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'Jau' is not 'Long Wheat'

Dear Shooter George, Thanks for all the pains you are taking and the

efforts you are making to help the suffering diabetics. For the information

of all concerned, I want to confirm the observations made by some other

members that the cereal known as 'Jau' in area around Delhi, is not the

'Long Wheat' advised by yourself. I have used the 'Dalia' made of 'Jau' for

one month (twice a day) but was not able to get any of the benefits

detailed by yourself. Rather, uncomfortable pains in whole of the left side

of the stomach area developed. Then, just as I left eating the said 'Jau

Dalia', the said pains disappeared in 2-3 days. So, let not the 'Jau

Sellers' misuse the name and leave the helpless diabetics in painful

doubts. The patients should insist on the 'Long Wheat' advised by yourself.

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Jau is Barley not Emmer Wheat. Barley flour, when added to wheat and chana flour slows down its absorption and is very helpful.

May be you are northerner and your system not used to gruel or porridge daily. So I advised Khapli Gehun roti, Dosa, upma, uttappa and cheela for guys like you.

Fight it out. Don't lose heart or hope. Diabetes is a benevolent condition. It saves you from worse very often.


I was in Madhya Pradesh for one month-May 2015. During my stay there I picked up 'dalia' from a store and tried it as breakfast. My PPBS after two hours was excellent 110-120.


Dalia is very good for diabetes. MP is famous for its Sharbati Gehun or Sehor wheat which till today is not hybridized. It does not accept manual irrigation, only rain fed. Also Durum wheat grows plenty in MP. You could have been lucky to get good dalia. If you share the brand name it would be good gesture to the manufacturer as well as our brothers and sisters.

Since Dalia does not need full grinding and kneading the gluten does not develop as in a wheat roti. So dalia is better than roti even if you get normal hybrid wheat.

Government is wasting tax payer money to give MSP for hybrid wheat and rice.

They should give good MSP for Khapli gehun, low GI rice and export at very high margins.

India is not poor, we are not enterprising enough.


Dr Gupta.After a gap of about 6 months I am able to see you.Keep live in this forum. Thanks.


I had a wrist Fracture and was hospitalized for operation. I was taking Pioglitazone which is supposed to be root cause. I had agony of shooting pain and swelling used to revive after medication.

Thanks for missing me.


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