Message for Shooter George: Yet another Photo of Long wheat purchased

Message for Shooter George: Yet another Photo of Long wheat  purchased

Respected Sri.George,


Today I purchased Long Wheat from a 'Margin Free Deptl. Store' in Chennai. It looked to me as a correct Variety.Kindly check the Photo and tell me if it is Long Wheat. Looking forward eagerly to the Verdict from you & other friends like sri.Rangaswamy of Bangaluru in Healthlocked.

Thanks & regards,

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  • Hi imbu2008,

    Yes, this looks exactly like Long Wheat. I think you can use it with confidence. You have to cook one gram of dry grain for every kilogram of body weight for one meal; should not drain out residual water after cooking.

    Please keep reporting the progress.

    Wish you a speedy & complete recovery.

    From the day of starting LWMDR you will be included in my daily evening prayers; because I pray for ALL those who follow it & ONLY for those who follow it.

  • Thanks Sri George! From today 22.11.13 I am on LWMD. The preparation is like Kanji or Porridge in consistency. Is it OK? Or it should be like 'Sadam'i.e no water?

    Pl include me in your Prayers! Kannan (

  • Dear Sir, By Porridge I meant only Kanji.

    If I feel hungry between Breakfast & Lunch , & before Diuinner ,can I have Pappaya fruit, or Boiled Ground Nuts ( Kappalandi Puzhungiyadhu)\Pl advise.

    Thanks, Kannan

  • Please read My experience with fruits while being diabetic

  • Dear SG, In india when I checked FBs is 96 and HbA1c is 6.2 tested on nov22,13.cholestrol total is only135 where as the range is 150-250mg%. feeling fine after a long time...years. I can eat some more fat.


  • Thank you sir. Very glad to hear such good news about your well-being: "feeling fine after a long time...years". :-) PRAISE THE LORD.

  • Dear SG sir,is it Decoccum wheat and anynumber assigned to the wheat

  • Dear liverane, I am only Masters (MSc) in Mathematics & experienced in software & rocket science. :-( ! I remember to have read it as Dicoccum only & not Decoccum. I am not conversant about any number assigned to it or about any sub-specie details.

    Very glad to note that some are going very deep into the matter; that is what I desire to happen. My effort is to kindle/trigger an interest in the related/appropriate people.

  • I wanted to identify the correct ones. Here it is called Long wheat or Samba Variety. I have located he shop in Trichy. After buying i shall try to show the same. In you blog which you have updated, there is no number and name is seen. Thanks.

  • Hi sir i have been following this long wheat post since long

    My mother in law has fluctuating diabetics which has already effectef her eyes and now is affecting her digestion badly

    I was looking for starting long wheat for her but unavaibale at bhopal madhya pradesh

    Can u guide regarding is lokwan the same

    Or any other local name for same

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Manu1 Some member had mentioned the name "Lokwan" here earlier, but I am not sure of the correctness. Some member had mentioned the name "Dawdkhaani" also earlier.

    I notice a mismatch in your statements ... "... since long."

    You seem to have joined on 29 04 2017.

  • Yes but to read the articles you dont need to join the group

    One can *read*

    But to comment one has to join

    That's how

    Any clue where in mp i can get the same

    Online seems to be pretty expensive at almost 100 rs per kg i was thinking of changing from our traditional sharbati to this one for the entire family

    Can my toddlers have same

    Thanks for the reply sir

  • It was bought from a Margin Free Super Market in Red Hills. It must be available in all Margin Free Super Markets in Chennai. On telephonic enquiry I was told that it is also availablle in Nilgiris Super Markets in Chennai. Pl call me incase you eed any help in buying this Wheat. P.N.Kannan ( Mobile 9381062307 -

  • dear Babu, Pl try in a Margin Free Super Market. I got it from A MARGIN FREE SUPER Market in Red Hills are. You may try Nilgiris Dept. Srores. There is on Margin Free Out let in Kellys ,Kilpauk.

    Regards. Kannan

  • Dear Mr.Babu, Best of Luck. Where you live? I lived for about 20 years in Kilpauk Aspiran Gardens & Landons Road. Now In Anna Nagar! One of these days shall we meet? Kannan (

  • Dear Sri Babu! Nice to know U live close by. Shall try to meet u at Tower Park this evening! Have a Goood week end

  • Good morning Sir. How is your Diabetes as of today after taking the long wheat?. I have started from today. Can you update your experience please. Thanks.

  • Pl see my re[py above

  • Any idea where I can get this at Kolkata

  • No idea as I live in Chennai

  • Nice to know you close by.Shall try to meet U this evening at Tower Park!

    Did get Long wheat? Cheers!

  • I am from Pune, does anybody know a place in Pune where I can get it.

  • Dear Imbhu, you got the correct one at last. good try


  • Thank you sri.Rangaswamy!

  • Dear Sri Ramesh Babu

    Bought fror half Kg Long Wheat Samba Gothumai from the Marguin Free Store at Red Hills .I will be in Chennai tomorrow when I can give you the stuff.


  • Dear Sri Ramesh Babu

    Bought fror half Kg Long Wheat Samba Gothumai from the Marguin Free Store at Red Hills .I will be in Chennai tomorrow when I can give you the stuff.


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  • Please inform the location of the store in Chennai and if youknow. Waiting for your reply the telephone no.also.I am also looking out to get that wheet


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