I watch out for hidden and free sugar food. Once in a while I will go mad and fill my stomach!!!

I try and go to the gym every morning, walking to the gym and back 30 minutes and 30 minutes in the gym, on the cycle, tread mill and weight training, so far all OK.

It can be achieved, enjoy one life.

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